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Surprising Lessons from the Grinch!

We're in the throes of the holi-daze wrap up! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas!! . What We Can Learn From that Old Grinch . Yes, the Grinch can be a crotchety, termite-infested soul with a heart two sizes too small... . However, there are a lot of beneficial things we can learn from him as well... Especially as it comes to defensive tactics! . Check These Out: 1. Tactical Thinking Coming up with all those successfully elaborate plans on the spot -- especially when under that kind of pressure -- is a pretty handy skill to have in ye olde self defense "tool box." 2. Leadership Abilities Even from an isolated position on top of his mountain headquarters, he was able to motivate a small team to carry out a covert night mission against a force much greater in numbers and resources. 3. Ability to Act While it's true the Grinch is being a jerk when he cleans out Whoville, it's hard not to admire his ability to pull off his plan (in one night!). (We have to give some

The Original Nightmare Before Christmas

  The Nightmare Before Xmas?!? .Let’s talk about Krampus, the original nightmare before Christmas! . Krampus is the evil version of Santa Claus. . He is a half goat/half demon looking thing in chains, with a long pointed tongue and razor sharp fangs. Instead of bringing good kids presents, his job is to punish naughty children with everything from swatting them with birch branches to drowning, eating, and dragging them down to the pit of hell. . The Krampus legend originated in the Germanic regions of the Alps as a tale to encourage children to behave. According to Christian lore, Krampus was conquered by St. Nicholas, he demanded their obedience (apparently there was more than one!?) making them part of his legion. . Whatever they are, trust me when we tell you, only the mind of Stephen King or Clive Barker could conjure creatures more nightmarish. . Anyway, ‘ol Krampy also visits PeaceWalkers too! . And, he (figuratively) dispenses the same punishment on the naughty ones. . What kind

Where's the Cavalry!?

  A Word From Our Community... In response to one of my emails, a few of our community members took the time to write to me.  Some were just concerned citizens, others were from our law enforcement community.  Here's what PT a recently retired police officer had to say... Where's the Cavalry?! "Just read your latest email.  First, hope all is well. I haven't seen you in awhile and I hope things are all good in your world.  In reading your email I thought of sharing some material that you may want to share with your students. If not aware of this(any many are not) April 1st of this year Michigan passed Jail reform and bond reform. This is causing officers throughout the state to "not arrest" due to stipulations in the new reform. Do not read the reform documents if you have blood pressure issues lol =) it may cause your blood pressure to rise.  In a meeting with Grand Traverse County Undersheriff 2 weeks ago we were speaking on this topic. He indicated he was

The Freedom From Want

 Norman Rockwell's "Freedom from Want" Slow moving today... Adjusting from the holiday weekend.  Speaking of, I hope you and yours had a very nice holiday!?  I sure did! It turned out to be a distinct contrast from last year's, which was non-existent for my side of the family.  This year's Thanksgiving was what I'd call a "Norman Rockwell's" Holiday...  It was perfect, picturesque.  I couldn't really ask for anything more... Wow! I hope yours was the same! Norman Rockwell's Secret... Well, to be honest, it wasn't really a secret, it was at one time quite public. Now it's simply not known to most.  The Rockwell picture at the top of this email called  "Freedom From Want."   The painting shows an aproned matriarch presenting a roasted turkey to a family of several generations, in Rockwell's idealistic presentation of family values.  is the third in a series of four oil paintings entitled Four Freedoms. They were inspir