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Frogman Mindset Part 1 - Mental Rehearsal

Remember last week's 'Future Pacing' blog on mindset, where I paraphrased my Navy SEAL com- padre' Joe K. and said... "Joe feel free to chime in..." Well, he did... (Thanks Joe!) WARNING - "CRAIG-ISM" ALERT: I have to admit, every time I hear from Joe, I think of that Jimmy Hendrix song!  "Hey Joe, where you goin' w/that gun in your hand..." (Sorry... I can't help it!). =) Anyway... Joe wrote a very thoughtful email that I asked him if I could share w/you... He shared three different processes that a Warrior or Protector can tap into when building mental toughness. *Because I've been trying to keep these blogs shorter, I'll share the first one here and save the others for the next email or two. The first principle he shared is... Mental   Rehearsal: Mental Rehearsal: That is simply rehearsing a technique, move, procedure, etc. Whatever that skill is, bre

How 'Future Pacing' Can Save Your Life

Recently I taught an Active Assailant Preparedness & Response Workshop at our Krav Maga Academy out in Grand Rapids, MI. It's not my favorite subject because of the nature of the situation, however due to my long standing relationship w/Israeli instructors and perspective, I started hosting and teaching terrorist/active assailant prep & response seminars quite a while before they were widely taught... or embraced by the public... Way before Homeland Security and other government agency (federal, local or otherwise) began developing programs, let alone private outfits. Anyway... This last seminar I had a guest who attended. A rather humble guy that you'll recognize his name if you took a look at the Protector Summit speaker roster. Joe, is a 26 year Navy SEAL Veteran, who currently is the Senior Security Consultant at SEC: Security Education Consultants an organization that specializes in training organizations on security issues. Our workshop sty

Lessons From an Old Marine

Yesterday was Veterans Day and although I did send a quick shout out to all of our boys (and gals) out there who served, I wanted to take a minute to do a better job of it... I want to recognize all of you who chose to serve in the Armed Forces. You chose a path that many of us in this country never do. Yes, there are some of you around that were drafted, but you STILL CHOSE to serve rather than abandon that call by way of draft dodging. You may have went in to protect and serve your country. You may have went in because you wanted to invest in yourself in some way, training or college benefits. You may have went in because a judge 'suggested' it, to blow shit up... or the adventure of it... Whatever the reason, you wrote a blank check and gave it to Uncle Sam that may have included sacrificing your life for a cause larger than yourself regardless if you realized the weight of the implications at the time...   Thank You! I hope you realize the level o

Aware-a-noid & the Perfect Weapon

Great Hearing From You! The stories from my run struck a chord with folks... Many of you wrote to me... And for every one person who writes, I know there are many others who were intending to but didn't quite get around to it... No worries, I still feel you! Words of Advice on Defense... Thank you for all of the comments, suggestions and well wishes regarding that running incident the other week. READ ABOUT IT HERE: Part 1 - Part 2 - I'll admit, it's a bit ironic that I am getting all of this advice about self protection, sense I make a living at teaching personal defense & conflict management and all! =) I think it's a good thing that you all care enough to take the time to write to me! IT'S WHAT THIS WHOLE PeacWalker Community IS ALL ABOUT! We have each other