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The Ethical Warrior: Are ethics tactical? by Jack Hoban & Bruce Gourlie

This is a great article on written by fellow RGI compadres Jack Hoban & Bruce Gourlie. A great article I thought you folks out there would benefit from as well. Click here for more about Resolution Group International. Talk to you soon. Best, ~Craig   The Ethical Warrior: Are ethics tactical? Our power to overcome danger is born from our duty to protect   Our recent article, “The Hunting Story,” tells how a simple soldier in the back of a truck was able to activate a feeling of human equality between relatively well-off Americans and destitute villagers in a poor, allied country with just a few words and a challenge. When asked to articulate why all people feel that their lives are equal he said, “I don't know why they value their lives so much. Maybe it's those snotty nosed kids or the women in the pantaloons. But whatever it is, they care about their lives and the lives of their loved ones, same as we do.” Human equality and the “inali

Things Change: Kapap, Krav Maga

The following blog post is written by Israeli Krav International Head Instructor Moshe Katz. It is an interesting article that I hope you find as informative as I did. All the best, ~Craig Things Change " Nothings going to change my world ", sang John Lennon in the 1960's, but perhaps more than any other man of his time he embodied change. He was shaped by the winds of change and he helped make those changes. " The times they are a – changing ," Sang Robert Zimmerman, a.k.a. Bob Dylan , and indeed changing they were and changing they are. Change is constant. But some of us try to preserve the way things are; we forget that no one can stop change. Yes, some things stay the same forever but some things change. The same sun rises everyday and sets every night, human nature is basically unchanged, love and hate, jealousy and fear; our emotions are the same as thousands of years ago. And man comes up with defense mechanisms. One of those remar