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You'll Never Believe What JUST Happened!

So, there I was sitting in my living room / office, just getting off the phone with a friend of mine, Jack Hoban. I'm getting ready to type another [Almost] Daily email, when across the street I hear... Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang! Then a slightly different pitched... Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.... Bang! It's not fireworks... Yep, I sh*t you not there was a gun fight that just went down at the convince store that is kitty corner from where I am sitting. I can literally see it out my window right now. The store's name is Four Brothers, but I lovingly named it four bros and a ho.  Just after the event, I looked out my window to see some kid quickly  running away from the scene.  Now there is a swarm of cops, emt's. They'll be shutting the street down soon... (Now a couple minutes later) Street's roped off now.  They were doing it when I snapped the picture at the top of this page. Mason Dixon Line... Believe it or not, I actually live in a nice area, but like m

Start Where You Are At!

  Quiet night last night... Much like my New Years 'Celebration.' Spent time w/family chilling, laughing, eating, enjoying the good things in Life... Not the big, or the loud, drama or extreme... Actually just the opposite... The cozy, the quiet, the intimacy of a everyday life, a normal day spent with the work and people I love. You know having the rights and freedoms to...  Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Those are the things that drive us to be Protectors in the first place. I hope that you had a good New Year Celebration regardless if it was quiet like mind or loud and proud... bold and crazy... Regardless, I hope it was safe and something you enjoyed it w/the people you care about. And now hopefully you're RARE'N to start your New Year off on the right foot! Words of Advice on Resolutions If you read yesterday's email you know that I'm not a big fan of New Year's Resolutions... I am, however a big fan of looking back over the year  to see wh

Stick Your Toe In, or Take the Plunge?!

Well, here we are... Only a few weeks into 2022! How are you fairing so far? So far so good here... Although admittedly, I'm coming out the gate a little slow. Toe In or the Big Plunge?! So, are you the kind of person who eases into things, or one who just jumps all in? In truth, it doesn't really matter which you are. What matters most is that you take action toward your goals and you find a way to sustain it to get the results you are looking for.  Sometimes when easing in to things, people lose the momentum necessary to keep going. The gravity of their current habits isn't offset enough by the thrust of their new direction to take root to usher in any real change. Others find that once they begin the slow burn, steady pace suits them well to achieve their goals. Contrary to this, some folks who jump right in, find the enthusiasm of the moment lacks the endurance and staying power necessary to carry them through to the positive results they sought.   However, some who res

Why New Years Resolutions Suck

I took a moment to look back at my old journal from back in 2012. 2012?! Really!? Was that really 10 years ago!? A decade?! . I was wondering... what the heck was I thinking 10 years ago? Where was my head at? What did I start doing differently to make this past year and decade (after a lifetime on this Protector Path) my biggest and best ever? When I blew the dust off that journal and cracked it open, I found a bit of buried treasure there. If you haven't, look back on the last decade of your life, I'd highly recommend it. What happened? The Good & the Bad... The Happy, The Sad... Are you where you want to be? Are you WHO you want to be? Do you surrounded yourself with the people you want to be with? Are you doing the things you want to do with your life? Are you making the impact that you are capable of? What do you want more of in your Life? What do you want less of? New Year's Resolution!?! I’m not a big fan 'em! Way too often people set them, don’t stick with t

I Shouldn't Have to Ask!

  Ah, Monday...  It's such a beautiful day here!  Great weekend of training. Saturday I ran all three Krav classes then taught a seminar yesterday as well. Tonight we  have regular Krav class, then the last testing class of this rotation, before Saturday's test!  Soooo... Needless to say I'm a little busy tying up loose ends for the test and up coming Intro Session. Should I Have to Ask?! It should amaze me the lack of basic communications and customer service with so many companies out there.  Just like anything, mastery lays in the basics. People who are exceptional at anything, no matter what it is, are masters of the basics of their craft.  If you are talking about defending yourself than one of the basics is communication skills. Just like in business, learning effective communication is essential. Sometimes you can cause as much conflict by NOT saying anything as you can by saying the wrong thing! It just happened to me Friday... A couple weeks ago, I ordered some shi

Just Like Before!?

                 Jenn f. (L) and Tim W. (far R) - A couple of newly minted black belts in October 2021!                                                            I am sitting at one of my favorite coffee houses doing some work on my computer & this feeling came over me... I haven't done this in a while... A long while! Like over a year and a half. You know, before the pandemic started March of 2020. I used to do a lot of work remotely, at local coffee houses. I had a few that I'd rotate, but I would spend more time there than at home to do my work (aside from teaching).  When the pandemic struck, like everyone else, I stopped going out.  It's a funny feeling going from spending so much time gone to all of my time in my living room (aka home office) to do all of my countless hours on the computer, writing these emails, curriculums, proposals, power point presentations, newsletters, editing videos (countless hours of vids!) and websites,.. And don't even get me going