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If That's What You Think Then...

  I was listening to one of Jocko's latest podcasts where he was talking about how predator's choose their targets. Not new revelations, but it was good.    He was talking about how through body language alone (NOT even facial expressions, just body mannerisms) how it almost instantly identifies them as targets.  He goes into detail of the studies done both a few years back namely an early study by Grayson and Stein (1981) called:  Attracting Assault - Victims' Non-Verbal Cues,  where these two sociologist's  interview inmates who had been convicted of sexual assault and documented how they identified individuals as vulnerable.  (Jocko goes into more current studies as well.)  There are a number of things that scream easy target to the people who are looking for a victim. Mainly the confidence in how you present yourself to the world. So, are you telling me that your mannerisms give you away? (Yep.) Your posture? (Yes.) How you walk? (Yes that too.)  As you may well ima

This Woke Me Up From A Dead Sleep!

  I woke up this morning with a jolt, I immediately looked over to my clock on my bed stand and sure as sh*t, it was 8:02am... I overslept! First time in I don't know how long... Luckily, I didn't have anywhere to be except my workout. Thank god, no appointments or trainings scheduled! You wouldn't have known it when my eyes snapped open, it was like I was back in school, late for the bus or in my corporate days late for work!  Funny how old habits die hard! It took several minutes for me to lose that feeling of dread in my stomach... This is a good example of what I often talk about when teaching how to save your bacon when your hip deep in hot water and the odds are not in your favor! They Say Timing's Everything... They say that timing is everything.  The same holds true when it comes to protecting yourself.  Even the best technique deployed at the wrong time will be less effective, if not ineffective all together.  When it comes to real life, there are two basic typ

The Missing Ingredient

  There are so many overlooked aspects when it comes to really protecting yourself! Most people concentrate on the "fun stuff." You know the physical stuff, the stuff that goes BOOM, the strikes, chokes, rough and tumble things.  Not only do people tend to train the things they like (shooters like to shoot, martial artists like to do their flavor of martial arts). Most don't work too hard at even being well rounded when it comes to defensive tactics. For instance: Most altercations are avoidable and almost all have a verbal communication element to it, yet these things are rarely ever covered beyond a quick mention.   Not as many people look past their 'hobby' to things like: ~Verbal Communication Skills ~Leadership  ~Medical First Responder Training ~Legal aspects ~Insurance ~Mental Health and Emotional Aspects (before, during & after) ~Spiritual Aspects ~Mindset ~Awareness ~Avoidance ~Health and Diet ~Interpersonal Relation Skills  We tend to stick with what

Warrior Forgiveness!?

  One of the things that is largely overlooked when it comes to personal protection is forgiveness.  Why?! Think about it. If you are learning how to deal with conflict and violence there is a lot of emotions involved. Things don't always go as planned. Mistakes are made. People get hurt not only physically, but emotionally and psychologically.  Sometimes events and actions cause us to question our world view, our beliefs. Trauma can stir up a lot of emotions and thoughts that you have about yourself and others.  Conflict and violence at all levels can really rock your world. Yes, you want the skills to survive, but you also want the tools to heal, and live a good life. One that's worth protecting. Sometimes it can be difficult to forgive others... Sometimes it can be difficult to forgive yourself... Here's a short story that although melancholy, I think you'll find it inspiring.  A Warrior's Greatest Tool? An old man once had an argument with his only son. He tried