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The Benefit Statement: WIIFM

  What's In It For Me?! When you are trying to persuade someone into going along with your suggestion, giving them a reason why that they should do as you ask is paramount. It is even MORE effective when you do this to make sure that you frame how you communicate that reason in a way that tells them, "What's In It For Them." Without even knowing it most people frame their reasons in a way that is self serving rather than communicating the benefit to the person they are trying to persuade. Good ole' what's in it for me, or WIIFM. So what might that sound like? The reason I asked you to... is... "So that you can..." "So that you don't have to..." ...Etc. Here's a little example: Let's say you asked someone not to talk on his cell phone at your restaurant because it may disturb the other guests. If he disregards your request and still insists on using his phone after you respectfully ask him if there is an emergen

Options, Oreo Cookies & Framing Constructive Criticism

  Who remembers eating Oreo cookies as a kid? Two chocolatey cookie wafers sandwiching a sugary white frosting double stuff center. I can remember thinking it was like an ice cream sandwich minus the frozen part.  Do you remember how you ate them? Did you twist the top and scrape off the middle? Or maybe you licked all the way around the outer edges of the cookie's frosting before biting into it? Now-a-days Oreo's have regained if not surpassed their appeal w/me when they come in the form of the Oreo Truffles! I swear it's like crack! And simple to make! You guys out there, if you want to come across like a pastry chef with minimal effort and expertise, here's the recipe for you!  Click here for the killer Oreo Truffle Recipe! So what do Oreo cookies have to do with conflict management and communication skills?  Great question! Here are some examples: Example #1 - Let's say that you are asking someone to do something and they are resisting your

How to Not Sell Out & Still Be a Team Player Even When You Don't Agree w/a Decision

 Sorry if this offends... It was too good NOT to post! Because I teach conflict management and leadership skills for a living, I am often asked by people to help them with challenges that they face at work or in their personal lives. Here is a question that came up the other day that I thought you would benefit from as well: How to deal with a situation where you don't agree with the idea someone has, but you "have" to go along with it because you aren't in a position to do things your way? How can you be a "team player" even if you don't agree with the decision made? Or maybe you are trying to create a "learning moment" by letting someone make their own choice, because it is their decision, even when you don't agree with it. Here's the situation: Say your boss wants you to support a decision that you don't agree with and don't have a say in changing. What do you do?! You don't want to just go with it without

Krav Maga Possibilites & Probabilities by Moshe Katz

2014 IKI Krav Maga / PeaceWalker seminar at the Ronin Martial Arts Academy in Grand Rapids, MI A word before you read Moshe's post: If you have ever trained with me you probably have heard me talk about my perspective on probability vs possibility regarding defensive tactics and techniques. Well, in this post, Moshe Katz, Head Instructor and Founder of Israeli Krav International shares his thoughts regarding the subject as well. It's a good article that I thought you'd benefit from. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Moshe will be coming from Israel to teach a three (3) day Krav Maga Workshop here in Grand Rapids, MI on Feb 6th, 7th & 8th - 2015.  Click here for details . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Funny how so much of what I learned in college has actually become relevant, 30 years later, and in Krav Maga terms. I spent eight years studying finance, economics and banking, the stock market, marketing an