Thursday, December 28, 2017

Giving & Receiving

I don't know about you, but this time of year is both cool and crazy! I'm taking a breather from getting ready for Christmas while I write you a quick note.

Yesterday was a s#*t show thanks to my (now former) health insurance agent who totally dropped the ball on my insurance and left me in a really precarious position to figure things out for myself. 

For Christmas I'd send you (former insurance agent) a coupon for a FREE Krav Lesson, but I'll let Life take care of that for you. 

You reap what you sow brother... 

...Be careful what your sowing!!

Anyway, after spending the entire day scrambling to figure things out... Talking to multiple insurance companies, faxing, figuring and basically driving blind, I (think) I got things squared away. 

I'd REALLY love to let the cat out of the bag as to who this 'delta bravo' insurance agent is...but I won't...

I will, however tell you who stepped in to help....

I want to give a Big Thanks to Chad Creasy of RCB & Associates for helping me navigate through the storm of paperwork, deadlines and confusion to get back on track! 

Chad didn't have to help me... He got zero commission for it.  

He didn't have to take the time to offer me assistance... 

But he DID! 

...and I can't say how much I appreciate it (...well, I guess I just did!)

If you need help w/your health insurance, he's your man! I'll be using him from this point forward. 

After I got the situation taken care of, it reminded me of a few of things...

(1) You have the opportunity to use your PeaceWalker skills every day! (...especially yesterday for me!)

(2) Yes, there are some real a**holes out there... (some even dangerous...). However...

(3) There are people that will help you even when they don't have to. 

(4) When it comes to giving and receiving... You'll eventually get back what you put out. So...

(5) Be mindful of what you're giving!

Thank YOU for All You Have Given Me!

If you are reading this, you've touched my life in some way.


I want you to know that I appreciate it... 

I appreciate you...

Thank you for being part of my journey...

Thank you for helping me along my path in some small and not so small ways...

You see, I believe that we are all connected in some way...

The Good...

The Bad...

and yes, The Ugly!

It's all part of Life...

Mine, Yours, Everyone's...

I hope you had a good 2017?! 


I hope you find more than you were looking for in 2018!!

It's there waiting for you to discover...

All of it... 

So in the words of Jocko Willink...

Go Get Some! 

Go out and tell those people who mean something to you that you appreciate them and... 

Go Sow Some Goodness...

I hope you see your True Identity as a Protector...

As a PeaceWalker...

Claim it...

Embrace it...


Go out and Protect the Right Things! 

And help others do the same!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 

Keep Going,

Live - Protect - Inspire
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Why We Are So Cruel?

I just got back from training with Jack Hoban out in New Jersey. It was a good trip. I drove this time around, so I was glad to have those snow tires! Weather was a bit sketchy on the way out, but cleared up by the time I got into Pennsylvania. 

Another year coming to a close, but...

It looks like 2018 is going to be OFF THE HOOK w/some really exciting things  over the horizon!

Just like last weeks Krav Maga Security & Escort Tactics Seminar, there's more LIVE workshops on the way for the New Year!

(...But, don't worry if you missed the seminar, you can access the 5 Part Video Training Series for FREE Here on!*)

So, with the Holiday Season upon us, we often think about spending time with loved ones, reconnecting with people we haven't seen in a while, giving to charities, etc. You know the "Goodwill Towards All" type of sentiment.

That got me thinking about the other side of human nature. The side that is less than kind.

So, I thought we'd talk a little about...

Why People Can Be So Cruel?
I was reading another interesting article that I thought you might want to check out.

The article interviews Paul Bloom, a psychology professor at Yale University. He has written several interesting looking books (none of which I've read as of yet...).

His premise is that he doesn't believe that dehumanization isn't the only factor of why people are cruel to one another.

Some of Paul's Thoughts...

"I think some cruelty is born of dehumanization. I think some cruelty is born out of a loss of control. I think some cruelty is born out of an instrumental desire to get something you want — sex, money, power, whatever.

I think a lot of cruelty is born out of a normal and natural appreciation of the humanity of others, which then connects with certain important psychological appetites we have, like an appetite to punish those we think have done wrong. I think that, for the most part, people who do terrible things are just like us. They’ve just gone astray in certain specific ways."

