Tuesday, July 30, 2019

How to Rock Your Training!

A few months ago a friend and mentor of mine came out to our Krav Academy here in Grand Rapids...

It was a great day of training, and there were many insights shared, however, there was one thing that Jack said that can substantially and irrefutably CHANGE YOUR PERFORMANCE!

What is this 'sage advice?'
In Order to Get Really Good..

You're going to put in a lot of training...

The MOST amount of your training is going to be done ALONE!!

Because I'm also a musician, Jack's analogy was something that I could really relate to!

The New Led Zeppelin...

(In my dreams...)

I am a big Zeppelin fan and when I was a young lad, I often fantasized about not just opening for Led Zeppelin... But quite frankly BEING Led Zeppelin... (Yes, more vulnerable info that I should probably keep to myself!=)

Anyway... my music career never went too far, however for quite a while I had the opportunity to play my fair share of weddings (back in the day, before DJ's took over that market!), bars, music festivals, parties, etc.

In order to get the opportunity to play at all of those gigs, our band had to rehearse endless hours together as a band.

In order to be prepared for rehearsals w/the band, I often got together for hours to practice w/the other guitarist to go over the songs and tighten up our parts.

Before I got together w/my band mate, I practiced the songs myself over and over, so when I was prepared to play.

In order to play the song, I had to be able to actually play my guitar, which meant hundreds of hours of practicing how to play chords, scales, rhythm, theory, etc. in order to event have a chance at playing a song!

Heck, in order to be able to practice on a guitar at all,  I had to spend more hard earned time to earn enough money and free time to purchase the frickin' guitar and other equipment...

See the Connection!?

Now relate that same perspective to your training...

How many hours do you have to dedicate to have the resources to train?

How much time do you spend keeping your body fit enough, flexible enough, strong enough, hydrated enough, healthy enough to train?

How much time do you spend dialing in your stances, strikes and all of those moves and drills you can do solo!?

How much time do you spend w/a training partner to practice the things you learn in class that you can't cover in your solo training?

Just think how much more effective your training in class would be when you have built that foundation of constant practice and refinement that only you can do!?

How many classes, seminars and workshops will it take for you to become more confident that you are better prepared for an engagement in real time if you when you are faced w/one.

It's a Pyramid...

Life Event
Periodic Testing
On-going Weekly Classes
Getting Together with a Training Partner
Solo Training & Practice Working to Refining Your Basics
Your Health, Nutrition, Fitness, Rest, Employment, Time, Resources & Relationships

How to Begin!?

Start where you are...

Something Small, doable... Begin with one thing... Then another and another... Keep building... But DON'T STOP!

You'll face setbacks... Recover and start building again...

Don't rely on discipline alone... Use your discipline to build a HABIT... the habit will serve you when discipline alone will fail!

Start NOW!!


Build a Strong Foundation...

The moral to this story is don't just 'go to class'...


Don't just Build any lifestyle...

Build a Protector's Lifestyle...

Becoming a PeaceWalker will change everything for you! It'll help with everything in your life... Including your relationships, career, safety & security, your fulfillment, stress levels and overall peace of mind...

Remember, it all starts w/YOU!

Keep Going,

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Protector Summit

Protector Summit?! What?

Yep, it's a FREE event where you can hear what military and security experts from Nave Seals & Green Berets, to Israeli Defense Force Counter Terrorism Experts & Krav Maga Instructors think are the 3 Most Important Things You Can Do to Protect Yourself, Your Family & Your Community!

Well it all started w/an idea I had last year... 

Over the years I have worked with a number of people with very interesting life experiences and things to teach. Things you could really benefit from! 

All of these folks who I'm talking about are, or were in the military here in the U.S. or over in Israel and have embraced what I would call a "Protector's Lifestyle."  A powerful way of living more clearly from the perspective that when we embrace this idea Dr. Robert Humphrey shared in his Warrior Creed, where:

"Everyone is a Little Bit Safer Because I'm there."

This perspective is simple, yet not as easy as one may think! It's easy to get off track one way or another. Keeping balanced to do "Most Good / Least Harm" is an art of life, but the better you are at it, the more safe, successful and fulfilled Life you'll build.

So, I decided to create this FREE 3 Day On-Line Broadcast where I interview 20 or so hard charging security experts from the U.S.& Israeli military and vet community.

On this exclusive LIVE On-Line Summit you'll hear from Navy SEALS, Israeli Counter Terrorism Experts, U.S. Marines, Green Berets, Krav Maga Experts straight out of Israel, Dept. of Defense Operators and many, many others!

They're going to give you their expert advice on how you can protect yourself, your family and your community better!

They reveal how you can Live a Protector's Lifestyle! How to become a PeaceWalker!

This Summit is geared for people just like YOU! Folks who are interested in protecting themselves and those they love! People who don't want to live in fear, but rather Live Powerfully!

You can gain Access to this On-Line Summit Absolutely FREE!

We currently have well over a dozen interviews and many more to go!

Here are just some of the Hard Chargers we currently have on board!

The Talent...

1) Robert Ewigleben - Navy Intelligence Officer / CIA (ret)

2) Elliott Chodoff - Israeli Defense Force Maj. - Counter Terrorism Expert.

3) Dr. Steven Bucci - Former Army Special Forces Lt. Col., Military assistant to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, 9/11 Pentagon Attack Survivor & Counter Terrorism Expert.

4) Joe Kuhns - Serving 26 years as a Navy Seal on teams 2 & 3.

5) Jack Hoban - Former USMC Capt., One of the Creators of the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) & Conflict Resolution Specialist.

