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His Hesitation Changed History

Is it just me or are people more hesitant to make decisions today? It seems that in our world of google, committees, and experts, no one wants to be on the hook of possibly making a wrong decision.  Everyday, countless people choose to do nothing to avoid making mistakes and being held accountable. I kind of get it! We have no shortage of 'Witch Hunts' unleashed on people who have been put in tough situations. They make a decision and do the best they can under the circumstance, but sometimes it doesn't work out like the brochure.   Cops, teachers, and other every day folks are often held liable for stepping up and trying to deal with tough overwhelming situations. Especially when it comes to conflict, things get dicey fast and there isn't always a picture perfect outcome. Unfortunately, much of our society has been conditioned from  an early age to surrender their self agency.  "You're not 'authorized' to make your own decisions... Let alone stand up 

The Mission

  There's a Rush song from their 1987 album, Hold Your Fire called   Mission. The song itself isn't my favorite, it's alright, but the lyrics are profound: "Hold your fire Keep it burning bright Hold the flame 'Til the dream ignites A spirit with a vision Is a dream with a mission" Prolific Mission?! In a podcast that I haven't released yet, I talk about prolific stories, namely YOUR prolific story. Well, within any prolific story lays a MISSION!  So, I ask you, what is YOUR Mission behind your prolific story? Within a lifetime you will have many missions... but that's not exactly what I'm talking about.  I'm talking about the Mission that underlies Your Prolific Story.  What is THAT? Do you have one? Did you have one that you buried or put on a shelf?  Are you still searching? Or given up on it? Or, maybe you don't believe in it at all? I can't answer that for you... I CAN tell you that I have a mission and although it's sometimes

You Ever Get a Text Like THIS?!

  I Get a Text That Said... Hi Craig. Just wanted to say thanks. Your training helped me handle a pretty serious situation Saturday night. I'll tell you about it tomorrow... Needless to say I responded, asking if everything was alright?! His response: "Yes, except they (the police) wouldn't arrest the guy, which I don't understand or agree with..." So, What Happened? Seems that a couple Saturday's ago a man came into the restaurant ranting and raving about his takeout order.  When the hostess checked, she didn't see any order for this man. (They quickly found out that he never really order anything...) That really set this guy off, he started yelling and looked like he was going to get physically violent. The owner (Our PeaceWalker community member) heard this and went out to see what was going on. Introducing himself as the owner, he tried to calm the irate guy down.  The guy was so loud and obnoxious, people started leaving the restaurant or hiding under

The Best Self Defense System Ever Created?!

  A few weeks ago, someone forwarded me one of Vox Day’s darkstreams. . I'll be honest, I didn't really know who he was. After looking at his website and other media, he doesn't seem to really be my cup of tea either, but I still gave him a listen... . He was talking about how, when it comes to systems of government — whether democracies, republics, or monarchies to outright communist or fascist systems — what’s far more important than the “system” is the leadership. . He says that the right leadership trumps the so-called right “system.” . Even a systems like socialism or communism can work to at least some extent with the right leadership, while the perfect utopian democracy-fanboy’s wet dream system will (and often does, historically) crash & burn with the wrong leadership. . Personally, I think Vox may have missed the point a bit regarding what a republic (vs. democracy) was supposed to offer... . Namely, a way for there to be a representative government of the peop

Stick Your Toe In, or Take the Plunge?!

Well, here we are... The first Monday of 2023! How are you fairing so far? So far so good here... Although admittedly, I'm coming out the gate a little slow. Toe In or the Big Plunge?! So, are you the kind of person who eases into things, or one who just jumps all in? In truth, it doesn't really matter which you are. What matters most is that you take action toward your goals and you find a way to sustain it to get the results you are looking for.  Sometimes when easing in to things, people lose the momentum necessary to keep going. The gravity of their current habits isn't offset enough by the thrust of their new direction to take root to usher in any real change. Others find that once they begin the slow burn, steady pace suits them well to achieve their goals. Contrary to this, some folks who jump right in, find the enthusiasm of the moment lacks the endurance and staying power necessary to carry them through to the positive results they sought.   However, some who reson