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Why Be More Like A Villain?!

Enter the Scammers... It didn't take the scammers long to begin taking advantage of the situation.  Scammers taking advantage of the chaos for their personal or political gain... Scammers taking advantage of the bailout... Scammers calling you to get your personal info... Scammers texting you... Scammers emailing you... Even scammers w/the audacity to knock on your door & talk to you face to face! Big scammers.... Little scammers... ...and everything in between! This villainous behavior comes in many forms! Luckily, most people are honest and just trying to get beyond all of this... even help others who need a hand too! So what do I mean when I say.... Be More Like a Villain?! I know, I know, the idea of being a villain DOESN'T sound much like being a protector or PeaceWalker... Or does it?! Well, of course I'm not talking about the self centered aspects of their approach or their unethical qualities.

Using F.E.A.R. to Your Advantage

I was watching a few episodes from the old Alfred Hitchcock Presents series and it made me think... In case you don't know... Alfred Hitchcock was an English film director and producer. He is one of the most influential and extensively studied filmmakers in the history of cinema. is most famous being  "Psycho" .  He had a very unique style which lead to him being known as  "the Master of Suspense."   What You Don't See... Hitchcock's mastery of getting people on the edge of their seats wasn't by what he said or what he showed them...  He did it by what he DIDN'T SAY or what he DIDN'T SHOW! That's right, his books and movies, he very cunningly uses space... The infamous scene, in Psycho, where the gal gets stabbed to death in the shower he never actually shows her getting stabbed!  The suspense and terror comes from what you DON'T SEE!  Hitchcock set the stage for your imagination to fi

What Defines You?!

Oprah Winfrey has a powerful story that began with abuse, struggle, conflict and numerous failures.  She had been sexually abused as a child, fired from jobs, told she wasn't suited for television and had many personal and professional setbacks... However, despite all of that, she rose to the top of all of those set backs. She got up, brushed herself off and got back in the game after getting hit by things life threw at her, which she had no control over.  Was it tough? Yes! But after you get knocked down, you have the choice to stay down, or to get back up... Like a phoenix, Oprah continued to raise up from the flames that life ignited around her...    'It Will Do Well...' In Oprah's early days, back in 1986, when she was just starting her new show, a CBS reporter interviewed her. He asked her how she thought her new show would do?  Oprah confidently said,  "It will do well." After hearing this, he probed de

12 Tips to Staying Healthy During Times of Crisis

12 Tips to Staying Healthy During Times of Crisis: In times like these the basics for staying healthy are even more important and unfortunately often overlooked.  I put together 12 simple tips for you to keep you in the fight! 1) Sleep  -  Make sure you get good sleep - 8-ish hours if at all possible. Also, depending on how you deal with stress, don't sleep too much, which is easy to do, due to anxiety.  2) Drink  - I know what you're thinking! But, I mean water silly ;-). Staying hydrated will help you to stay healthy physically, mentally and emotionally.   3) Eat healthy  - Keep your body filled with good calories. Don't eat too much sugar, sodium, caffeine, alcohol, junk or overly processed food.  4)  Take a  multi-vitamin  every day. Often even in typical times, we don't get the nutrients we need from the foods we eat. In times of stress it's even more important. 5) Hygiene  - I know it sounds weird, but in times like these