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Ethic>Tactic>Technique, the Iron Dome & Rickson Gracie

  I was having an interesting conversation the other day that although deceptively brief it had a lot of depth and importance. (How's that for an intriguing lead in?!) It started with a discussion regarding an Israeli friend (and IDF soldier) and about how he believed that the Israeli Iron Dome missile defense system not only saved thousands of Israeli lives, but that it also saved thousands of lives of the people living in Gaza as well. How? Well, his response was that if all of the missiles that were launched at Israel were to have hit their targets, rather than being intercepted by the Iron Dome, then Israel's response would have had to be more immediate and destructive (to Gaza) in order to stop those attacks. So, by having the technology of the Iron Dome, Israel could in fact have more time to address the war with Gaza in a less severe manner then they might have if they didn't have that technology. I advocate that our Ethics must drive our Tactics, which t

T'was The Night Before Christmas...

  2014 has been a good year indeed. Many things came together, some did not. Trained, shared, traveled, hurt, healed, learned, grew. Said good bye, hello & see you soon to many people along the way: The year began with teaching a seminar with Israeli Krav International's Moshe Katz here in Grand Rapids. Once again Moshe came all the way from Israel to share IKI Krav Maga with everyone who wished to learn here in the U.S. while I taught conflict management skills between the physical defense sessions. Don't worry if you missed it, we are having another session on February 6th, 7th & 8th 2015 once again here in Grand Rapids, MI. Click here for info and registration. I had a few overseas security gigs in Thailand, China, Hong Kong & Zurich  that sounded alluring, however as it often happens with those types of projects, they didn't work out. =( Oh well, maybe next time. I am really hoping to start going someplace warm for a few weeks in the winter to

There & Back - Japan

You knew it was coming! =) I'm sitting here at Rowsters Coffee in a Jet Lag haze, trying to re-adjust my body to being back in the U.S.while I reflect on my trip to Japan. Great trip: Meeting new people, training, experiencing different interesting things, eating, walking, spending time with friends, getting away for a little while. A lot to process. Things that I will be unraveling for a time to come. Here are some visual glimpses of the trip: Arriving at your destination is always a good start! =) Taking the train, both confusing yet convenient... and entertaining! Saw this cat on the way to the Bujinkan Hombu.                                               Bujinkan Hombu w/Jack Nagato Sensei      -     Hatsumi Sensei & Jack singing    -   Naguchi Sensei Running with the Tengu on Mt. Takao Good friends, a bowl of Soba, a bottle of Kirin and a view of Mt. Fuji...Great day!                    

Tokyo Old & New

  Tokyo, Japan - Sensoji Temple & the Sky Tree (the largest tower in the world). I had a great time stomping around Tokyo. A friend of mine said that Japan is a land of contradictions and after only being here a few days I can see the truth of that statement. As you can see from the picture above, and new seem to blend and clash, ebb and flow into a tsunami of cultural shifts for this rather homogenous country. I find this to be the cleanest, safest feeling, most polite country that I have traveled to yet. I was however surprised how it lacks diversity in its population. Everyone is... well, Japanese. I really didn't think about it, but I guess I was expecting more ethic variation, but I haven't seen any, even in their super city, Tokyo. Although it seems as if only indigenous Japanese live and possibly for the most part even visit (other areas) here, you do see a lot of commercial globalization abound. They are very attune to Western fashion and consumerism, yet