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A Harmless Man...

  Remember Bruce Lee's famous movie  Enter the Dragon ?  If you are a martial arts enthusiast and you haven't watched it, you have to check it out!   Near the beginning of the movie he is traveling on a boat out to the infamous island where this secret tournament was held. On the way there one of the competitors was goading Bruce to fight him.  After much taunting, Bruce finally told him he'd fight him, but not there on the boat, over on the shore. Bruce suggested they he get on this small dingy so they could row to shore and conclude their duel.  So this guy got on the small dingy, however, Bruce didn't join him, rather, he pushes the boat off stranding the man on the small dingy tethered behind the main boat that they were on.  Bruce laughed as the man yelled at him.  I remember watching that when I was a kid.  What I didn't realize back then is that story comes from a much older source.  The "No Sword School" Born in 1490, Tsukahara Bokuden is one of th

How Concerned Should I Be?!

So, I go to the local academy the other day (like most days) and this is the billboard right outside by the parking lot... No kidding! Some may say that it's a good advertisement for a Self Defense Academy. However, I'm not an ambulance chaser, so there you go.  However, I would be interested in how many people make that connection. "Sir/ma'am, did you enter my establishment in direct response to the large sign informing you of the area's current murder rate?" Unlikely... Then, this morning I was checking my emails today and I came across this MLive article... interest/2022/10/homicides- are-down-but-michigan-has-a- new-most-violent-city-fbi- stats-reveal.html Although homicides are down overall in Michigan, they're up here in Grand Rapids. Now keep in mind, most of that is what I'd call, 'thug on thug' crimes often drug and gang related. It's still disconcerting though.  So, if you don't want to go to the

Attracting An Assault?!

  I thought I'd share something interesting about how criminals, predator's, thugs and bullies profile their victims.  Remember I told you the other day, that I was listening to one of Jocko Willink's podcasts?  He was talking about this subject and refenced some research old and newer.  ~ The 1982 study  Attracting Assault: Victims' Nonverbal Cues  by Grayson / Stein ~Marked by Mayhem -  Psychology Today by Hustmyre & Dixit, 1/1/09 Well, I revisited that research and something interesting stuck out like a fart in study hall. Something we talk about all the time at the academy and when I teach seminars and workshops.  Organization. As in being in Kamae. What?! You know being wholistically organized. Here's what Grayson and Stein had to say (paraphrased): The prime difference between perceived victim and non-victim groups revolves around "wholeness" or consistency of movement. Non-victims have an organized quality about their movements. They function co

Death by Decision

  The Hungry Ass A hungry ass finds himself between two equally large and delicious-looking bales of hay. He looks from one to the other and back again, unsure which to choose. This goes on for a long while until, unable to make a decision, the poor old donkey dies of starvation. =D Moral of the story: Take action! Don’t linger too long on the precipice of a big (or small) decision when the outcomes are positive. Hell Yes or NO! =) Save yourself a headache, take that leap, commit, and enjoy whatever rewards that come your way, refusing to look back at what could have been. Speaking of taking action... If you want to learn the basics of how to protect yourself, check out my Free Six Day Defense Program.  Here's the link: Give me a shout if you have any questions! Keep going, ~Craig