Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Training Blueprint for People w/No Time

Vintage 1980-81(ish) pic of yours truly training at home...
(Gotta love the red carpet & old school Curtis Mathis Console TV!) 

I hear it all the time...

"I'm really busy! I don't have time to train..."

I know! I know! Life's busy... Career, family, relationships, school, chores, kids, and when you get a second or two... Maybe some sleep!

You feel like you don't have time to train!!

I get it!

So, what's the answer!?

How do YOU fit it all in!?

How can you get all of the stuff done you have to AND get that essential training in too!?

How How HOW?!?


Here's How You Do It!

To start with you have to do TWO things:

(1) Start Where You're At!
(2) Change Your Perspective.

Just Do IT!

What I mean by this is START where you are and DO IT! NOW!!!! 

Start w/ONE thing! Make it little, something small and manageable.

A Training Blueprint...

Let's use your Krav Maga training (or any other martial arts) for an example.

Day 1: Do ONE THING TODAY that involves practicing something you are working on... It could be doing your 360 degree defense once after you wash your hands in the bathroom...

How long would that take you? 15 or 20 seconds?!

Day 2 - 7: Remember what you did yesterday?! Well... do THAT again! Only today you will practice something for a second or two EVERY TIME you wash your hands today...

WEEK 2: Aside for practicing for a couple seconds after every time you wash your hands, pick one other time during the day to practice something else.

EXAMPLE: Do 5 squats before you sit down and after you get up from watching the TV. 

WEEK 3: In addition to the habit you've been building the last two weeks,dedicate 10 minutes to train on your own 1x this week. (Before Work, As soon as you get home for work. Just before you go to bed. 10 minutes at lunch time).

*If you feel like training longer... go w/it, but promise yourself you'll do one solo training session this week!

WEEK 4: Same as above but make it 15 minutes.

WEEK 5: Same as above but dedicate 2x per week.

WEEK 6: Commit to yourself to raise ONE of those two training sessions to 20 minutes... Only one.

WEEK 7: Change it up a little by doing 3 - 10 minute training sessions on your own this week. (Don't forget that you have the weekends to train as well).

WEEK 8: Find a training buddy. Ask someone who's like you and newer at Krav to get together out side of class to train. Keep it someone about at your level, someone who started about the same time as you. (This can replace one of your solo training sessions).

WEEK 9: Buffer week to find your training partner.

WEEK 10: Set up a day/time to get together with this person weekly to train together

Academy Training...

If you are not currently going to group class, then...

Commit to finding and visiting a class this week!

Then sign up for a program!

Make it a priority!

If you are already going to classes 1x per week...

Then add One More Class this MONTH! (or go to a seminar!)

Or commit to go to class 2x per week...

Make it work for you...

But don't make excuses, because YOU ARE WORTH IT!!

Once you develop a habit out of it you won't NOT be able to do it! You'll feel like your day is lacking something if you DON'T go!

Keep going!

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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Instantly Take Down ANY Attacker?!

Matt Page as Master Ken

Can you spot the BIGGEST Defensive Tactics Misconceptions being peddled today?

They come in two forms...

#1- We can turn you into an instant invincible bad a$$. Just buy this course!

They sound like this...

1. Win a fight in 3 seconds flat!

2. Beat any attacker instantly! No matter your size or strength!

3. Learn the secret Death Blow move in a matter of hours and transform your hands into deadly weapons when the time comes to defend yourself in a life or death confrontation.

4. 15 ultra-vicious show stoppers designed to end any confrontation in 4-7 seconds. Simple moves that you can get by watching just once and yet have for the rest of your days.

5. A covert weapon so powerful it can take down any man of any size in an instant. Enough for multiple attackers too. (...Isn't that called a gun?!)

(Yes... sadly these are actual tag lines I just copied and pasted from the web.)


The media will spread the doctrine of fear and paint a picture that the world is on the verge of being totally consumed by terrorists, WW3 and the zombie apocalypse.

That every stranger wants to rape, rob or abduct and sell you into slavery...

(Whatever you do... DO NOT GO TO Target or Meijer... Facebook users tend to report that it seems to happen there quite a lot...).

Every cop is a raging racists that will likely shoot you if you're a minority as sure as they'll be at the corner donut shop.

All Muslims and immigrants are criminals, terrorist or people looking to take advantage of our social system.

