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Do What You Can

    Man, my arm has been talking to me lately. I've had some issues w/it for a long time, which led to have to having to get surgery a few years ago... It still gives me problems and although I get frustrated because it limits certain things and eliminates other things. Regardless, I know that it could be worse... A LOT worse... So, what do you do when you are not able to control your circumstance? Or the fact that you cannot always operate at 100%... Well, like many things in life... Do What You Can... Yep, to keep going down your path, keeping a good mindset is IMPORTANT! Instead of doing what you want, you often have to "Do What You Can..." What does this mean? Well, in the case of my arm, I may WANT for it to be like it was, but it's NOT!  I could bitch, complain, make excuses, be bitter, get angry, stop doing things altogether, etc... Or I could... "Do what I can and Keep Going..." This is a

YOU May Be the Most Qualified Person

Well, it's been a week since coming back from the Islands... and it feels like I'm still coming up for air. Getting caught up and getting back on track often takes longer than we want. However, step by step, bit by bit, you keep going and it comes together. So, keep taking one step after the other until you (re)build your momentum! (...and that is exactly what I'm doing!) You know how I have been saying that "If you don't have anything, you don't have anything to give?" Well, that can be applied in may ways. Here's a very literal application of that concept that happened to me while I was snorkeling out in the Bahamas... The Paddle-Board Incident... One of the days while sailing in the Bahamas we anchored off a small Island and headed to the beach for some sun and fun. One of the passengers Ted, decided to try his hand at paddle boarding. The conditions were perfect for it, the ocean was smooth, there was only a slight breeze.

Do We Need Guns to Protect?

  Police on scene at the recent school shooting in Maryland While I was down here in Florida, I heard of yet another school shooting  This one happened a couple days ago in Maryland. Unlike the recent shooting in Florida where there were mass causalities, this one was contained, minimizing the loss of life and injured. There was an armed resource officer who intervened and shot the 17 year old gunman before more people got hurt or killed. Now, you may be thinking that I am going to use this example as a reason to tout a pro-gun "solution" to our current increase in this type of violence... But I'm not going to... Yes, this time the situation was dealt with before it got worse, however was it only because of the officer having a firearm? No, I don't think it was... What happens if when during one of these situations, an innocent bystander (student or teacher?) was to get shot by the person trying to protect? How 'forgiving

School Lockdown... Up Close & Personal

Walker Police arriving on scene at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science in Walker, MI   It's one thing when you see something frightening and upsetting on your computer, it's another game altogether when it happens to you or someone close to you. Once again, I was planning on giving this subject of Active Shooters a rest, but then at 3:40pm yesterday... Then I got a text from one of the teachers who trains with me... There's a LOCKDOWN at Our School... ...but don't worry, everyone is okay. WTF?!? I read it a couple times to make sure I read it right. I hadn't heard about the news, so I immediately got my phone out to look. Sure enough, there was an mlive article that explained what was going on: I was relieved to hear that Rob and everyone at the West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science were safe and that it was an empty t