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You've Been Trolled!

  Visit From the Internet Troll!! Oh, yes! It's been a while! Yep, you got it, a Youtube Video Troller! I have to admit, I do love these guys! I only wish they'd be in one of my classes or seminars... But, that would mean they'd have to actually get out of their mom's basement and train!  =D =D =D Here's what this one had to say about my 1 minute and 47 second video demoing a simple version of a foot sweep.=)        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I don't normally like to be so negative, but you can't seriously think this would work? You block your attacker's punch, then he just stands there while you 1/ step in 2/ having pushed him back, grab him and pull him in 3/ sweep his leg? You would never have the time to do all that against a real attack. I know you have to break things down and go with the flow to demonstrate, but this is a big no-o. I bet you have something more practical you can show us. ~Fred B.             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Grinch Who Schooled Whoville!

  We're in the middle of the holi-daze! That's the two-ish weeks surrounding Christmas and New Year where work schedules, social events, family stuff and other holiday type festivities intersect with our regular schedules, resulting in a strange 'twilight zone' type feeling, where we aren't quite sure where or when we are in the time/space continuum. Past, present & future meld together with work, family and friends. How the Grinch  'Schooled'  Whoville   Yes, the Grinch can be a crotchety, termite-infested soul with a heart two sizes too small... However, there are a lot of beneficial things we can learn from him as well... Especially as it comes to defensive tactics! Check out what we can learn from how he totally "SCHOOLED"  Whoville : 1. Tactical Thinking Coming up with all those successfully elaborate plans on the spot -- especially when under that kind of pressure -- is a pretty handy skill to have in ye olde self defense "tool box.&

The Calvary Isn't Coming!

  Beautiful (yet frosty) morning... Last night it looked like a snow globe w/huge white flakes blowing around highlighted by the street lights! I'll be honest with you... I'm not ready for winter! =( A Word From Our Community... In response to yesterdays [Almost] Daily email, a few of our community members took the time to write to me.  Some were just concerned citizens, others were from our law enforcement community.  Here's what PT a recently retired police officer had to say... Where's the Cavalry?! "Just read your latest email.  First, hope all is well. I haven't seen you in awhile and I hope things are all good in your world.  In reading your email I thought of sharing some material that you may want to share with your students. If not aware of this(any many are not) April 1st of this year Michigan passed Jail reform and bond reform. This is causing officers throughout the state to "not arrest" due to stipulations in the new reform. Do not read t