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Goal Setting is for Losers!

Here I sit at one of my favorite coffee houses and I am already realizing in order to obtain my goals things are going to have to change! . As someone once said... . "You can't get there from here..." I started blogging in 2008 and have no plans on stopping, however it's time to cut back on the posts slightly to make room for new things. . Even the thought of changing or *gasp* eliminating my 2013 commitment to write four blog posts per month is already proving more difficult to shed mentally than I expected. . Have you ever had that in areas of your life?! . Somewhere down inside of me I feel as if I am giving up. That since I made the commitment I need to continue to uphold it no matter what! And if I don't continue to do so, I failed in some way or I become some sort of loser somehow. . EVEN IF IT'S TIME TO CHANGE!! . EVEN IF THOSE OLD EXPECTATIONS ARE NO LONGER NECESSARY FOR GROWTH!! . Even if it's TIME T

Can't Hide Crazy (Part 1)

Yep, I've said it many times, "You Can't Hide Crazy." Although there are a number of ways I can go into how that principle applies to life, today I wanted to talk about how "we can't hide" our own crazy. Teaching leadership, conflict management and of course defensive tactics I often say that if you are a mess on the inside, it's hard to keep it together on the outside. When thinking about emotions and attitude you can either let the situation, person or emotion control you or you can decide to keep control of yourself. If you cannot control your own emotions, people can take advantage of this, circumstances can get out of your control and you will not be able to control anything else in your life.  We all feel emotions, it’s natural, it’s normal, it’s good and it’s healthy as long as those emotions are not a detriment to you making decisions and you living your life.   Let’s face it, feeling intimidated, guilt, stress, fear, panic, loneliness

9/11 Tribute & Training (Re-Post)

The New Jersey beach was silent as I warmed up with the the Camden County police officers in preparation for Lt. Col. (Ret) Joe “Marine’s” infamous partner combat conditioning course. The day was September, 11 th   2015, the anniversary of a dark day. A day that most professional protectors are especially respectful of. A day that we hope is never repeated. . I can think of many good ways to commemorate 9/11: Showing respect for those fallen; extending condolences to loved ones of the victims; giving thanks to the protectors who are now on duty and of course, training to be a better protector. And that is exactly what we were doing this past Friday, September 11 th 2015, in the morning beach sand of a small New Jersey town not too far from where the Towers stood in New York City.   . When we think of what happened and what we can do to prevent something like that from happening again, I am reminded of our diversity, our strength and our resilience. We are ALL pr

10 Laws of Life

I was cleaning out an old filing cabinet the other day and I came across this tattered piece of paper . At the top of the copy it said "sales success" in some 90's logo. The crooked, distorted text appeared to be a copy of a copy of a bootlegged copy. Anyway, I saved it because I liked what it said, so much so I wanted to share it with you, dear reader. So, without further ado, here are the 10 Laws of Life by some unknown author who may or may not have been employed at some (probably de-funked) 1990's "sales success" organization.   Enjoy! Life Law #1: You either get it, or you don't. Strategy: Become one of those who gets it. Life Law #2: You create your own experiences. Strategy: Acknowledge and accept accountability for your life. Life Law #3: People do what works. Strategy: Identify the payoffs that drive your behavior and that of others. Life Law #4: You can not change what you do not acknowledge. Strategy: Get real wit