~ Paul Bloom

Some of you may have heard me say that "we are all protectors, some of us are just protecting the wrong things.
My sentiment sounds a lot like Paul's statement...

"...under the right conditions, most of us are capable of doing terrible things."

Paul goes on to say that,"people can transcend their conditions, but it’s rarer than we’d like to believe."

To prove his point, he illustrates a sociological study conducted by Marianne LaFrance where she takes a closer look at how social pressure, authority and courageousness affect what someone says they would do vs. what they actually do...

It's an interesting study, you should take a look at it.

You can see Bloom's entire Vox article  here.

So, How Does This Information Help Us?

I think that there are a number of things we can learn from Bloom's ideas, LaFrance's research and our own experiences.

The biggest things that I took away are the power of:

(1) Clarity
(2) Choice
(3) Leadership
(4) Culture &
(5) Courage

How Are YOU Improving These Things?

There are a lot of ways...

One way is by joining us at...

Where we explore each of those five elements in depth to build a safer, healthier, more successful Life and community!

Here, read...

Keep Going,

Saturday, December 23, 2017

There's No Shortage of Violence

 Training at Caliber 3 Counter Terrorism / Security Academy in 

Efrat, Israel

There is no shortage of violence in the world...


I've been in Israel for over two weeks now and there have been several incidents of violence in the US. The first major event was the Texas Church Shooting on Nov. 5th and then another incident in California less than two weeks later.


Yesterday I was here in Israel driving to Caliber 3, a counter terrorism & security facility to train for the day. When we got there one of the instructors was late due to a traffic delay.




Because there was a terrorist attack near our location which caused the traffic to be backed up.


Our main instructor Etan Cohen who is still active in an elite counter terrorism unit of the IDF already received the report of what occurred.


Apparently a terrorist coming from one of the Arab villages took his car and tried to run over numerous people, when his car was disabled, he got out of his vehicle with a knife and attempted to continue attacking people. He was shot by a soldier and is currently in critical condition in the hospital.


The two people who were struck by his vehicle are alive and recovering from minor to moderate injuries.


Here's the article in the Jerusalem Post:






Israel and the US look very differently at violence. We have different approaches on how we view it, prepare for it, identify it, handle it and recover from it.


I think we have a lot to learn yet in the U.S.





It seems that in the U.S. we have this idea that if we can control people by creating more policies, passing more laws, or somehow teach that everyone should "just get along" than we can create a society that is devoid of all violence.


Maybe if we were smarter, more informed, or understood one another better, maybe that'd do the trick?  Or how about if we took away all of the things that might be used to hurt and kill other people, then everything would be ok? Right?


I'm not so sure...



Don't Get Me Wrong...

I'm not saying that we shouldn't continue to work toward helping people to be educated, informed, open and respectful toward others. We should teach value for human life. We should continue to strive to create peaceful people and communities. 

But is that enough?!

What happens when you do these things and someone (or a group of someones) will not act in kind? 

What if you have a conflict of some sort? From a disagreement to violence? Injured feelings to physical fights? What about rape or murder? 

A Dilemma...

We are caught in a catch 22 of sorts. We like our freedom, but we want security too. The catch is when people are free, sometimes we do stupid stuff. Sometimes we do destructive and dangerous things. Sometimes we take advantage of people. Sometimes we hate and sometimes we kill. 

Yes, of course there have to be guidelines, rules, policies, laws. But, it seems that we are pushing hard to force the impossible. 

What is the 'Impossible' I'm referring to?

That we can be 100% Safe from everything... Well...

We can't! 

So what then?!?

Do the best you can...

Have the right attitude about life. Be aware of the risks. Identify warning signs. Have a plan. Have skills to communicate fair, firm boundaries, and be able to protect yourself if they are not respected. 

Teach others to do this as well. Teach them formally, teach them informally, but most of all teach them through YOUR OWN EXAMPLE of how YOU live!

...Or we can keep trying to force everyone to comply with more and more regulations, policies and laws... 

That seems to be working really well so far...

So What Happens When There's Conflict!?

There is just so much you can do to inspire, teach or force someone to do something... 

Even if it's the right thing. 

