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Do You Prefer Your Turkey Cold?!

I went for a walk the other day (as I often do) and I have to tell you... The sunset was absolutely amazing!  I took a picture of it and you know what?! It didn't do it any justice what so ever...  As a matter of fact, it paled in comparison so much so, that I won't insult your sense of beauty by even posting it here... The picture you see above, I took from the internet... Yea, big surprise!  Virtual vs. Real As good as our tech is, there's something better... And it's absolutely FREE! What is this amazing, limitless thing? Real Life!  You should try it! You should inspire others to try it too! Evaporating Problems?! The more you begin using your tech as a tool and less like an addiction, the more rich your life will become.  The more leverage you'll have over yourself. And that is really the only leverage that really matters.  Quit allowing others to have so much influence over you.  You'll find when you limit or even eliminate your activity on social media, m

You Don't Have to Be Big to Make a Difference

  A Native American folktale from the Anishnabe people tells of a great river that was filled with many fish and such sweet water that all the animals came to its banks to drink from it.  When a giant moose heard about the river, he went there to drink from it. But the moose was so big and he drank so much of the river, that the water began to dry up.  The beavers were the first to worry.  "If the river disappeared, what would become of our lodges?" They exclaimed! The muskrats were worried about how they would live without the river too; as were the fish. They couldn't survive on land like other creatures. The water was their home. All of the animals gathered together to think of a way to drive the moose off. But he was so big that even the mighty bear was afraid to approach him. Would no one stand up to moose, all of the animals wondered! Then the tiny fly said: "I'll do it. I'll make the leave." The animals began to laugh.  "How could one little

This Makes All the Difference, But Most Never See It!

Both the hummingbird and vulture fly over this land of ours.  All vultures see is rotting meat, because that is what they look for to eat. They thrive on that diet. But hummingbirds ignore the smelly rotting flesh of dead animals. Instead, they look for the colorful blossoms of beautiful flowers. All alive and thriving.  The vultures live on what was. They live on the past. The fill themselves with what is dead and gone. Hummingbirds live on the vibrance of what is. They seek new life. They fill themselves up with freshness and beauty. Each bird finds what it is looking for. We all do! What are YOU looking to feast on? ~Author Unknown In Life as In Conflict... This approach of getting what you are looking for is a discipline, a practice.  Do you look for the solution within the conflict, or do you constantly get distracted by the problem? Do you focus on what you can do in a situation, or are you paralyzed by what you can't do? Do you take responsibility, or place blame? Are you ex

Taking Scalps at the Voting Polls!?

  Well, today's the BIG day for us in the U.S.! We get to vote!  A right that many fought and died for...  I sincerely hope that you exercise that right today! === Have you ever wonder what the word Poll meant? You know as in VOTING POLL.  Well, if so, here you go: The word "poll" means "scalp" or "head". When votes were taken by gathering people together and counting heads, the place where this was done (sometimes an open field) was called the "polls". All of this focus on voting and the Presidency, had me thinking about the mindset a president has to have to lead a country... Especially in challenging times like today.  A Courageous... some might even say Fearless Mindset! And If you think times are tough now, you really need to study up on history! Think about the challenges that some of our past presidents faced?! Washington   lead us from a colony to a country.  Lincoln  had to  deal with civil war and slavery... and lost his life due to