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Lesson in Road Rage

So, just now I was headed to one of my favorite coffee houses / office after yoga (thx Benjhe) and some gal in a Honda accord cuts me off than proceeds (while in the lane to the right of me), turns left in front of me... She didn't cut me off, we were at a stop light and had her blinker on... I saw that her signal was on so I let her go in front of me... Being that I was feeling pretty chill (because I was coming out of yoga?! IDK...), I didn't think that much about it. (Please, no sainthood here... there are other days when I'd be more than a little annoyed...)  Anyway, I go down a couple blocks and pull up into a parking space... I look and see that same car just parked right across the street from me. The gal approaches me... I adjust my IDF baseball cap and  prepare for a conflict... Relieved, I see she is all smiles and apologizes for her erratic driving. What a nice surprise! That really made my day. We were headed into the same coffee house, s

Ideas, Mistakes & National Syndication

I had the chance to be on Nationally Syndicated Frontlines of Freedom Military Talk Radio Show w/Skip Coryell. We spoke on church security, Pre-Conflict Indicators and the Interviewing process. If you didn't get the chance to catch me on the radio when it aired, you can listen to it here: (My segment begins at the 11:15 min. mark.) We talked about Being a PeaceWalker and Building a Protector Lifestyle. More specifically we discusses: 1) Mindset & Ethic 2) Church Security 3) Profiling Behavioral Red Flags 4) Interviewing procedures & tips This morning I was clipping along getting things done, when the electricity shut off... Our Snowmageddon turned into IceMageddon.   =( Oh well... We'll survive... It gave me an excuse to go to one of my favorite coffee houses (luckily their power's working!) SO... I was going over the email I sent to some o

The Quick & the Dead

Some folks meander around w/o a care. Others are rushing around trying to get things done at a frantic pace. Those folks who've been at it a while... Those w/some experience know how to use things to their advantage. They are FAST w/o much effort. And when they do use effort, it's directed like a laser giving them the advantage w/minimal risk and maximum reward! It reminds me of Krav and training how to be fast! You don't just have to be a young hard charger to have fast techniques (but this formula will work for you too!). Fast disarms. Fast strikes. Fast weapon draw. Be fast at dealing with a situation. Quick on your feet... The problem is, most people don't really know HOW to train to be fast, I mean REALLY fast! Often times people think they either are or aren't. Even the one's who consciously train to increase their speed typically only work on one... maybe two areas that actually make up speed.   Often missing some key e

The Power of Knowing Your Why!

It's the Little Things... . Everyone wants to pay attention and train the BIG Sexy things... . The a$$ kicking stuff... . The Hard Charger counter terrorism/active shooter stuff... . The 'disarming the pistol' stuff... . The Smash, Bang, Pow!! Stuff... . Yes, to be prepared and well rounded, you should train that stuff too... . But, that's not where the big gains are made (Sorry!)... . The BIG Gains are made from the Little Things... . A bunch of them... . Attitude, Awareness, Influence, Planning, Prevention... . One of the Biggest Small thing is... . You gotta show up! . Consistently! . And with the right perspective! . What's that perspective? . Ironically, we talked about it in today's interview... . The most powerful mindset is when you are seeing the bigger picture... . When you know your "WHY." . And it's a good Why... . One that is not just about you!