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The #1 Question Regarding Conflict!

I'm keeping it short today...   What's the #1 Question to Ask Yourself regarding Conflict? Is it How Do You Avoid Conflict?  Or... Pick Your Battles? Maybe... But what happens when conflict is unavoidable?! Is it How to Always Win?! As we know sometimes there is no "Winning." What about, How to Compromise or How to Always Look on the Brighter Side? Well, let's face it, some things cannot be compromised on and some times the brighter side doesn't do much for dealing with the situation at hand... So what then? What is THE question?! What are YOU going to do if things DON'T go the way you want? That's right... What's Your 'Plan B?' You see, it's not so much about focusing on getting your way, as much as it is knowing what YOU are going to to if things go 'South'. It's easy to get into the habit of trying to force your will, your influence, getting your

Training Blueprint for People w/No Time

Vintage 1980-81(ish) pic of yours truly training at home... (Gotta love the red carpet & old school Curtis Mathis Console TV!)  I hear it all the time... "I'm really busy! I don't have time to train..." I know! I know! Life's busy... Career, family, relationships, school, chores, kids, and when you get a second or two... Maybe some sleep! You feel like you don't have time to train!! I get it! So, what's the answer!? How do YOU fit it all in!? How can you get all of the stuff done you have to AND get that essential training in too!? How How HOW?!? Well... Here's How You Do It! To start with you have to do TWO things: (1) Start Where You're At! (2) Change Your Perspective. Just Do IT! What I mean by this is START where you are and DO IT! NOW!!!!  Start w/ONE thing! Make it little, something small and manageable. A Training Blueprint... Let's use y

Instantly Take Down ANY Attacker?!

Matt Page as Master Ken Can you spot the BIGGEST Defensive Tactics Misconceptions being peddled today? They come in two forms... #1- We can turn you into an instant invincible bad a$$. Just buy this course! They sound like this... 1. Win a fight in 3 seconds flat! 2. Beat any attacker instantly! No matter your size or strength! 3. Learn the secret Death Blow move in a matter of hours and transform your hands into deadly weapons when the time comes to defend yourself in a life or death confrontation. 4. 15 ultra-vicious show stoppers designed to end any confrontation in 4-7 seconds. Simple moves that you can get by watching just once and yet have for the rest of your days. 5. A covert weapon so powerful it can take down any man of any size in an instant. Enough for multiple attackers too. (...Isn't that called a gun?!) (Yes... sadly these are actual tag lines I just copied and pasted from the web.) #2 - ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN.

Violence Is a Transaction

When it comes to feeling vulnerable in the face of conflict and violence that we have to deal w/today, it's easy to LOSE our FOCUS! That's right, we begin focusing on the WRONG THINGS! Rather than focusing on things that will solve the problems, we focus too much on the problem, what we can't do and BLAME! We can easily begin to look more closely on what we can't do and not enough on the things we CAN! And putting the blame on everything and anything but ourselves! This builds frustration, which often leads to power struggles. Why?! Because in a world of almost limitless possibilities, sometimes it feel like the impossible is possible, even when it's not! When this happens it is easier to begin to transfer responsibility and begin blaming other people or circumstances as to WHY this 'Perfect Solution' isn't happening. When it comes to conflict there isn't always a 'Perfect' outcome... Sucks or sucks