Tuesday, December 31, 2019

How the Grinch 'Schooled' Whoville

We're at the end of the holi-daze!

That's the two-ish weeks surrounding Christmas and New Year where work schedules, social events, family stuff and other holiday type festivities intersect with our regular schedules, resulting in a strange 'twilight zone' type feeling, where we aren't quite sure where or when we are in the time/space continuum. Past, present & future meld together with work, family and friends.

How the Grinch 'Schooled' Whoville

Yes, the Grinch can be a crotchety, termite-infested soul with a heart two sizes too small...

However, there are a lot of beneficial things we can learn from him as well...

Especially as it comes to defensive tactics!

Check out what we can learn from how he totally "SCHOOLED" Whoville:

1. Tactical Thinking

Coming up with all those successfully elaborate plans on the spot -- especially when under that kind of pressure -- is a pretty handy skill to have in ye olde self defense "tool box."

2. Leadership Abilities

Even from an isolated position on top of his mountain headquarters, he was able to motivate a small team to carry out a covert night mission against a force much greater in numbers and resources.

3. Ability to Act

While it's true the Grinch is being a jerk when he cleans out Whoville, it's hard not to admire his ability to pull off his plan (in one night!).

(We have to also give some credit to Max who pulled the sled...)

4. Problem Solving Abilities

Through the Grinch's ability to improvise, adapt and overcome, he was able to get out of numerous tight spots, from acquiring adequate transportation, to employing an effective disguise to infiltrate Whoville...

And lets not forget, when he was caught mid-operation by Cindy Lou Who, he employed his verbal communication abilities to resolve the situation without incident or violence.

Feats like this prove the Grinch is capable of all kinds of creativity and problem-solving feats and miracles.

And, some pretty clever ones at that...

Who knows... Maybe he was in the Marine Corps?! =)

5. Diplomacy

Yes, the Grinch STOLE Christmas -- looting an entire town of tens of thousands of smackeroos worth of gifts, presents and food (he even took the last can of Who Hash!).

Yet, somehow he was still able to make up for it and he was even given the honor of carving the roast beast!

Wow, talk about diplomacy skills!

(He could have a career in politics...)

These aren't the ONLY LESSONS...

Here are 2 Bonus Lessons from our Grumpy Green Friend to fill your holiday stocking up with...

(1) Always remember that there are admirable qualities even in people we don't like and who are doing dastardly deeds! They're still human, with the Good, the Bad & the Ugly coursing through their souls, just like us.


(2) It's easier for everyone to make better choices (and yes, maybe even change), when we separate people's Life Value from their beliefs & behavior... (yep, even the disrespectful, illegal, even dangerous stuff...)

OK, that's it for today.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas... And are getting the most out of your Holi-Daze time!


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And as always...

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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Strangest Holiday Advice (That's Good Year Round!)

So, I was getting some last minute gift wrapping and merriment done when I heard a knock at my door...


I Know It's Christmas Eve...

... and you probably want to get the rest of your wrapping and stuff done so you can get to bed at a decent time, but I HAVE to tell you about this crazy little guy who showed up at my door.

He was short, about 4 feet tall.

He also had weird shoes that curled at the toe.

And even more weird, he had pointy ears.

I asked him who he was and he said he was a messenger from Santa!

Apparently, Santa is getting older and slower, and he's a bit concerned about his safety when he delivers those pieces of coal to those folks on the naughty list tonight!

He is worried about being able to handle himself if he is confronted by some of these folks who may be a bit worked up, emotional... even violent!

He wants to make sure he has the tools to deal with the type of conflicts that he's likely to run up against tonight!

He doesn't want to burn any bridges w/people, but he doesn't want things to get more ramped up... or *gulp* violent!

Santa knows how this time of year can be really stressful for people!

He said he wanted to know how to have the confidence and skill to be able to deescalate a situation AND know what to do if things get 'carried away'.

Good Ole Santa wanted to know how to handle 'Mr. Naughty List' (Jacked up on a bit too much eggnog and brownies)!

So the big guy in red wanted my advice.

Can you believe that?

So here's what I told this messenger to tell Santa:

When it comes to trying to deal with conflict in a social setting, here are 7 guidelines to surviving those moments that the holidays often bring:

(1) Work toward Most Good / Least Harm For Everyone. (You can call it 'Christmas Cheer or Holiday Spirit' ...Goodwill toward mankind... Whatever...)

(2) Know that you can’t change peoples behavior only yours. (It's their own actions that put them on the naughty list...)

(3) Set the Pace. (Take the high road and lead by example!)

(4) Teach People how to treat you & act in your presence.

(5) Set clear Boundaries w/yourself & others.
(6) Know your deal breaker in every circumstance! (When it's time to shut up or just leave!)

