Thursday, July 26, 2018

Do People Feel Safer When You're There?

This might sound like a weird question... but it is an important one!

Think about it...

Do they?

If they do Why?

Or if they don't, than Why Not?

I don't mean just physically safer... I'm talking emotionally safer too. Like if they needed you, you'd have their back.

What do you think is necessary to have someone FEEL Safer in your presence? 

Is it how you look?

What you say (or don't say)?

What you do (or don't)?

How you hold yourself?

A Challenge...

Here's a challenge for you...

Try observing yourself today and see if you can pick up on things that you can do to help communicate (without directly saying it) to people around you that you have their back if they need it.

It could be something as subtle as you being more alert, straightening your posture and paying attention.

It could be something like you looking approachable enough to talk to.

It could be about you listening more attentively.

It could be you stepping in and asserting yourself even when you weren't asked.

It could be not butting in when you could!

It could be seeing things that are typically ignored...


Ignoring things that are seen!

It could be helping someone save face...


Calling someone out who is out of line...

The Protector's #1 Tool

The #1 Tool that ANY protector has is Themselves!

That's right, its not a technique, or a weapon...

It's our...

Influence &

That's right it's US!

But You're Not Done Yet...

Nope, not quite...

Tomorrow I want you to post in our Facebook PeaceWalker Community Group the ONE THING that you did to communicate to someone you have their back. 

Let's call it the PeaceWalker Deed of the Day.

This isn't to brag! It's to help us get in the habit of (subtly or directly) of being a better protector... A PeaceWalker! It's about the little things! 

Working on the little things make it possible to do the big things!!


If you are looking for greater skill when dealing with the full spectrum of human conflict (Ethical, Emotional, Verbal, Physical, Social) you may consider checking out the up coming PeaceWalker Course that will be opening for registration later this summer.

It will give you the tools to know what to do when nice isn't working!

More on that as we move through the summer...

In the meantime..

You got this,

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Friday, July 20, 2018

Krav Maga: Practical vs. Tactical

In the Krav world the 'T' word is thrown out A LOT! (Sad, by yours truly too!). Yes, that word is "Tactical". Now to be clear, there is nothing wrong with the word tactical or with being tactical...


Don't underestimate the idea of being Practical! Now what do I mean about being Practical!? Well, let's compare the difference between a Formula 500 race car w/a mini van "grocery getter." Which one would you rather have?

(And that's when the fantasy starts...)

One is really really fast and sexy...

You can imagine how cool it would feel to drive it. Feel the power of the acceleration. The tight handling. The speed! Oh the speed!

Once everyone sees you driving that flashy fast card they'll know how good and successful you are! Women will want you and men will want to be you (or vica versa...whatever...).

You're sure that when you drive it, everyone will know how FAST and POWERFUL and SUCCESSFUL and GOOD You Really Are! And thus show you the PROPER RESPECT!

It seems logical...

You are the FASTEST Car around! A finely tuned racing machine. You can beat anyone in a race!


YES, that race car is only really, really fast, BUT ONLY under very particular conditions!


It breaks down a lot and needs a tremendous amount of service, special parts, expensive and hard to find high octane fuel, special tires, pretty much everything is custom, expensive, made for a very specific isolated use and incredibly dependent on things being 'just so.' And let's not even start talking about the road and weather conditions! Dry conditions and an impeccably constructed track for one specific reason. What about passengers?!


How about trunk or back seat space to put your groceries?


Pot holes!? Good luck! Rain?


Sleet, snow and ice!?

Not a chance!

Dirt roads?


Heat and air conditioning?

Not a chance...

Driving in the dark?


Gas mileage?


You get the idea right!?

Not to mention...

Who is the Race Car for?! How can that race car help someone else? Can it carry food or water? Can it transport someone in need to get help? Can it pull someone out of a ditch or jump start a stalled vehicle?  Heck, it won't get YOU around reliably or conveniently, let alone be any help for others!

Bottom line, unless you are racing, you don't need the Race Car! ou need something that is going to transport you, your passengers and stuff from here to there and there to hear effectively, efficiently and safely! You need something that when needed you can help others, even if only for a ride.

That's training your Krav Maga like a PeaceWalker!

Not training for sport... Not training for art... Not training for heritage... Not training for your ego...

...But training for Your LIFE!

If you want to train for being a protector, your training has to be well rounded and multi faceted! It has to change and grow as you do. No, it's not always as sexy as some of the others, but its practical. Does Practical Mean NOT TACTICAL?!

NO! Not at all. This is not an Either / Or scenario. If you're doing it right it is Both / And! We're like the picture of the 'sleeper' car at the top of this page! We're fast AND practical! And we know where to and NOT to race! We don't play by the rules! This is survival! Not sport!

Speaking of Protecting...

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Keep Going,

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

What to Do When Nice Doesn't Work!

Oh my gosh-ah!

Can you believe that July is already here!?!

Me either (...or is it me neither?! I can't remember...)

We waited all winter for this and now it's upon us!

You know what I'm going to say next right?!

Lots going on!!

(See, I told you...)

Anyway... I'm going to get 'right to it.' So to speak!

What To Do When Nice Isn't Enough?!

So, you...

(1) Dial in your Baseline (Attitude, Awareness, Appropriate Action) to be part of the solution, not the problem. 
(2) Separate the persons Life Value from their behavior and beliefs.
(3) Avoid power struggles & decided whether or not to even engage.
(4) (Upon deciding to engage) You begin appropriately managing the situation by  drawing clear, most good, least harm boundaries.

...but  Nice, Clear and Appropriate Isn't Working!!!!

Now What?!

Do you have a plan?

If so, what is it?


