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What We Can Learn From Olympic Athletes

It Takes a Tribe... Thinking about the Olympics reminds me of training.  How many hours have those athletes trained to compete in that One Event?  How many other activities support the One that they are competing in? How many other people do they have on their support staff to help them dial in their One Thing? ~ Sport coaches for their main activity. ~ Nutritionists for diet and supplements. ~ Doctors for injury recovery. ~ Strength trainers. ~ Flexibility coaches (yoga, pilates, etc.) ~ Psychologists  ~ Tutors (for those still in school) ~ Massage therapists ~ Chiropractors ~ Managers ~ Sponsors ~ Backers ~ etc. Whose On YOUR TEAM?! Just like that Olympic Athlete isn't going to their competition alone, YOU SHOULDN'T BE EITHER!! Get Your Dream Team Together! Whoever you are, whatever you do, you should put together your  'Dream Team,' 'MasterMind Group' or 'Support Structure .'

How Learning to Fight Can Make You Less Violent

I'm sitting here at (yes, you guessed it...) one of my favorite coffee houses. Listening to the Secret Life o Walter Mitty Soundtrack. It's a little meloncoly, but I like it.  It's fun watching all of the people come and go... All of the business and not so business conversations... Interesting hearing bits of this conversation and parts of that one... Reminds me of my bartending days, minus the drunks (thankfully!). Another good pre-test training at Ronin Krav Maga  Academy. People really working hard for their big day, a week from Saturday! It.ll be here before you know it! Speaking of Krav Maga and Personal Defense... I just got finished editing, uploading and formatting the over 2 hours of video footage of this past weekends SuperKrav Sunday Seminar on!  If you're a member you can access it NOW! Click HERE! And... Don't worry if you're not, because you can get FREE ACCESS by clicking HERE! Wh