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[Re]Calibrate Your Protector Identity

The Protector Ethic A few months ago I was approached by a friend and colleague of mine, James Morganelli to read the new book he just got a publishing deal on and to write a review of it. AWESOME I thought! Not only do I get to help a Buyu of mine (martial friend). I finally get published, if only for a paragraph! Being my book, after been edited and critiqued, needs a massive overhaul... (just got pushed on the 'to-do' list for 2019)! =) Anyway, back to Jim's book... James is a good writer, who has been published in numerous magazines and periodicals such as Black Belt Magazine and The Federalist and now YMAA book publishing just published his new book called: "The Protector Ethic" Rather than reinventing the wheel... or in this case thinking of something more to say about Jim's book here's what I am quoted as saying... [Re]Calibrate Your Protector Identity So, if you want a quick read (weighin

Give a Man a Fish...

Tuesday Grant, my trusty creative director of media =) [how's that for a title Grant!?!] and I began our video shooting schedule! It started a little rocky... First, on my way to our first shoot location (an old shut down school on the West side of GR) I get a text from Grant saying that there are about a dozen police cars there?!? My guess is that they are doing active shooting drills in the abandoned school. The irony isn't lost on me... however, we need a new place to shoot... We drive around a little bit and I spy a place right down the road that would work. It's a cool old brick building that used to be a mortuary (ohhh... creepy!). Now it looks like it was bought by some non-profit. Rather than just setting up our equipment and starting to record, I figured it would be the professional thing to actually ask... I knock on the back door... no dice, so I walk around the front to see if I can get anyone's attention. An older man comes to

Gun Laws & Arming Teachers

Structure, Freedom & Security... Conflict Resolution expert Dr. Robert Humphrey once said that we should have all of the Freedom Possible with all the Security Necessary within the context of respecting the Universal Life Value. Now this is a great philosophy, but it needs to be clearly understood and applied. Having freedom doesn't include being free to do things that disrespect, hurt or kill other people. And... Obtaining security doesn't mean becoming paranoid or oppressing and bending others to one's will unnecessarily or in benefit of only you or your group (unequally) over others.   And herein lies the problem... Why!? Because these ideas have a lot of breadth and depth and can be interpreted in many ways... Should Guns Be Banned? There are different ways to interpreting and finding a solution to a problem.   Take the current problem of the rise of 'Active Shooters' (or Assailants) incidents in our sc

Creating Your Aha Moment

Lately, I have been putting A LOT of time and effort into a membership site coaching program called Tribe.   . WHY!? . Because YOU deserve the Best from ME, so I continue to learn how to make things better for you, because I not only want to share this incredible PeaceWalker Path with the world, I want to make the entire experience as best as I can for you!   So, I keep training, learning and growing to be able to do that! I've been pushing hard to learn what my coach Stu Mclearn and Ryan Lee have been teaching me and then IT HAPPENED!! Yesterday I had a HUGE Aha Moment!!! All that time and effort (and I mean years of it!) finally makes sense! It is something that has been right in front of my face the whole time. I've seen it over and over, but I didn't really SEE it... and then... IT CLICKED! I mean really CLICK!! NOW It All Makes Sense!   It is soooo simple, but I just wasn't getting it! I had it kinda, but I didn't HAVE IT!