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Why Your Cross Training Sucks!

  Remember I said that I have been getting coaching on how to better develop on-line courses and membership sites? Like you I am always training to get better at the things that I want to excel in. That's not limited to just martial arts, shooting, tactical defense, conflict management, working out, etc... Oh no... I continue to invest thousands of hours and dollars into giving you the best experience that I can regarding training, courses, video content and material! In pursuit of that I continue to hire coaches to help me develop better courses and be a more effective teacher. The past several years I have been focusing on on-line training as the path of the future, so I have developed some courses, membership sites, apps, videos, blogs, social media sites, etc. All of this to share the PeaceWalker Movement with more people and change the world! The last two years I really stepped things up! I have been working extensively with top level coaches to help

Peak Performance, Information & Application

Mike Benson doing what he does best... SMASH Things! I am nearing the end of my Spring Cleaning Initiative... Yes, I could keep going, because there is a never ending stream of things to clean in my place, however I am almost finished with my Spring Cleaning 1.0! Yeah Me!! =) Which brings me to... Less Clutter + More Clarity = Greater Success Taking the time to go through my apartment and sort through all of the piles of stuff is taking a fair amount of time... But it's Totally Worth It! Not only does it look so much better... But it FEELS Better... I FEEL BETTER more clear, less cluttered in my life. With less clutter and more clarity it is easier to see what doesn't fit. What doesn't work, what's out of place, what's new, what's old, what works and what doesn't. Once you clean house, it's much easier to maintain... Literally only doing a few things everyday can keep you on the right track... However, you have to

Secret to Handling a Bad Google Review

So, I'm up late working on when an email pops up from my Google Business Account. Hmmmm... Someone just wrote a review and rated my martial arts academy ... I click on it and staring back at me is a ONE STAR RATING... WTF?!?!?!??!?!??!! If you google our academy you'll see that we have stellar ratings all 5 stars, so you can imagine my reaction when I see this single star! Instead of totally freaking out and writing a scathing reply, I take a second... Breathe... and think of how I'm going to handle this... First, I thought to myself... Do I remember someone having a negative experience? Did something happen that I wasn't aware of made light of? Possibly... Q: Do I recognize this person? A: No. So, I cross reference his name in my email, paypal and facebook files to see if I can find him... Nothing. His name doesn't hit the radar at all. Next, I look up this person on line (google & Facebook). I find him on fa

Should We Need School Security?

Rather than arming teachers, should we consider having increased security at our schools? Should there be well trained and capable armed security guards and perimeter security complete with fences and gates allowing vehicles in and out as well as brief security 'interviews' and metal detectors at the doors that allow people in (students, staff and visitors)? Who else takes these types of measures? (1) This is what Israel does to help prevent terrorist threats from entering their schools and public areas. (they've been at this longer than us and it works for them.) (2) This is what WE do to better secure facilities against potential violence of this nature. (Government buildings, many event venues, banks, etc...) However when it comes to our schools, we are caught in a " It shouldn't be this way..." mentality. ...and I get it! You're right... It SHOULDN'T be this way... ...but it is... So this "it shouldn't be this