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Tony Robbins Had It Wrong...

  I was first introduced to Tony Robbins waaaaaay back in the 80's, when he started doing those late night infomercials.  I remember listening to his Unlimited Power program I got from Nightingale Conant (remember them!?) It came on 6 cassettes. I think I listened to them so much I wore them out! I know he's not everyone's cup of tea, but you have to admit he has quite a presence.  I had wanted to see him live for many years... Well, years turned into decades... I did finally get my chance a couple years ago at a convention I went to. The company that built the platform we use for the Private PeaceWalker Membership, brought him in to do a 5 hour program at their yearly convention called Funnel Hackers LIVE. Despite the corny name, it is actually a really cool event... and Tony was unbelievable. There's a reason he's been on top of his game for almost 40 years! Well.. Tony recently put together a training program called the Ultimate Breakthrough 2022 Challenge. It

Don't Be Paul

Late Again!? Poor Paul--he's always late. Because he was late for work, he missed out on an invitation to go to the game with his friend Bob. He also missed out on the chance to meet new girls his age. Late returning from lunch, he lost time because he forgot to take his shirts to the dry cleaner. This made him late for an important meeting after lunch with the boss. He took too long talking to his Mom on his cell phone. He needed to borrow money again. Paul told his Mom that he was ready to start getting serious about his financial future once and for all. She told Paul he should wait. Each time Paul is late, he misses out on something. He tells himself he won't be late again, but guess what? The next morning he wakes up late again. Don't be a Paul. Just Think... If Paul was supposed to have your back on a military or police operation. Or he was a EMT, nurse or doctor. Being late might cost a Life!  I understand in the real, every day world, sometimes we're running a b

The Tactical Space Between Police & Community

When it comes to dealing with conflict and violence, we talk a lot about tactical space. What is it exactly and what does it have to do with the recent situation of the death of Grand Rapids resident Patrick Lyoya, who was killed by a GRPD officer after a traffic stop and altercation.  Simply put, the tactical space holds the place of advantage, the place of relative safety.  Ok, so what does this have to do with any of this exactly? Stick with me here a minute, because it's important that you understand this.  However... Before I go on, I want to back up a second to recognize that we are talking about the lives of real people here.  My condolences go out to Patrick's family and loved ones. No matter the circumstance, it is heart breaking losing someone you love, especially to violence.  I also want to extend my thoughts to the officer and his family.  This situation is surely going to affect all of us, obviously, some more greatly than others, but make no mistake, it's rip

The Fight In the Dog

All of us PeaceWalkers can connect with this dog story. An acquaintance of mine has 2 dogs. One, female. One, male. The female dog's name is Misty and she is a medium-sized pug. She is friendly, but reserved and weighs 12 pounds. Now, Jackson is the real character. He's a pomeranian papillion mix. Jet-Black in color, and weighs 7 pounds. Guess who's the boss in this relationship? Well, it isn't Misty. Just because Jackson is only 7 pounds, and smallish in stature, doesn't inhibit him in any way. He strides right up to the biggest dogs ( including Pit Bulls ) and extends a friendly greeting. And he's more than eager to mix it up and play. You see, Jackson doesn't view himself as a  "small-dog." He's not a victim of  "small-dog syndrome". He views himself on an equal level to even the biggest dogs. So, just remember whatever your size, the important thing is the confidence you project and your willingness to mix it up and enter the fray

7 Degrees!

Notice the temp in that pic above... 7 degrees!  That was taken from my car's dashboard. Let's just say it was a bit of a brisk run this morning!  Remember me telling you that I taught a brief church security workshop the other day? Well, I did. If you didn't read it, go back a couple emails and you'll see it.  Anyway, I love having the opportunity to spread the word on this PeaceWalker approach with people.  It's great to hear feedback once in a while... So, it made my day to hear from Jim, the Private PeaceWalker member who brought me in to his church to train his team.  He went to the trouble to write a very thoughtful email to me of what some of the attendees said about using the concepts that they learned in our session together!  I thought you'd like to hear it... <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> <> Craig, At last night's Cor Valor class, I was closing the cla