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Gimme Three Steps

  You know I'm getting ready to release my Essential Pistol Disarm Course, so I've been sharing some stories with my Private PeaceWalker Members. Most are personal stories from my Life. Some of them I haven't told anyone let alone written down. From stories of my mentors to run ins that I've survived over the years. Many of those experiences taught me principles and lessons that I continue to Live and teach today.  . Those experiences have really made my training more impactful. It's one thing hearing some concepts and practice in a safe gym environment, it's another thing all together, applying those principles in real time, when the stakes are much higher. . Experience is the hardest teacher. As an old parable says, Life gives you the test first and the lessons after. However, if you survive it, and learned what you needed to, then you have something to share. . And when it comes to most of the things taught in the PeaceWalker Private Membership, it's smar

Say What You Want...

 Laird Hamilton doing what he does best Say What You Want... They're just watching what you DO! I was listening to a podcast with big wave surfing legend Laird Hamilton the other day. I am inspired by Laird, he's a 56 year old surfer who has a lot of insight and inspiration for people like us. Not surfing, but who are aging, but live an active life, full life.  On the episode I was listening to he said something that was profound for life and significant for conflict management. "Say what you want, they're just watching you." Now, when he said this, he was talking about raising kids. Meaning you can say what you want, but kids will mimic your actions.  This is significant on many levels regarding child rearing, in Life and believe it or not during conflict management. Matter of a fact, I wish I had more time to unpack this with you, but I don't really, so here's a shortened version. If you keep an eye (or ear) out for my podcast, this will be a topic on an

#1 Rule of an Argument

I Got Into a Little Trouble... Last night I got into a little tift w/my significant other. Because I was gone since Friday, we hadn't spent any quality time together.  I was a little late getting over to her place yesterday and that ended up causing some static between the two of us... Uh oh! We ended up sorting things out and everything ended well, but things could have easily taken another direction. This is why the PeaceWalker Approach is so important. Yes, protecting yourself (and others) physically is important, however, to deal with the spectrum of conflict, you'll need more tools than that. In this case verbally and emotionally. In this case, we were both mad and off baseline. We had to dial things in and get to a spot where we could talk.  As we know, a verbal conflict can escalate. Most types of conflicts and threats we run into start out as a conversation, or at least have a verbal component to it. Which is why you need to have some emotional and verbal skills.  Here

Mask Up For Conflict!

  Conflict Over Masks... Saturday one of my new academy members, Bob pulled me aside to tell me a story about putting his newly found PeaceWalker skills to work at his local gym. Even though Bob has only been training a couple weeks, he embraced our idea of what it means to be a PeaceWalker. He was telling me that he had his headphones on while he worked out, so he didn't notice the situation before it erupted.  Basically, the gym requires people to wear a mask while they are on premises. A hard charger came in to workout and didn't want to wear a mask. The young gal working there asked him to put one on. Upon hearing this, the guy blew a gasket and started yelling and making a scene.  Bob, told me he noticed that this guy was really starting to yell and get in this young gals face. Bob said that he was hoping that the guy would calm down or just leave. Neither of which happened.  So, Bob made one more lap and told himself that if this guy was still yelling at the gal, he'd