Take kids for example. You may try to teach a kid to the right thing, however they have a will of their own and will sometimes defy your best advice because of their own freewill.

Then they have to be prepared for the consequences as well. 

I know the subject of conflict and violence is a big one and one that can get very complicated. Too much to tackle in this (Almost) Daily email, but I just wanted to touch on it.

Attitude - Awareness - Action 

I think it boils down to having the right Attitude about life. Be Aware of the things going on around you, especially for trouble. Be skillful in laying down appropriate Boundaries and have a Plan 'B' if it turns into a shit show. Slang for being able Act to protect yourself.

Keep going,

Monday, December 18, 2017

Mindset & Beliefs for Success

 Etan Cohen - IDF Counter Terrorism Unit / Caliber 3 Combat Instructor
Efrat, Israel

I had to have a little patience today. Coffee shop was busy and I couldn't find a seat. Everyone must be out on this beautiful, brisk morning!

Oh the troubles I have...

And then my mind wanders back to Israel and the real world outside of this warm, cozy place I frequent so often.

I catch myself reflecting on a discussion while training in Israel at Caliber 3.

The discussion was about...
Training, Tactics & Beliefs

During one of the training sessions at Caliber 3 the instructors (Etan, Boaz and Col. Sharon Gat) were talking about what makes a soldier good? What makes him really effective?

Now you may not be a solider, however, you can replace the word 'soldier' with leader, protector, manager, parent, employee, officer, teacher, etc. etc.

Anyway, back to the question: "What really makes a soldier good?"

Answering the question, someone replied, "Good tactics, are what makes a solider effective."

The Col. replied, "Yes, good tactics are important, but how is a soldier able to perform good tactics?"

Another person yelled out, "Training. It's good training that makes an effective soldier."

Immediately someone else shouts out, "Mindset. It all starts with a good combat mindset."

"Now we're getting somewhere," Etan says with a serious look on his face.


"Don't our enemies have a mindset? And train? Don't they have tactics? Don't they understand how to shoot, and make bombs?"

                          So Then, What's the REAL Difference!?

The col. continued...

"Yes, we can teach someone to shoot, we can teach them how to clear a room, how to disarm or arrest. But, having the right mindset is much more difficult to teach. If you don't have the right mindset than all that other stuff doesn't matter."

...What Separates Us Is Our BELIEFS!

Then he clarified what the Spirit of the IDF is built around:

Human Dignity: The IDF and its soldiers are obligated to preserve human dignity. All human beings are of inherent value regardless of race, creed, nationality, gender, status or role.

Sound Familiar?!?

The belief in Human Dignity, Equality and Respect should sound familiar... It's the basis of everything that I teach. It's the basis of the entire PeaceWalker Approach!

Now don't get me wrong, I don't agree with every policy, political or military decision that Israel does, no more than I agree with everything that the United States does, even though we built this country on the Constitution and Bill of Rights based on Life, Liberty and the premise that 'all men (people) are created equal.

So, What Does That Mean For YOU?!?

Ok, I know, it's a great sentiment...

But, how can we bring this concept home, so we can use it in our everyday lives, personally and at work?

First, here are a couple things:

Ethics Mission Strategy Tactics Techniques

In business...

Ethics Policies Procedures

Basically, how does what you do show dignity to Life? How does it Respect and Protect Life?

Everything stems out of that Ethic. The Belief that Life is Precious and deserves respect. The Belief that Life deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

As a matter of fact, this plays a HUGE roll in how the IDF Counter Terrorism Units teach Target Acquisition... (We'll discuss that on another (Almost) Daily e-mail!)

Let's get back on track to Belief and Ethics...

Here's How to Find Success In All You Do...

If you can strive for Most Good / Least Harm in everything that you do...

If you can identify how whatever you do relates to Respecting and Protecting Life, you'll be on the track to greater success in everything you do, whether it is sales, teaching, law enforcement, management, business, parenting, etc.etc.

Yea, Yea, But How Do I Actually Do It?!


We go into a great amount of detail what this PeaceWalker strategy actually looks and sounds like in Your Life. The PeaceWalker Site will show you Case Studies, MasterClasses, tips, tricks & Tactics on how  others are Successful ACTUALLY DOING IT!