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Small Details Bring BIG Changes!

So many cool things to do and just not enough time! Good ideas typically aren't as hard to come by as the resources to IMPLEMENT! The Time... The Energy... The Finances... The Human Resource... Etc. Like you I have a lot on my plate and it's can be difficult to keep everything going right!? Well, like Krav Maga... Small Details = BIG GAINS! But only if you are effective and efficient! Which is another way of Controlling 'Tactical Space'! When it comes to defending yourself... Moving is Typically Better than Not Moving... However... Moving TACTICALLY is Best! Just like at work... There are people doing 'stuff'. They're always busy, but don't get anything done! (You know the people I'm talking about!) Then there are folks who know EXACTLY what to do so they don't look hurried all the time, yet they get it done! Those people are controlling their 'Tactical Spac

Battle, War, Mirrors & Lipstick

You've heard me talk about controlling the engagement right?! It's easy to get the idea when I say 'Train your body like a soldier'... Basically, stay in shape. Do it appropriately for you, your age, limitations and season in life, but stay active so you're 'battle ready' so to speak. However, when I say train your mind like a general most people nod their heads, but I don't think many really get what I mean... And to make matters more confusing, I say that these strategies can be used in many arenas... Well, here's a quick story about a janitor who trains his mind like a general and controlled the engagement to outwit some students who were continually making a mess of the ladies bathroom... Here's the story... Teachers & Educators A local middle school in Michigan was recently faced with a unique problem. A new fad arose among the 8th grade girls with the use of lipstick. They began bringing, shari

Conflict the Tool of Opportunity

It takes a lot more effort and (initial) risk to try to work out differences and come up with a most good / least harm scenario. Yes, there is risk during conflict, but if you play your cards right, the damage can be minimized. In certain scenarios, things can sometimes come out even better than they would have without the incident occurring in the first place. Or at least make the most of a crappy situation...  Sucks or Sucks Worse! But only if you can see Conflict as an Opportunity. You've been there... Sh*t's going wrong. Things get stressful. People are upset, but the issue still needs to be handled. It's easy to just cut and run so to speak... And sometimes that's the appropriate thing to do. However, sometimes you can gain even more by sticking it out and working through the details to develop a new plan. Something that benefits everyone or is MOST good / LEAST harm for all (as best as you can expect) depending on the situation. Now

New Years Revolutionists

Krav Ma-WOW Indeed! Last week was OFF THE HOOK at our local Krav MagaAcademy !! The pic above was from class... That's not a seminar mind you... it's a CLASS! Holy Cow! The New Year typically brings an uptick of students, but I have to say that I wasn't expecting THAT! Now I'm sure that things will simmer down a bit, but WOW! So, Why All the Interest? Is it all of the New Year Resolutionists? Possibly... It's pretty common to see an upswing in my programs after the first of the year, but I think there's more to it... Yes, many are interested in feeling SAFE, but I think theirs more to it than that yet... From what I see is that people from all walks of life are looking to bring more CONFIDENCE, POWER & CLARITY into their lives... AND... Feel connected to Something Larger than themselves... Many folks are looking for something MORE! More success, More fulfillment, More Life! Protecting