(7) Have a Simple Plan if your boundaries are not respected. (Exit Strategy)

Let's face it...

There's a reason we only see some of these folks once a year!

...But you still don't want to make a scene or get on your mom's bad side by going all 'Krav Maga' on your brother-in-law or cousin because he wants to keep talking politics or bringing up that time you streaked naked down the street when you were 8 years old! =)

Anyway, so that's that.

This is the plan I have for Santa.

He said he's looking forward to joining the Private PeaceWalker Membership when it opens up again to new members in early 2020!

(You can get on the waiting list here: https://peacewalker.net/about)

I told him good luck tonight and I'll keep him in the loop about the membership.

As for you my friend...

I'm wishing you and those you love a GREAT holiday season...

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hanuka!

Festivus for the Rest of Us!!

Thanks for being part of my journey in 2019 and here's to an even more exciting and prosperous 2020!

I'll talk to you soon!

Warm wishes,

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Converting Anxiety to Action!

As promised, the last part of the 'Lessons from a Frogman' is a good one!

Let's first quickly recap:

These tips came from a conversation during a recent Active Response Training Seminar that I was teaching. Joe, who was there, is a retired Nave SEAL. He contributed to class with a few really good conversations and tips.

Those tips have been the topic of our last several emails.

Mental Rehearsal and Mental Scripting were the last two subjects we talked about.

Now we're going to wrap it up with...


What is it and why is it so important?

Here's what Joe had to say about that:

Now there is one more thing that should be taught to our Warriors and that is Anxiety Conversion. This helps combat ESR (Extreme Stress Reaction).

When we are at a high level of anxiety that is negative, research shows that shifting from anxiety, a negative state of high arousal, to calm, a positive state of low arousal, is both extremely difficult and counterproductive.

It's difficult because anxiety has a powerful momentum of arousal. It shifts our heart rate, our breathing rate, and activates the release of hormones designed to keep us vigilant, alert, and awake.

It's important to stay calm, but still be at a high level of arousal for action.

We need to shift from Anxiety (negative) to Excitement (Positive), it is all mindset and how you perceive it,

"I get to kick some Ass vs. I'm going to get my Ass kicked."

Bruce Lee said it best,

"When you find yourself in a room surrounded by your enemies you should tell yourself "I am not locked in here with you, you are locked in here with me." This is the kind of mindset you should have if you want to succeed in life. Get rid of that victim mentality."

Tactical Grounding

Joe's perspective was well received and spot on (as if you needed me to validate that!).

In the next email I'll give you a quick 3 step process that aligns your body and breath behind Joe's mental conversion to effectively 'reset' your anxiety from 'Whoa' to 'GO!'

More From the Frogman...

If you would like to hear Joe's entire Protector Summit Interview along with other U.S. & Israeli Military Vets about how to better protect yourself, your family and community better, then click below for details.

That's all for now.

Talk to you soon.

Keep Going,

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Mental Scripting, Survival & Peak Performance

Continuing on from last weeks blog...

I was sharing some solid advice from Joe, a retired Navy SEAL regarding the Protector Mindset.

Our conversation was during the recent Active Response Training Seminar down at the Krav Academy this past month.

I broke our conversation down into three (3) posts.

The first dealt with Mental Rehearsal, which we discussed about three emails ago.

Well, the next concept, Mental Scripting is similar to that,  but with a couple  IMPORTANT NUANCES.

Check it out...

Mental Scripting: Is when you mentally walk through a scenario in your head, reviewing what could possibly happen in a situation.

For instance, lets take an active shooter event.

You go to the movies, sit down and mental script out a scenario where you imagine someone coming in with a gun and starts shooting...

In your head, map out what you'll will do, where will you'll go, what happens...

~ Where is the cover?
~ What exit do you run to?
~ How do you shield & protect your wife?
~ Do you use as a weapon or tool for distraction?
~ Etc.

Don't Miss This Important Detail!


In this Script, you always come out winning!


Plant the seed of victory, while at the same time add in an injury that you have to overcome. Maybe you get shot in the leg and have to apply a tourniquet or your wife does, maybe someone or you attack the guy, how fast do you respond to help out or gain control of the weapon, etc.

Play it out in your head, run into adversity and set backs. Yes, you experience pain, but in this script, you work through it and still come out on top!

Simple, But Important...

This simple, yet important tactic can make the difference between surviving or not!

Remember, you are an AmeriCAN... Not an AmeriCAN'T!! =) =)  hahaha!

Anxiety Conversion?!?

It's the last of the three concepts Joe shared in that talk...

AND it's pretty important if you want to perform better and survive under stress during a situation where it matters.


You'll have to catch the next post to hear about that one! =)

Protector Summit Again?!

In a word... NO!

It's done...

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