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You Can't Just Walk Into MY House

I hope this finds you well?! I'm weathering the storm alright so far and I hope you are too?! Things continue to move forward, but... Rather than talking about the obvious, (I'm sure that will be the topic of many other correspondence), I thought I'd take a rest from that for a minute to share another story... If you remember, just before all of this erupted, I was going to tell you a story about one of our PeaceWalker Members who is a process server.  I figure I'll tell you the story now as a little break from all of our current affairs we  are seeing, reading and listening to.   So... Wednesday morning I get a crazy email explaining a situation that nobody hopes to be in... You Can't Just Walk Into MY House... HERE'S THE STORY: So, I wanted to tell you a little about my day. Started off as a usual Wednesday run which I planned on getting through quickly then heading to the gym.  . About halfway through

Touching Base

I hope you, your family and friends, colleagues and community are all hanging in there during all of this.   So much has transpired for all of us in the past few days, I know everyone is feeling it. Uncertainty, stress, fear of the unknown.  It's easy for our minds and emotions to begin to take us to some pretty dark places, but... Hold tight! You got this! Remember, this is what we've been training for... ~ To be leaders in this time of crisis.  ~ To help everyone be a little safer when we are there. ~ To help people in need know that someone has their back.  ~ And to make sure through this fog of uncertainty, stress, and fear, that where ever we go people are glad we are there...  So, in everything that you do, by your presence alone, in your own unique way. Help where you can, everything counts! Managing Your Fears It is difficult to lead others and inspire confidence when our own fears take a hold of us.  I know gang, I'm

Calm Among the Chaos

Current State of Affairs... I'll not write anything to further muddy the already murky waters of information about this Corvid-19 situation. I'll only say that you should be paying attention to what's going on, remain vigilant, stay informed, and keep your baseline. There are some serious things happening that we need to pay attention to on many fronts regarding the safety of our health, economy and society.  You've heard me say this before, but... Especially during times of concern (like what's going on currently like): Mass closings, schools shutting down for weeks at a time, stock market crashing, travel advisories, quarantines and the like...  It's easy to get nervous, spooked and become irrational. It is important to stay informed with up to date information from credible sources  like the  CDC  (Center for Disease Control) and local, state and federal authorities.  There are many people trying to get this situational und

The Threats To Be Concerned With

Two Types of Threats: When it comes to talking about crime, conflict and violence, there are two simple threat categories:  Threats from... 1. Strangers. 2. People You Know. Stranger Danger! When it comes to staying safe from strangers: Keep Your Distance   & Keep Moving  – Don’t let them get too close, stop or redirect you. Say, ‘NO!’  – If a stranger approaches. Yell ‘FIRE!’  – If you or someone else is in trouble. Give Up Your Stuff  – If someone has a weapon & wants to rob you. If Stranger Approaches, or Tries to Stop You... If you get approached by a stranger or if he tries to stop you... Don’t let them isolate you!  Do whatever it takes to NOT get taken down that dark alley, into that vehicle, into that back room…  Do whatever you have to, to get away. Remember, the really bad stuff happens in secluded places.  Don’t let them lie to you, threaten you or grab you to get you to go. Your chances

Balance Point & Winning w/Less Effort

Yep, many people try too hard, but are less effective because they are grinding too much and not giving themselves the space necessary to excel... So, we just keep trying harder getting less and less results. You have to... Get Out of Your Own Way... This is SO counter-intuitive! So much so that most people will NEVER get it unless someone shows them how to do it!  Instinctively we believe that by trying harder we'll be more successful... In (krav) class I see it all the time...  For instance, doing a take down, you'd think that by trying harder you'll be more successful...  And to a certain degree you'd be right... Don't get me wrong, in a physical confrontation, you do have to assert yourself...  But there are ways to do it that will yield WAY more results w/far less effort... But you have to do it the right way!  Because when you are facing someone bigger, stronger, more athletic than you, you'll need all