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Tips He May Attack You

On my last blog post , we talked about how Foundational Grounding affects your ability to maintain Situational Awareness. Today I wanted to get into a bit more 'boots on the ground' and share a few tips on what I call: PCI's or Pre-Contact Indicators. Basically, warning signs that the person you're engaging with may become violent. You see, when a person feel stress, it effects the mind, emotions and physical state. The body goes under certain physiological changes and those changes come out in behavior. Here are some red flags or PCI's that research, history and experience have indicated as a precursor to someone lashing out with violence. This list is NOT a complete list, as a matter of fact, if you see something that's not on it, please go on PeaceWalker Project Facebook Page and share it: Here we go... Head & Face: Eyes bulge 1000 mile stare

8 Surprising Awareness Tools

Man, we've been having some beautiful weather lately! Autumn is my favorite!! For those of you who read my Isolated and Alone posts earlier this month (Oct. 2019), you may be wondering if I'm still jogging my old route... Yes, I am... I'll be honest, I re-routed for about a week, before (quite literally) going back down that same path again. And now I do mix up my route a bit more. Risky?! Maybe... I hadn't seen any of those guys there before... or since (so far). Nor have I had any real problems in that area in all the years (decades) I've been running there. Things like what I experienced a couple weeks ago can happen anywhere... Yes, they have more of a chance to occur in certain places more than others. Isolated places are definitely one place where mischief and more can transpire... So it's good to stay in well populated places if you have concerns. Also, there are certain locations that have a greater amount of

Alone & Outnumbered (part 2)

October... one of my favorite months! Because I didn't want my last blog to be too long, I didn't tell you the rest of the story of my jogging incident... (I know right?! I wish I was making this stuff up!) If you didn't read the first part of this story, go back to my Sept. 26th email to read part one. (If you're new to these emails, no worries, I'll be posting part one in next weeks blog next week.) So... I Get Passed the Troubled Youth I can hear their voices fading in the background, which reinforced to me that they in fact were just blowing some adolescent smoke. ...It may have been a different story had I stopped and fully engaged them. My Sigh of Relief Only Lasted a Second... Still jazzed up and prepared for a confrontation, I came around the next bend to see a white pickup truck in front of the train trestle that I have to cross to get to the other side of the creek. When I saw the white pick up truck

Bjj Would've Been Suicide!

For decades I've been running the same trails by the Krav Academy w/relatively no incidents, so I figured yesterday would be like every other day... Not quite... About two and a half miles in to my run... I Noticed 4 Guys Walking... They were young, I'd say high school... I could tell the leader, he was the one out in front of the other two smoking a cigarette. Big kid, a bit taller than me and filling his white t-shirt w/an athletic build. The guys that trailed slightly behind him were a little smaller than me and looked subordinate to the guy leading the pack. In all the years I've been running that trail, I rarely run into anyone let alone trouble... Once in a while I'll see a vagrant, fisherman or fellow runner, but typically my biggest worry is dogs. (Last year I was bit by someones little yapper... but that's another story for another day...). So, as I got closer, I do what I always do; give'em a wide berth

Why is a Protector's Hoop is So Important?!

2019 Buyu Camp - NJ USA Back from Jersey... Good weekend of training out at Jack Hoban's Buyu Camp . WTH is Buyu Camp? It's a camp where people come to train and re-activate their Protector Identity, as they practice a modern adaptation of an ancient Japanese martial art called Budo Taijutsu. Some are professional protectors and many run training groups of their own. Regardless, we are all protectors and come together to create what Jack calls a 'Hoop'.  A 'Hoop' is a Sioux tradition that inspired him when he read about it in a book called Hanta Yo. A 'Hoop' is a yearly event when numerous smaller tribal groups come together for a few days. They congeal into one larger group for a short time for the purpose of  exchange knowledge and reconnecting. Afterward, they disperse and go back to their own respective territories and lives. Jack relates this yearly Buyu Camp Event to that ancient Hoop, where training groups come