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A Look Behind, A Look Ahead

  Spent some good family time up North over New Year's Eve Day and the weekend.  Did some snowmobiling too... Haven't done that in a couple decades. It was fun... Forgot how difficult it was turning those darn things on pavement! No crashes or fatalities though... so it was a good day! Sleds have come a long way from leaf spring suspensions and bogie wheels!  A Look Behind...  Holy Schnikes! Well, last year was quite a year wouldn't you say!? To be honest, I'm still unpacking things... I'll share more insights as they come to me...  The support and connection from my family and friends, along with my Local Krav Academy and, of course the PeaceWalker Community... Nothing short of astounding... and comforting when times felt dark.  THANK YOU! I feel so fortunate, my gratitude can't be accurately expressed. And even though we aren't outta the woods yet, the camaraderie and support helps all of us to Keep Going through whatever comes next. As for some of the spe

Break & Choose

When I was a kid, I remember any time my brother and I had to share a candy bar, my mom made us divide it up in a very particular way. The rule was that the person who split that candy bar up, let the other person get first dibs on what half they wanted to take. This simple rule inspires the person who makes the break try to do their best to make things equal. It's a much better solution than my folks threatening punishment if the two halves were unequal. It's also a better solution than my brother and I resorting to bullying and violence to get our way. However, the only way that this system works is that if both parties agree, through a social contract. One built on trust rather than force. One constructed from the pursuit of fairness, not manipulation. When we make our own decisions or choose our leaders, we should expect the same. Trust not threats. Fairness over manipulation. Less bias rather than more.... And free choice. Having two sets of standards will result in confli

Chaos at the Capitol: Who's to Blame?

Last week turned out to be quite a ride to say the least... Intense times... What's been going on this past year with Covid, lockdowns, social unrest, riots, election disputes, more riots & national feelings of deep division... Things that we aren't used to experiencing to this degree here in the States. Something we're more used to seeing, 'over there' in other times and places, but not here, not now. Many are shocked and overwhelmed with what has been happening. Most people are wondering where their former life went. Did we fall asleep to wake up in some strange sci-fi dystopian movie?  Who's to Blame?! This side is blaming that side. Everyone shouting louder and pointing fingers. The Government, Democrats, Republicans, lobbyists, special interest groups, big tech, big pharma, the rich, the poor, black, white, immigrants, covid, the media (social & traditional), technology, fraud, corruption, conspiracy... 'Us' and 'them...' You and I..

When Fear is the Disease What's the Cure?

  As the quote at the top of the page says: "When fear is the disease, faith & confidences are the medicine." ~Debasish Mridha It's easy to succumb to fear...  Resist that temptation! Have some Faith in yourself that you'll be able to handle what 2021 will throw at you.  That faith can be built on the Confidence of surviving 2020.  New Year's Resolutions!? I'll be completely honest with you, I'm not big on New Year's Resolutions... However, I AM big on reflecting on the past year and planning what I want to do in the upcoming year...  How are you building your Life!? Take some time to Reflect and Learn... Then look to the future.  Now things may or may not work out how you planned, but your ability to adapt and overcome will stem from the stability of the blueprint you put together.  The better the blueprint, the simpler it will be for you to transition and adapt.  But, you'll have to be flexible. Learn when to hold on and when to let go.  Don&