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Pushing the Envelope

I just got back from a great week out in New Jersey! Many of you know my involvement with Resolution Group International (RGI). If you don't, here's the scoop: RGI is a training company founded by Jack Hoban to address the needs of Military, Law Enforcement and other organizations. To say that the training exclusively deals with how to manage a wide spectrum of conflict would be accurate, yet inadequate regarding the depth of impact the training has on an individual's life and career. Jack hand picked each of us trainers: Lt. Col. Joe "Marine" Shusko, Sgt. Maj. Brian Pensak, NYPD Artie Mark (Ret.), Senator Orrin Hatch's Former Press Secretary, Margarita Tapia, James Challender  Former Commandant of the NJ State Police to name a few. So, what's different this time around? Well, it's not quite an "if I told you I'd have to kill you" scenario, but it is still pretty confidential, so I can't go into a great amount of detail yet.

If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say...

  With all of the stress, negativity and yes, even prosperity, it's easy to fall into the rut of complaining and being negative. You may even notice that this can become a habit. Now, it won't feel that way to you. You'll spin it in your head like you are just being "realistic," or telling it like it is. But little by little this perspective can not just erode your happiness, but your relationships and career as well. In today's day and age social media plays a huge part in most peoples day to day lives and all of the negative comments, trolling and news coverage can be overwhelming. It is so easy to get caught up in the cesspool known as facebook, twitter, instagram and pintrest. Oh... You may be wondering why when starting this post I listed prosperity as one of the things that can drive us to be negative. Well, sometimes we have it so good that we don't realize what we have and we can become entitled. For most of us, no matter how bad we have it,

Marvel Avengers: The Protector in ALL of Us

  I just got back from watching the new Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie. It made me think: I don't believe it's a coincidence that so many people like seeing movies like this. We look up to and want to emulate hero's from all walks of life. This is especially evident in our media. Who doesn't want to be the hero? (...And have some friends that kick ass too!? Give me more of that please! I can always use an extra serving of ass kicking protectors as long as they are protecting the right things!) I find it interesting that these movies; be it Avengers, X-Men, 007, etc. are not just saving one or two people, oh no, that would be a bit too easy. Usually, they are saving All of Humanity from Total Annihilation! Stressing the All of Humanity part, not just one single group, but everyone. Interesting. We are all protectors, so of course we are naturally drawn to stories like this. I know I am! Always have been, ever since I was a kid, and nothing's really changed

Fact, Fiction & Fairy Tales: The Truth Behind Martial Arts & Tactical Training

  Whoa! That one just missed me, I thought as the fist went wizzing by my head, just inches away from my nose. It was only a drill but this guy was treating it like a life or death encounter and although I appreciated his enthusiasm, I think he may have been missing the point of what we were really training.  Some of you may agree with what I am about to share, other won't. Either way, don't just take my opinion without considering, researching and experiencing things for yourself. Then choose your own path and perspective. Training in martial arts and defensive tactics is an endeavor made up of elaborate fairy tales and parables. Some training methods are very realistic, others not so much, but all are fake to a greater or lessor degree. None are reality. The bigger question is can you separate the lesson from the story? The function from the fiction? Do you know what the drill is really trying to get across, because it may not be obvious? I train in both modern defen