6) Schmuel Bowman - Israeli Defense Force Veteran & Director at Operation Life Shield.

7) Joshua Reis - Army Special Forces/Intelligence - Dept. of Defense Contractor.

8) Moshe Katz - Israeli Defense Force Veteran & Head Instructor of one of the largest Krav Maga organizations in the world.

9) Denny Gillem - Lt. Col. Army Airborne Ranger (ret), Taught at the War College, is Michigan's Most Decorated Combat Veteran & Host of Nationally Syndicated Frontlines of Freedom Talk Radio Show.

10) Wes O'Donnell - Army & Air Force Veteran, Author, Film Maker & Founder of Warrior Lodge.

11) James DeWitt - Combat Medic, EMT & Martial Artist.

(Many More...)

STAY TUNED for more details!! Because it's coming this fall! 

Keep Going,

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

His Voice Shook as He Told Me...

A pic of some of the violence that broke out at the fireworks display in GR MI.

For most, bringing your family to see the fireworks is a fun family event that build memories of a lifetime!

But, I got a phone call yesterday where a man here in Grand Rapids who brought his family to the fireworks display had an experience of concern, fear and near panic, when violence broke out by him and his daughter during the firework show.

He left a message telling me of his entire experience. His voice shook as he recalled the frightening situation where he feared not only for his own safety, but the safety of his daughter as well.

Yes, he is looking for answers, but more to the point, the situation scared him and realizing how vulnerable he and his daughter were, he wants to feel safe again.

And he said...

"He Wants to Feel Like He Can Protect His Own Daughter"

I hear this all the time and I totally get it!

You see, when the rubber meets the road, we need to feel like we can protect not only ourselves, but those we love, those who rely on us for security.

Unfortunately many people wait until something happens (or in this case, almost happened), to do anything about it!

I just hope that the emotion of that event will be enough to drive him to stay the course to develop the perspective and skill to be the protector he wants to become!


What's His Next Step!?

That depends!

Yes, he could come down to our Krav Academy to learn... Will he?! I don't know how much he's looking to put that much time into it... Not to sound harsh, but most aren't up for that journey...

However, it's not my place to judge. Rather, I try to provide an environment where people can grow and build a Protector's Lifestyle. The community of PeaceWalkers.

It's Goes Beyond Technique...

He may find relief from learning a technique or two, or getting a CPL.

But, that WON'T Solve his problem.

He needs a different Perspective! And an appropriate Skill Set! A clearer view of his True Identity.

I will make some suggestions for him. One of which is the FEARLESS in 5 DAY CHALLENGE where I'll share w/him the "Speed Pass" to fearing less and begin building a Protector's Lifestyle of Confidence & Clarity.

What he does with it is up to him!

Well, thanks for listening to my story...

It's a one I hear a lot!

It could be any one of our stories...

Maybe YOU have one like it... or know someone who does.

It's stories like this that reinforce to me that I'm doing the right thing with my life. It lends some perspective why I write these emails and blogs, shoot all of those videos, teach all of those classes...

And most of all why this community that YOU'RE apart of exists!

We have a mission that's bigger than all of us. 

One of being a Protector...

A PeaceWalker...

Not only do we make everyone a little safer where ever we go...

It's a better Life!

Keep Going,

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Controlling Everything vs. Nothing

I had an unavoidable SOS stop...

That's right, the shunned Secretary of State to renew my plates and drivers licence...

No 'renew by mail' for me this year, nope. I had to head on down for an eye test, new picture and to hook up one of those fancy new REAL ID licenses.

So I rounded up the proper documentation and went downtown...

Luckily the line went fast (only about 45 min)


Good thing the pics are digital now!

Remember when you had your picture taken and didn't know how bad it was until you received your licence in the mail a few weeks later!?


'Modern Technology' does have a few advantages! =)

It Made Me Think...

Being at both the doctor and the SOS it made me think of some of the things that we CAN'T CONTROL...

Then I thought about politics, weather people and (you guessed it) CONFLICT.

So, here's the question..

What's Better?!

  1. Believing You Can Control EVERYTHING?
  2. ...Or Believing You Can Control NOTHING?

We can fall into either mentality without even knowing it, so...don't think of it as a blanket statement.

When we begin thinking like this we tend to be either:

Gung Ho...


Gun Shy!

Gung Ho can lead to bullying and thinking too much about control.

Gun Shy can lead to passive aggressive behavior & being taken advantage of by thinking you don't have any control or being afraid to assert yourself.

If you haven't guessed, you should strive to...

Strike a Balance...

Gung Ho & Gun Shy folks tend to end up in POWER STUGGLES...


Power Struggles lead to CONFLICT!!

You have to learn to...

Pick Your Battles!

But in order to Pick Your Battles, you have to be CLEAR!!

Without Clarity it's easy to fall down a slippery slope leading to more conflict and violence!

What do you need to be clear on?!

Well, when it comes to Managing Conflict...

3 Questions to Ask Yourself...

1) Does this situation NEED to be managed? Is this really your fight??
2) What are you REALLY trying to protect? What outcome are you looking for?
3) What  is the worse case scenario if you ignore it or don't intervene?

By answering those three questions you will get a clearer idea whether or not you need to step in or step up... or ignore it and 'walk away.'

Never forget Viktor Frankl's quote:

"Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms: to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way."

Strike the balance between...

  1. What you Can & Can't Control... 
  2. What you Should & Shouldn't Control... 
  3. When to Try Harder & When to Let Go! 

I know, easier said than done!

Remember, it's less about a single technique as it is...

Build a Protector's Lifestyle...

Being a PeaceWalker is a path we follow, not a destination we reach!

Keep Going,

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