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Your Mom Was Right

The idea of being in tribe and part of a community reminds me of the discussion we got in on our last LIVE MasterClass Q & A Coaching Call when we talked about the affect of community on performance and being a protector... Can Being a Part of a Community Help You Perform Better?! In a word, YES! You don't necessarily need the research of the effects of community when it comes to performance... You can FEEL it yourself! However, there has been a fair amount of research on how community can effect our performance. Malcolm Gladwell's Book, Outliers   has an interesting chapter where he shares research that ties longevity to community. He talks about how the citizens of Roseto, PA, “created a powerful, protective social structure capable of insulating them from the pressures of the modern world." What Did Your Mom Tell You!? "Be careful of who your friends are!" What did the business / success coaches say? &quo

What Now?!

Have you ever been on the other side of some BIG life changing event, accomplishment, trauma, ordeal? Doesn't matter if it was good or bad, the emotional, fallout afterward can be challenging to deal with. Maybe you just had the biggest sales year ever in your career... You just got back from the award ceremony... Monday rolls around and there are your NEW sales figures sitting on your desk. Possibly you spent the last 6 1/2 years in Krav Maga, going to class 3x/per week, training on your own, going to every seminar and training on your own in pursuit for that coveted 'Black Belt.' Then FINALLY the day comes! It's your turn! And You ROCK IT! The belt gets strapped around your waist and the BMF wallet goes in your pocket... You wake up sore, revealed and Proud! And you should be... ...But, now what? There are many events in Life like this... Maybe you just got out of the service or home after deployment... You just r

5 Steps To Transcend Your Training

When it comes to how to train for the "Reality" of conflict & violence... Most People Are Wrong! So, how do you take your training in whatever you do and transcend that training in order to apply it to real life situations? What most people think is totally wrong! Harder training DOESN'T necessarily mean that it is BETTER Training! Nor, does 'thin slicing' and isolating a skill set to the point that you over focus on the complexity of that skill so much so that you disconnect with how it will be used outside of the environment that you are training or competing in. Take shooting... or rather Marksmanship. Basically, putting that bullet down range and hitting the bulls eye of your target. You can become a very good competitive 'bench shooter' and out shoot the best of 'em, but then under real conditions of a life encounter where you are carrying concealed, and something occurs where you believe you may need to u

Are We Getting Too Used to This?

Glen Oakley is a hero and you should know his name Sunday was an awesome day training some nice ladies at one of my Her Survival Guide Workshops! Everyone did a fantastic job! It was a great day... Then I Heard the News... WTH?!   I've been a bit busy this week doing Protector Summit Interviews, teaching down at the academy and doing workshops... Then I hear that there were not just one, but TWO MASS SHOOTINGS?! You gotta be kidding me?! Not again! Once again, my heart goes out to the victims and survivors, as well as their families and loved ones... And once again my admiration and appreciation goes out to the first responders who showed up on the scene ready to help... even putting their own lives on the line to protect others. Below is a link to a story of one of those first responders; off duty US Army Solider Glen Oakley, who was in Walmart at the time of the shooting in El Paso. He overcame fear and stepped in as