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Is Your Training Is Based On Superstition?

Is your training based on superstition?! A great question that can get a little tricky in a few ways... #1 - If you train for the wrong things, you won't be prepared for when the 'real deal' happens. (Leaving you vulnerable). #2 - If you constantly immerse yourself in and around people and ideas that are a bit off, you can begin to 'drink the kool-aide' and begin believing it yourself. You can even begin creating that skewed world around you! #3 - There is only so much available time to train... If you want to be able to protect yourself and others better. Prioritizing your training and focusing on the right things is not just a suggestion... it's ESSENTIAL! "Reality" Based Training... If you train in Defensive Tactics, Martial Arts or Tactical Firearms, you hear this term "Reality Based Training" all the time. Which for many means... ~ Focus on low probability, worst case scenarios. ~ Go Ha

9/11 What We Lost, Then Lost Again

I remember walking into the production area at the printing company I was working for at the time. "What you watching?" I naively asked. "A plane just hit one of the towers of the World Trade Center in New York." "Do they know what happened?" I asked thinking it was just some tragic miscalculation or plane malfunction. Within minutes, all of our doubts were cast aside as the second plane collided, then exploded into the second tower.  It was now clear regarding the nature of what the explosions were.... An attack and act of war on the United States... On US! I can still remember the confusion... The fear... The concern... The anger... Our world as Americans would never be the same again... 9/11 First Responders... I have a handful of friends who were there. Police, Military, Firefighters, EMT   and Construction Workers. My heart goes out to all of the victims and their families. My admiratio

Kill Your 'Worry Hamster'

I woke up about 4:30am anxious... You ever do that? Seems I was worried about all if it! My bills... My finances (to actually pay my bills!)... My travels... Getting this Summit registration launched... The academy... The price of real estate... If I somehow pissed somebody off... Why one of my fb posts didn't get enough 'likes'... My future... Global warming.... Stooooooooooooooop Already! I don't know where that all came from, but I know it didn't stem from any one of those things specifically! The Worry Hamster in my head just went wild in his little wheel... Around and around.... and around... and around! Here's the Question... When you're in a state like that how do you think you deal with conflict? Better or worse? Of course you know the answer! If you let that Worry Hamster rule you you're not only going to be a wreck... You're probably going to wreck anything in

The Cat's Outta the Bag!

Almost a year ago I decided to put together what I'll call an On-Line 'Protector Summit'. It's a FREE LIVE On-Line Event where I interview over 20 of my military / veteran friends & colleagues, asking them what it is to live a Protector's Lifestyle.  We talk and they share their thoughts about the following discussion topics: 1) What are the 3 Biggest Pieces of Advice You'd Give Someone Who Wants to Protect Themselves, Their Family & Community Better in Today's World? 2) Share Your Experience of Transitioning Your Identity from Being a Protector as a Soldier to One as a Civilian.   3) What Can We Do to Bridge the Gap Between Our Military/Vet & Civilian Communities? WHEN:   Thurs, Oct. 17th - 10am to 6pm EST Fri, Oct. 18th - 10am to 6pm EST Sat, Oct. 19th - 10am to 6pm EST WHERE: It's On-Line, so you can watch or listen to it on your phone or computer from t