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Wrap Your Gift Before the Party

  Wrap your gifts before the Party When it comes to Personal Protection, Conflict Management and Leadership, we talk all the time about preparation. Getting ready for this and getting ready for that. We're always getting ready for something!  It's better to be a warrior who gardens, than a gardener in a war. We know it's better to put our seatbelt on BEFORE the accident. And now we are all getting ready for the holidays.  So, you better wrap your gifts before the party starts or there's going to be a lot of disappointed people! Including yourself!  It can be a lot of work for all of us, the decorations, the parties, social gatherings, cards, texts, posts, gifts, wrapping, cooking, running around all over God's green earth to visit friends and family. It's exhausting! But just like your training, make it a joyful experience!  There's a lot of preparation that goes into the holidays (more for some than others obviously!)...AND it's just that, PREPERATION! 

Knocked Down

                           Tim looks like he's doing a little praying doing the 'Trust Fall' exercise at this year's                                                           PeaceWalker LIVE Camp / Conference Do you ever feel knocked down by Life? Maybe you're just feeling a little down (easy to do this time of year). Possibly something happened that got you down:  ~ Work ~ A Relationship  ~ Financial Woes ~ Someone Close to you dies ~ You get hurt or sick ~ You lose your job ~ You feel unfulfilled with your Life ~ You are fearful of the future ~ Something happens that you don't want ~ Something you wanted doesn't happen The list can go on and on and on... The fact that you're living means that some time Life is going to kick you down sometimes.  And when you're feeling down, you are more vulnerable.  Vulnerable to what?! Conflict? Yep. Being targeted by someone who means you harm? Yup, that too. Why? Because your mindset is off. You're not &quo

A Tangled Mess

My music choice of the day is the soundtrack from the movie,   "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." As the new year draws ever so near, I think about those things that I always do... I'm already planning, scheming and strategizing about next year.  You want to know one of the biggest things I'm contemplating?! SIMPLIFING! How to Simplify my approach to... well, everything! I don't know about you, but my life is always going in a thousand directions. Just like those tangled Christmas lights... Before you know it one line turns into dozens and then those lines start getting crossed and knotted up. Before you know it it's a tangled mess.  It's No Different... Your approach to dealing with conflict, protecting yourself, and being successful in your world isn't any different.  The best weapon in the world does you no good if you can't access it when you need it. Same holds true for pretty much anything now-a-days.  It has to be simple.  However, as you

Getting Some

  Well, now that I have your attention... Let's talk about getting some Inner Peace. You know, like the Peace part of PeaceWalker. I had a marketing 'expert' once ask me why I call what I do being a PeaceWalker, when I taught people how to protect themselves. I explained to him that the goal is to develop the skills to cultivate peace inside of and around you.  If you're not a peace, you continue to become the victim or the aggressor. Most people misunderstand what a Warrior really is... The warrior's goal should be to bring about peace. To protect. To serve. Yes, you must sometimes fight, but that isn't the goal. The goal of an enlightened warrior is to have the skills to bring peace to a violent conflict...  Hopefully, when possible, prevent war from happening in the first place.  Your journey in learning how to defend yourself (and others) is about developing the capacity to inspire Peace inside of and around you. Stirring sh*t up and making war is easy. Havi