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Krav Maga Imagine That by Moshe Katz, Krav Maga instructor, Israel

Wow, what just happened?  And how did that happen? I mean, after so many years of training, how could it happen? I have heard this many times, thankfully it has usually been after a "mock" attack. A guy comes in from another school, another style, he knows it all, he is already a master, and then he is attacked, caught off guard, unexpectedly, boom. "Can I have another chance?" No. You only have one chance. Another chance may be years away. Train for reality. Get a reality check. On the street there is only one chance. Back in the old days in the Jerusalem dojo , we had a structure set up like an apartment. We used it to train security guards, to prepare them for what they will encounter when when they go into an apartment, to arrest someone, to discuss domestic disturbance etc. As they would walk through the rooms they would be attacked. The results can be see on the " Jerusalem Krav Maga DVD ". This sort of training was also cover

The (Not So) Ronin Way

When I was younger I found myself apart from the "Establishment," now as I grow older and my efforts and organizations are seeing more success I wonder if I have turned into the "Establishment?!" The name for a few of my organizations, "Ronin Martial Arts Academy, Ronin Krav Maga and Ronin Empowerment Group," all have one name in common; "Ronin." For those of you who are wondering, the word Ronin is a term from ancient feudal Japan meaning a rogue warrior or in other words "a master-less samurai." Being master-less was not looked on as a favorable thing in ancient Japan. However many popular "super hero" type legends also stemmed from these Ronin. Stories such as 47 ronin and 7 samurai (or in America with the western spin we called it the Magnificent Seven), Yojimbo, even the movie "The Last Samurai" starring Tom Cruise tells a tail of the samurai that went a bit rogue. These stories were about how the

The Olympic Swimmer and the Lifeguard

I pulled this old blog post from my archives. I originally wrote it on Wednesday, November 5th 2008. It's a great post that I know you'll enjoy, but since it has been buried by years of other entries, I thought I would re-post it for everyone to read: The other day someone asked me if I would train them to fight in a MMA match. I explained to him that I had a different view. I told him that I train people to live, not to fight and although there are many aspects of class that are physical and involve combat training, that aspect was a small part of a larger picture. At first he looked a bit confused and then a look of almost disgust came over him like I was trying to pull some Kwai Chan Cane philosophical BS on him or some how attempting to mask that I couldn't fight or that my classes were not practical because we didn't train to fight in the cage. So instead of challenging him to a duel or something crazy like that, I explained it to him an

Road Blocks

This is a familiar site here in Michigan for about three quarters of the year. The other day I didn't have anything to eat yet, which often makes me a little cranky and to make matters worse I was running late for an appointment as well. So, I am driving a little faster than I should in an attempt to make up some time so I wouldn't be late for my next appointment. When suddenly I saw the dreaded orange death! A road closed sign. No problem I thought, that's an easy fix, I'll just take the back way. So, I cut the corner, did a "U-e" Rockford Files style and sped off down a side street. I was feeling pretty good about myself up until I ran into ANOTHER road closed barricade, followed by another and yet another (no shit, I'm not kidding - G.R. needs to plan these things a lot better before we have all out road rage riots due to being detoured from the detours, it's ridiculous!)  I kept adapting my route; mappi