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They Are NOT Sheep!

A sorority from Grand Valley State University brought me out to teach a Her Survival Guide Workshop out on their campus. Great group of young ladies! We started with some Protector Stories and then skidded into the 6A's of Safety. Later we added some physical defensive tactics.   We had a good ol' time training and recalibrating our Protector Identity. Be a Shining Light Shining light on this idea that we are all Protectors isn't something everyone is used to hearing. It goes contrary to the idea of a destructive, yet popular battle cry you hear today. Am I talking about!? Well... If you are in the law enforcement, military or tactical community you've heard it.  "I am a Sheepdog protecting the Sheep" This way of thinking seperates people into three distinct categories: Wolves  - Predators, aggressors, attackers, etc. Sheep  - The 'regular' people who the wolves attack  Sheepdogs  - The people who protect the sheep from the wolves.  Although it sounds

Where's Your Home Base!?

  I told you that I would unpack some of my Tony Robbins UPW experience with you, so here's something else that Tony asked us at the conference: Where is your Home Base emotionally?! Yesterday we talked a little about Baseline, that is, having control of your emotional state... Well, today I challenge you to consider where your typical emotional home base is?! Where is your current baseline? What emotions do you typically feel? The exercise that Tony had us do was: 1) Make a list. What is your emotional pattern? What are the positive and negative emotions you feel at least once a week or every day? 2) Out of that list, circle your top two empowering and disempowering emotions. Then he had us list one or two emotions, that if we lived through them everyday, how they might change our life for the better.  He went on to explain that by controlling our emotional state we change our life and take things to the next level if we chose to.   We continued to dive deep into our habits and th

Which State Was THE Most Critical To Win!?

For some reason I was thinking about elections and voting... As you know, it's always been a battle within the states (and country) which way is it going to go? Red or Blue?! Well, when we're talking about which was a state is going to go,  there is a state that's more important than any one of them...  And this state we're talking about has everything to do with you and your life. I'm talking everything about your life: Your safety, your family, your success, happiness and fulfillment.  This detail literally will make or break your entire Life! Well, What Is It?! The answer isn't democrat or republican. The answer isn't Michigan, Texas, California or Florida... The answer is... Your Emotional State!  Yep, that's right, if you can't control your emotional state you're going to struggle with everything.  We call it being Baseline. If you aren't in control of your own emotions, you won't be able to control anything. Worse yet, you are easil

A PeaceWalker Fire Walks? WTH?!

  A few months ago I attended a 4 Day Tony Robbins Workshop.  And let me tell you it was INTENSE! I can't even imagine that you haven't hear of him, but... If you're not familiar with Tony, he's been a personal / professional development icon since the 80's. He's quite a personality and definitely commands a room. He filled it w/an electricity of super high energy that was impossible to not get swept up in. I'll be honest, it took me out of my comfort zone. Good, but challenging. I knew that going in though! (More on that later!) I'm going to keep things (fairly) short today, but I will be unpacking my experience w/you over the next several emails. I'll share w/ you how all of this helps us to be better Protectors... Better PeaceWalkers! First off,   there is no real personal protection without personal development  and Tony shares a lot of tools for personal development!  (I'll go into greater detail on this too!) This event teach you a set of t