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Dealing With Non-Compliant People

Let me be clear, this is ONE WAY to deal with someone who is not doing as you asked... It is NOT THE ONLY WAY... It is simply one way... No, it won't magically make someone succumb to your every request, it is just simply clearly communicating expectations and setting boundaries. Here's the Process! When you clearly asked something of someone and they agreed to do what you asked, but didn't: You: "Based on what we agreed on, my expectation was (say what was agreed upon)." "However, what happened was (describe what actually happened)." "So, the impact was (describe how the situation affected not only that person, but if you can, how those actions [or lack of] affected a bigger picture and/or others)." "What happened?" (LISTEN) Then Say:   "I hear what you're saying. I've had things happen before too. So, let me get this straight (Ask any questions you need to clarify

Does More Skill Make You More Ethical?

Does More Skill Make You More Ethical? I've trained my entire life... I'm no stranger to violence... In the ring... My youth... My job... Life... I've met, learned from and trained the best in the world... Martial arts... Tactical training... Sport... Military... Law enforcement... Private security... Domestic & overseas... However, some of the toughest people that I know are some of the nicest... Those folks who know they can take care of themselves and don't have anything to prove... I was fortunate, because I was taught this first and foremost by my Dad and Grandpa (on my Mom's side). Both were strong good male figures who trained me more by what they did than what they said. Neither were perfect... They had their shortcomings like we all have... But in my eyes they were great men by their own right and their flaws only made them more interesting. Regardless, I owe so much to them that this pos

Krav Ma... Squirrel!!

All of my weekend social events had me thinking about how much we rely on verbal communication, not only for casual conversation, but also during conflict. It is an intricate part of interacting with others. Have you ever known someone who can talk their way out of (and into) anything? Someone who has learned to weaponize their words to be persuasive or even deceiving? They can use their words to spin a spell that has a certain control over others. It's a skill that is largely overlooked not so much in action but in TRAINING! Most believe that you either 'have it' or don't... And we both know that some folks seem to have been born with the gift of gab and others struggle... However, you CAN learn how to do it! So, in preparation for the LIVE On-Line PeaceWalker Conflict Communication Course coming in January, I wanted to start sharing some methods of using verbal communication as... Another Facet of Defense When most people trai

How to Turn Anger Into Acton

Anger, Action & Israel?! A couple days ago we were talking about Anger. I promised you we'd talk about how to take that anger, focus it the right way and turn it into action. I also asked what Israel had to do with all of that!? . Well, we've already determined that when you're Angry, sh*t gets done!  So, let's build on that shall we?! =) Turning Anger Into Action... In order to start using your anger... First STOP resisting it! WHAT?!? Are you crazy Craig!?  If I do that I'll kill everything that MOVES some days! Wait a minute... Listen to me first... Stop resisting the feeling of your angry emotion. Just because you FEEL something, it doesn't mean you have to act on it! Simply notice how you are feeling without judging it or acting on it... Just be aware of it! Then breath (from your belly) and decide if you need to act on it or not. Sometimes it is alright (even good) to act on it... Other time