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Yes, But... Does Your Training Do THIS?!

  You've heard my rants about the limitations of techniques and that self defense training should be more than just punching, kicking, choking and shooting right?! Well, here's a question for you... Does Your Training Do THIS?! When it comes to your self defense training, ask yourself if you can you apply the principles you're learning to these areas of your Life: Your Body Your Mindset Your Relationships Your Income At first glance you may think that at least two of these things are not really related to self defense training at all...  But look closer and you'll find that they are ALL inter-related.  How you live your Life IS how you defend yourself!  If your training is turning into everyone you see into the 'enemy' or someone you have to beat, you may want to reconsider what your training is focusing on.  Being tough on the mats, yet a delta bravo isn't going to win you any friends or allies. What's it's going to do is create more conflict and vi

Could You Ever Forgive That!?

 It's only a couple days before Thanksgiving, (my favorite family holiday BTW).    I hope you are preparing to spend some time w/your family and friends to celebrate everything you are grateful for.  I have a full weekend of family gatherings ahead of me... I feel overwhelmed with gratitude that I have so much to be thankful for. Every year I appreciate my friends and family a little more.  I know it sounds a little corny, but I find my heart overflowing with gratitude from the love and beauty that I have been blessed with in my life.  ...And that gratitude extends to YOU as well.  I want to let you know how grateful I am for YOU being part of this community and my life.  Thank  you! I appreciate sharing a part of this journey together with you. No matter how large or small, it makes a difference.  I wish you and yours the best of things and hope that you are celebrating what you are grateful for.  A PeaceWalker Challenge... Gratefulness and forgiveness go hand in hand.  Here's

What's Your Operating System!?

  In today's world of Flakebook, the google machine and youtube university, we have more information available to us than ever before.  You can literally see millions upon millions of techniques in anything you can imagine (and several things you can't).  So, with all of this information available you'd think that people would be better off in every category that vexes us.   You'd believe that we have better relationships, live healthier, happier, safer lives. Yet the masses seem to be just as dumb, lazy, incompetent and miserable as ever!  Why?! We have an overload of information, we're light on knowledge and starving for wisdom and real connection. We seem to be getting more anxious, lonely, irritably complacent, lazy, and despondent. Why? Because, even with all of this information floating around out there, most folks use their same ineffective Operating System. Even when we're given the answers to all of the questions we have, we fail to see the deeper conne

Krav Maga Doesn't Win Wars

I'm getting caught up in the news... Mainly the Israel / Gaza situation. I'm no authority about what is happening there. However, I may have a little insight because of my travels there and the friends and collogues that I stay in contact with who live there.  The situation continues and I believe it will for some time. Lives in jeopardy on all sides... Innocent and otherwise.  Another war... This situation brings my mind to the Ukrainian / Russian conflict that is still raging... It's obvious that peace would be better, but just like our own lives conflict happens in many forms.  Krav Maga Doesn't Win Wars... I remember one time when I was in Israel training one of the Krav instructors was asked about the difference between civilian and military Krav Maga.  The instructor couldn't hold back a smirk as he said,  "There's no difference really, same principles just different application... Krav Maga doesn't win wars." It's true... Krav Maga doesn