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Hope - Luck - Fear

  HOPE ISN'T A STRATEGY... Having a vision is the first step, having the commitment to turn that vision into reality is what separates those who take action from those who have hopes and make wishes. Now don't get me wrong, it's powerful to have hope... But it doesn't replace having a strategy when it comes to tackling anything, but especially when it comes to protecting yourself.  It's not an either/or situation. The job of the PeaceWalker is to lead from the front. Remember... Where ever you go everyone is a little bit safer because you're there. Do it ethically and follow the Most Good / Least Harm principle.  No, it’s not always going to be easy... sometimes it's not even possible. Other times it’s going to take everything you’ve got. When it comes to building a life as a protector here are some of the biggest mistakes people make:     1. They chase shortcuts instead of putting in the time Shortcuts also cut short your growth & expansion. Most people

Vicarious Ability and Power Krav by Moshe Katz

 Here's a pic of me (center) Colby Taylor (L) and Moshe Katz (R) from Feb 2021 I'm on a roll with Moshe's posts... Actually, these were one's I was supposed to post last year, so I'm playing catch up while I remember! So here's another one from Israeli Krav International's Founder Moshe Katz:          <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> I had an interesting discussion with one of our students/instructors. Often I am asked to recommend Krav Maga schools in areas where there are no official IKI - Israeli Krav International, authorized schools. So what can I recommend? I am reluctant to recommend schools that teach self-defense but violate what we consider fundamentals of self-defense. Schools that rely upon the three unreliable amigos - Speed, Strength, Precision; Schools whose techniques demand excessive practice, great strength and natural coordination. I simply and honestly

To Change by Moshe Katz

Me interviewing Moshe for the Protectors Summit (Feb 2019) This post comes from a friend of mine Moshe Katz. On the way home from my mother's house last night, I bumped into a friend. She heard of my mother's passing and offered her condolences. She had been away on a trip during the Seven Days of Mourning, so this become the condolence visit, a random encounter on the street.  We spoke of my mother's passing, of my work clearing up the house and a lifetime of belongings, a lifetime of memories. We talked about life. A random encounter on the street.  We talked about coping with loss, about change. We talked about how loss changes us, how life changes us, if we make the effort to change. She commented that I should not be resentful of those who have not made the effort to change themselves, who have not worked on themselves. I told her how for the sake of my mother I changed my personality, I broke old habits, I became more patient every day, I did things I never imagined I

How Joe Rogan Saved My Workout!

Let it snow... Let it snow... Let it snow... Tell you what, today's workout was ROUGH!  Not in a  "I really kicked it and got a good workout in" way:   It was more a,  "I lacked motivation to get my butt moving,"  kind of thing. Here we are a mere 4 days from the New Year and I found myself outta gas so and in the wrong head space. Maybe it's because I've been restricting my calories, or... Possibly it was due to all of the extra prep it took to get out in this winter storm... You know what I'm talking about: Shoveling the walk way and patio, brushing off and warming up the car and running through a foot of snow. Regardless, I wasn't in the mood to work out. I was in more of a mood to cozy up and drink a coffee by the fire, reading a book. But I knew, even though that was an option, it wasn't one that I could indulge in without 'serious' consequences later. =) So, what did I do?! Something I typically do and something I RARELY do... H