Let Me Be Clear...

I'm not talking ONLY about defending yourself here...

Oh no!

That'd be too easy!

I'm asking you to consider this in your life!

What happens when one of your staff members keeps coming in late no matter how many times you told them nicely

What happens when you just spent a gazillion dollars on that marketing initiative but regardless, your business doesn't reach it's sales goals?

What happens when you ask your kid to behave, but they just won't?

What do you do when your significant other is annoying the sh*t out of you, you ask them nicely to stop... and they don't!

What do you do when you pull someone over for doing 13 over and they won't give you their licence?

What do you do when you ask your client for that big sale you've been working on all month, but nada! Nothing?!

What's next when you ask that obnoxious person to leave and they won't?

How do you handle that student who keeps acting up and disrupting class no matter what you seem to do?

What do you do when you're not getting your way and you've ran out of nice?

Taking It to the 'Next Level...'

Yes, one option is to go all Krav on their a$$...

And as good as that would feel, it's rarely the answer! =(

So, what am I talking about?

YOU have to take it to the 'Next Level.'

Meaning that it isn't so much about directly controlling the person or situation...

It's more about controlling YOU!

As Holocaust Survivor and Famous author of 'Man's Search for Meaning,' Viktor Frankl once said,

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves."

Now, don't take that as you have to lower your ethical standards, or even agree with what is happening...

No, no, no...

You don't, however, see it for what it is and change your strategy!

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

~Albert Einstein (allegedly)

4 Key Elements to Knowing What to Do When Nice Isn't Enough...

(1) Have CLARITY of what is important
(2) Have SKILLS in the area necessary to solve the problem
(3) Have CONFIDENCE in your abilities that you can adapt & still succeed 
(4) Have a Plan 'B' - a simple approach to what YOU will do if your 'Plan A' isn't working!

Skill in Conflict

If you are looking for greater skill when dealing with the full spectrum of human conflict (Ethical, Emotional, Verbal, Physical, Social) you may consider checking out the up coming PeaceWalker Course that will be opening for registration later this summer.

It will give you the tools to know what to do when nice isn't working!

More on that as we move through the summer...

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In the meantime...

Enjoy your day and I'll catch up with you soon!

You got this,

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The THING Behind the Thing

Well, the 4th of July is almost upon us! 

I am in the Great White North here in Michigan doing some camping. (Pic featured above!)... Just south of the Big Mac Bridge. 

I escaped 'the wild' for a couple minutes to a wifi oasis to quick write you a little something something before going back out into the 'wilderness'. =)

I hope you are ready to celebrate the independence of this great country of ours with some friends and family this week?!

I like to take a minute or three to remember what the holiday is really all about, before going back to the beer, BBQ & other festivities. 

The THING Behind the Thing

Before you go unsubscribing... Give me a minute to explain...

Take the 4th of July where everyone is partying, bbq'n, drinking, family'n, camping, cooking out, boating, hanging out and having a good time. 

That's the 'Thing'...

But let's not forget the THING behind the thing, which in this case is remembering and celebrating our country's independence. 


Take training tactical defense, martial arts or Krav Maga...

What is the THING Behind that Thing?

No matter what it is, we all get into our 'Stuff'.  You know?! If you're into shooting you might be into the latest, greatest, hi-tech weapon or accessory. If you're into martial arts, it might be the latest technique or rank, patch or weapon.

Or maybe it's how many times you've been to Israel (or Japan) to train. Or how close your lineage is to the founder. Or how much notoriety you got at that tournament, promotion or award...

And there's nothing wrong with any of that... until there is! 


Because it really ISN'T about any of that...

Come on now...

Try to remember WHY you started that journey in the first place. 

If you're anything like me, you started in the martial arts, Krav Maga, shooting, etc. because you wanted to learn how to Defend Yourself and Your Family!?

Yes, there may be some other reasons too, but that was my primary reason.

Was it yours too?! 

Is that why you started? 

If it is then that's the THING behind that thing is...

To Protect LIFE!

So while we are out there training that new technique you saw Eddie Bravo do on youtube, or you're getting that new Tactical Fluggle-binder for your Desert Eagle .50 Cal... 

Remember, the THING behind the thing, is first and foremost to learn and sustain the skills to protect LIFE... So in the event that you may have to use your skills or tools, they are there for you...

And that my friends is the...

The THING Behind the Thing!

So, if you are talking to someone who has a different approach than you do. Maybe a different martial arts style. Maybe they like revolvers and you're an automatic man. Maybe you stand by your Glock but the gal you're talking to swears by her Sig. 

Who cares?! 

My question is, 

Are you training to be a Protector of Life!?

Do you use your skills to do Most Good, Least Harm for everyone involved?

Are you training to walk in peace? To be a PeacWalker?!

Because if you are, no matter the flavor, or style, we're on the same side. We're fighting for the same thing. 

And I got your back! 

Speaking of Protecting...

Don't forget the PDD [PeaceWalker Deed of the Day] today! 

Post yours in our Facebook PeaceWalker Community Group 

Some AWESOME Changes Coming! 

For those of you who want to stay better connected and are interested in more training in this Protector Lifestyle. We have some Exciting NEW things coming your way!

1) More fb LIVE Training sessions.
2) LIVE MasterClass Q & A's! Opportunity to ask my MasterClass guests questions regarding their MasterClass!
3) LIVE 10 in 10's (10 questions in not quite 10 minutes) 

...and more!

Some of these coming changes will be for everyone... Other's will be for Members Only! 

More info on that soon....

In the meantime...

Have a Great 4th of July Holiday!

...And when you're out there having all that home town fun, don't forget the THING behind the Thing!

Keep Going,

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