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  Seems like most of our lives are spent preparing for things... We're kinda the roadies of our own show so to speak! =) Take training for instance. I think of all of the hours, days, weeks, months, years, and decades I've spent training for things that rarely happen (physical self defense).  If you're going to be on this Protector Path, you have to learn not only how to do it well, but how do you sustain your journey!?   You ain't getting any younger son!  None of us are!  If You're Not... You Should Be... If you're not preparing, you should be... And if you are, make sure you're doing it right! Believe it or not I'm not talking about being some super prepper (not that there's anything wrong with that as long as you're doing it in a healthy way).  I'm just saying that you should always be preparing and training for those things in life you're likely to run up against.  Take care of yourself.  Look out for others.  Enjoy your journey and.

One Chip at a Time

  Another beautiful day here in Grand Rapids, Michigan! Couldn't ask for better weather! An exciting day... But before I get into that, I wanted to share an epiphany that I had yesterday.  I just got finished working out and was eating my subway and bag of lays bbq potato chips... If you remember, I've losing weight these past few months and one of the things that's helped me to do this is being more mindful of my eating.  You may be thinking "No sh*t Sherlock!" of course you have... But why are you eating potato chips?! Aren't they on the ;'no no' list?! The answer is... Not if you don't over do it!  If you keep things in check, you can eat about anything, but in moderation. I've had to consciously slow down when I eat... Enjoy the process more, chew my food and appreciate the taste, rather than just shoveling it in! =D So, yesterday I was enjoying my 6" ham sub along with a small bag of Lays BBQ potato chips and had to remind myself to e


  I am in a bit of a reflective mood about the shock and tragedy that happened years ago. It could just as well have been yesterday for me... It's still that clear in my memory... Where I was... What I was doing... How I was feeling... The phone calls... Watching events unfold... But I was one of the millions of people who weren't actually there... But I have friends who were...  Police, firefighters, friends. Not everyone made it... But, we all remember... And that reminds me of Israel and what an Israeli friend of mine said about the attitude of many in that culture... An Uncommon Wish... When a terrorist attack occurs many people think  "I'm so lucky I wasn't there."   And don't get me wrong I would say that would be a pretty rational and intuitive thing to think... However... Some of my friends and colleagues from Israel have a different perspective... When something happens, when a tragedy occurs these people think... If only I were there I could have

NOT Good Words!

  Had a great morning walk. Beautiful day!  When I got home I took a look at my phone and see I had a few emails from PeaceWalker members. One read: "You hurt my feelings with this email…NOT Good word.  J" It was in reply to the email I sent a few days ago called,  "Everyone's Welcome Around the Fire." Which speaks to everyone being welcome in my circle, as long as you aren't being a jerk. I'll take you as you are even if we don't see things the same. We can have differences, even bust each other's chops about things. We aren't politically correct, rather we try to be respectful, even and especially when we don't see eye to eye. But, there is also a fair amount of 'chop bustin'. Yes, life can be serious, but we have to stay light hearted and not take ourselves too seriously. We're all in this together.  Not Knowing... I know, I know, I can be dense, but not knowing how he meant what he sent, I replied with this: "And how