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Do People Feel Safer When You're There?

This might sound like a weird question... but it is an important one! Think about it... Do they? If they do Why? Or if they don't, than Why Not? I don't mean just physically safer... I'm talking emotionally safer too. Like if they needed you, you'd have their back. What do you think is necessary to have someone FEEL Safer in your presence?   Is it how you look? What you say (or don't say)? What you do (or don't)? How you hold yourself? A Challenge... Here's a challenge for you... Try observing yourself today and see if you can pick up on things that you can do to help communicate (without directly saying it) to people around you that you have their back if they need it. It could be something as subtle as you being more alert, straightening your posture and paying attention. It could be something like you looking approachable enough to talk to. It could be about you listening more

Krav Maga: Practical vs. Tactical

In the Krav world the 'T' word is thrown out A LOT! (Sad, by yours truly too!). Yes, that word is "Tactical". Now to be clear, there is nothing wrong with the word tactical or with being tactical... However... Don't underestimate the idea of being Practical! Now what do I mean about being Practical!? Well, let's compare the difference between a Formula 500 race car w/a mini van "grocery getter." Which one would you rather have? (And that's when the fantasy starts...) One is really really fast and sexy... You can imagine how cool it would feel to drive it. Feel the power of the acceleration. The tight handling. The speed! Oh the speed! Once everyone sees you driving that flashy fast card they'll know how good and successful you are! Women will want you and men will want to be you (or vica versa...whatever...). You're sure that when you drive it, everyone will know how FAST and POWERFUL and SUCCESSFUL

What to Do When Nice Doesn't Work!

Oh my gosh-ah! Can you believe that July is already here!?! Me either (...or is it me neither?! I can't remember...) We waited all winter for this and now it's upon us! You know what I'm going to say next right?! Lots going on!! (See, I told you...) Anyway... I'm going to get 'right to it.' So to speak! What To Do When Nice Isn't Enough?! So, you... (1) Dial in your Baseline (Attitude, Awareness, Appropriate Action) to be part of the solution, not the problem.   (2) Separate the persons Life Value from their behavior and beliefs. (3) Avoid power struggles & decided whether or not to even engage. (4) (Upon deciding to engage) You begin appropriately managing the situation by   drawing clear, most good, least harm boundaries. ...but   Nice, Clear and Appropriate Isn't Working!!!! Now What?! Do you have a plan? If so, what is it? And... Let Me Be Clear... I'm not talki

The THING Behind the Thing

Well, the 4th of July is almost upon us!  I am in the Great White North here in Michigan doing some camping. (Pic featured above!)... Just south of the Big Mac Bridge.  I escaped 'the wild' for a couple minutes to a wifi oasis to quick write you a little something something before going back out into the 'wilderness'. =) I hope you are ready to celebrate the independence of this great country of ours with some friends and family this week?! I like to take a minute or three to remember what the holiday is really all about, before going back to the beer, BBQ & other festivities.  The THING Behind the Thing What?! Before you go unsubscribing... Give me a minute to explain... Take the 4th of July where everyone is partying, bbq'n, drinking, family'n, camping, cooking out, boating, hanging out and having a good time.  That's the 'Thing'... But let's not forget the THING behind the thing, which