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Tell Your Boss 'NO' w/o Getting Fired!

Being a PeaceWalker and walking your path of being a Protector doesn't begin and end w/physical threats... Oh no! It includes that, but there is so much more... Knowing how to draw boundaries and deal with conflict at all levels are important skills to have. Skills you will use every day of your Life! HERE'S AN EXAMPLE from my Corporate America days... Years ago, the company I work for hired a new sales manager who was busting everyone's balls with meetings, projections and reports. To the tune of 15 to 20 hours per week (wasted) between conference rooms and on the computer... My normally 50+ hour weeks, quickly turned into 70+. I started coming in on the weekend to catch up, so I wasn't so buried during the week. It was out of hand... Finally, after a few months of this, everyone on the sales force was ready to blow a gasket, so rather than continue complaining and bellyaching, I decided to talk to the owner of the company about

Self Defense in a War Zone!

I had an interesting conversation last night. I'm not sure exactly how we got on the subject, but I was sharing stories of some of the guys I've done work with either in security, training or teaching. In this industry, it's common to run into soldiers, contractors or vet who seen some combat. First of all, I want to get one thing straight, regardless if I agree w/their approach, I appreciate their service to this country and I respect the experience that they had during their tour(s) of duty... But, some of perspective these guys are bringing to the civilian and law enforcement communities have to be filtered, because not all of their ideals or tactics are suited for anything outside of a war zone... Some of the perspectives and ethics could be even be considered questionable in those areas. Don't Misunderstand... Don't miss understand, we can learn tons of useful things from soldiers, ex-soldiers, contractors and vets...

Gallows Humor

This post could be seen as a bit of a follow up on my post about the Golden Globe Award monologue...  Click HERE if you haven't read it yet! Many folk that I know who have spent any time dealing w/people in crisis, be it medical emergencies (physical & mental), criminal behavior, security, military service, tough parenting, (bartending even) just to name a few... You know, situations where there's potential for some serious sh*t to happen... Things like consequences and stuff we really, really don't want to happen physically, emotionally, socially, financially, you name it. Situations that are dire, when things are really on the line or feel like it. The more the drama, conflict and violence we have to manage, the more we need to somehow find a way to deal emotionally with those circumstances (In the moment, before and after). We have many ways of dealing... Some healthy... others, not so much. One way many of us deal is by having 

3 Lessons From Ricky Gervais's Golden Globe Speech

If I were to say that I never watched the Golden Globe Awards that would be an understatement... Well, I guess, now I'd be lying, because I just caught Ricky Gervais' Golden Globe Opening Speech and... OMG! I'm sure what I have to say will end up losing us some of our subscribers, but... Ah f-k it! Ricky's speech was FUNNY! If you haven't heard it yet... STOP RIGHT NOW!!! Google it, watch it and then come back to read this post! His humor a bit more up my alley than most of what we've been hearing the last several years now... I can only hope that we might be getting our sense of humor back a little bit... It's not about being raunchy... it's about not taking ourselves (and everything) so seriously. It's tiring walking on egg shells all the time, since everyone is so offended about everything and anything now-a-days. Everyone's feeling the stress, whether or not they even realize it!