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Jack Hoban - RGI & Buyu: Words on 2012 & 2013

  (L to R) Craig - Margarita - Doug - Jack - Dale  Relaxing after a long (but good) week of RGI Training Here is the 2012 review and 2013 projection that my Friend and Teacher Jack Hoban puts out. Because Jack and my path often intersect, cris cross and run parallel to each other, I thought many of you out there might find Jack's words interesting.  So, without further ado here you go: Resolution Group International  ( ) is in it's third year and continues to flourish and make an impact. RGI is made up of military and law enforcement professionals who teach how to resolve conflict under stress.  The RGI curriculum extrapolates on the work I

Evolve Your Breathing Book & Video Review

“ Here and now...breathe and battle and in life” ~ Dan Millman Without breath there is no life. If you do not breathe well it is difficult to function well. Your capacity to breath effectively will enhance every aspect of your being. Everything from sports training, martial arts and yoga to personal development, meditation, spiritual pursuits, emotional control, tactical shooting and defense revolves around proper breathing.   It will change your game no matter what you are pursuing.   There are many resources out there regarding proper breathing some are good, others not so much. In today's day and age we have information overload. We are assaulted with so much contradictory information about what to do, it can get very confusing. So how do we navigate through the murky waters of all of this info? I'm glad you asked... Let's talk about Jon Haas’s new e-book and video titled Evolve Your Breathing: Essential Techniques For Optimal Performanc

Active Shooters, Gun Laws & Machine Gun Teachers

Run - Hide - Fight: Active Shooter Survival Training Video from the U.S. Homeland Security Department The subjects of active shooters, gun laws and teachers carrying firearms at school are hot topics right now for sure. It stirs up a lot of emotions (in me as well) and arguments. Despite all of the difference in opinion, the common ground is this: We are afraid and we want to feel safe. This includes the children, students, teachers, parents, administrators, support staff and community. Some people advocate that in order to protect ourselves and others from potentially lethal threats such as an active shooter that we (in this case teachers) need to be armed, ready to take down the threat. Other people's opinion is that guns are a part of the problem and even considering this "armed teacher" option is adding fuel to the fire and making things worse. Both sides of the discussion have valid points, however the more we argue the more we continue to become

Alpha & Omega: Conflict Management

When Josh Sager owner of New Jersey Personal Defense Academy asked me to write an article for his new website I was excited to contribute. From what I’ve seen, Josh is a talented martial artist and a fine instructor. For decades, he has been both practicing and sharing skills that not only save lives, but also make life more enjoyable to live. The physical preparation that is involved in learning martial arts or any type of tactical training is only one facet of a broader and deeper subject. I often say that physical defensive tactics are the alpha and omega of conflict management. In other words, the beginning and end. Click here to read the rest of the story...