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One Simple Idea

Jennifer Franson founder and executive director of iCI Nation - An organization that connects cops & community, building trust and relationships One Simple Idea Can Change Everything!  A Community... A City... A Nation... The World... But it all begins with changing a single Life... Yours! A Vision that Changed a City A couple days ago, I attended iCI Nation's Fundraising Gala. It was an incredible event raising awareness and resources for a movement started by one of our own PeaceWalker community members, Jennifer Franson.  It began with one simple idea of encouraging police officers in a time when they needed some community support. That sentiment grew into a full blown movement.  Now several years later, Jenn heads up a 501-3c non-profit organization that  connects police with community citizens and non-profit organizations who serve the community.  You'd think that these folks would all get along... But they don't! That's where Jenn's big idea came in... Wha

Where to Stand, What to Say...

I received some more accolades from one of the court officers who attended my Integrated Response Training at the Midland Conference. Hi Craig, You did a great presentation for a limited time period. It was good to see the class actually up and moving. Fantastic message! Thanks Again! ~B.M. Southwest Legal Services & Deputy St. Joseph County, Mi.     One Important Lesson... Remaining Baseline while interacting with someone who's all rev'd up, can not only be challenging, if you don't stay calm, cool and collected during the situation, it can be dangerous too. Why!? Many reasons actually... One is because you will be less likely to respond approaperately to warning signs of the person becoming violent.  Another reason is that the more amped up you are, the less situationally aware you become. You get distracted. You may not see other things happening around you, such as other people approaching, a trip hazard or worse! When you lose your composure, you start becoming par

That's What She Said!

I'm the one in the middle w/the big ole' cheesy smile between Ginger and Michael, Michigan Court Officers, Deputy Sheriff, Process Servers' Association board members.  Late last year I was brought in by the Michigan Court Officers, Deputy Sheriff, Process Servers' Association to do some training with them at their conference held in Midland, MI. Great group!  We covered some really important concepts and tactics to help them not only be safer at their job, but to Live more powerfully  (I know it may sound a bit corny... but it's true!). The feedback has been great... Ginger Z, one of the associations directors said: "Thank you again sooooo much. The feedback was awesome! I will say... the overall consensus is they would love to see you again... Might have to see about what it would take to set up a day long workshop with you." Why?! Why do I often hear feedback like Ginger's? I could say it's because I've been doing this a long time and it'

The Strategy of Laughter

  Why So Serious?! Difficulty befalls us all. Our lives may be going along perfectly, and then out of the blue ...  WHAM!  ... life decides to test us. You are in the fast lane of life, cruising along at a pretty good clip, and lo and behold, a roadblock appears directly in your path. It wasn't there, and now it is. You have no time to react. Your previously wonderful life is suddenly not so wonderful. You might lose a loved one with no warning. The company you work for goes bankrupt, and overnight you are out of work, wondering what you will do. Or... Maybe your back goes out and you have to teach later that day...  The knee-jerk reaction is to get mad or begin panicking. That's especially the case if you have people who depend on you. This is a time you have to be strong for them and for yourself. The last thing you might be thinking is to embrace humor, but that could be a smart move for many reasons. Laughter Can Help You Manage Conflict Sometime long ago, someone said that