The largest threat of conflict and violence in your School, Church and workplace is terrorism or an active shooting event...

We could go on and on...

Are some of these issues realistic?

Yes, of course.

Are there real baddies and threats out there?


Should you train and be prepared?!


How bad are things really?

Not nearly as bad as our fears, the media and unscrupulous marketers would like us to believe.

Drama sells...

Fear sells...

As does programs that give us relief from those fears!

It's easier to capitalize on people who believe all of the lies and are 'all lathered up,' as my grandpa used to say.

Being Safe Doesn't Mean Losing Your Balance!

Actually, it's about just the opposite!
A realistic yet well balanced approach.
Training REAL People for REAL Threats in the REAL World!
Here's the deal... each week there is a new guru peddling a new tip, trick, or hack on the corner of the Facebook and internet world.
They all claim to give you some secret sauce that no one else is using for instant Bad A$$ness, invincibility and fixing all your problems.
NO Hack will solve all your or the world's problems.
You're NOT going to watch any video or buy any weapon to instantly become invincible... or keep your kids 100% safe.
The answer is SIMPLE, yet not necessarily easy... If you don't know what to look for.
But it's an ongoing process...
It's about developing a Protector's Lifestyle...

Having the Clarity Courage & Skill to deal with the conflicts inside and around of each of us.

We have to continually build on our:

Influence &

As Protectors!

It's simple, but not easy!

Stick around as we explore more of these things in greater depth to continue to grow and lean in to this idea of being a PeaceWalker.

I'm glad your with us on this journey!

More on this later!                                                                     .

All the best,

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Monday, June 3, 2019

Violence Is a Transaction

When it comes to feeling vulnerable in the face of conflict and violence that we have to deal w/today, it's easy to LOSE our FOCUS!

That's right, we begin focusing on the WRONG THINGS!

Rather than focusing on things that will solve the problems, we focus too much on the problem, what we can't do and BLAME!

We can easily begin to look more closely on what we can't do and not enough on the things we CAN! And putting the blame on everything and anything but ourselves!

This builds frustration, which often leads to power struggles.


Because in a world of almost limitless possibilities, sometimes it feel like the impossible is possible, even when it's not!

When this happens it is easier to begin to transfer responsibility and begin blaming other people or circumstances as to WHY this 'Perfect Solution' isn't happening.

When it comes to conflict there isn't always a 'Perfect' outcome...

Sucks or sucks worse, as I like to say!

See adversity rather than adversary!

If you can work toward compromise and putting your heads together to come up with a solution, it can be easier to shift the focus on solving the problem.

...Even if it is a potentially violent encounter!


"What you talking about Willis?!"

How does this work in a potentially violent encounter?

Here's an example:

Someone is robbing you...

You could immediately go into 'physical resolution mode' and try Krav Maga-ing your way out of it (and under some select circumstances that IS an appropriate response... but not many!).

Or... In the 'Sucks or Sucks worse' world of violence, you could inquire what the assailant wants and try to resolve the situation as quickly and non-violently as possible.

SUCKS: Getting robbed!

SUCKS WORSE: Getting killed over your replaceable 'stuff'!!

It's a Transaction...

If someone gets close enough to threaten you w/a potentially lethal weapon, chances are they could have already killed you (or put in some serious effort toward it), so if you're not dead yet, they must WANT SOMETHING from you!

And if this is the case, then they have something to gain or lose by your interaction...

And as the creator of Verbal Judo, Doc Thompson said...

"If they have something to gain or lose, you have something to USE!!"

Stay On Point!!

Now is not the time to be thinking what "should" be happening or how they "shouldn't" be doing this or how this isn't "fair!"

You should be thinking about how you can get out of this as quickly as possible w/as little risk exposure.

The longer this 'Transaction' continues the more of a chance the cost will be higher!

...In some cases MUCH HIGHER!

Yes, every situation is different and the 'Transaction' isn't always the same... For instance an active shooting event or acts of terrorism, the 'Transaction' isn't monetary, like in a robbery, so you can't treat it like one!

NO, all situations cannot be negotiated out of... but MANY CAN BE!

How Do to Know the Difference

In our world of googling life's answers, it may fill you with anxiety to hear this...

Pay attention and listen to your gut...

You'll know!

If you want a little more insight on this read:

The Gift of Fear by Gavin DeBecker
Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

And/or take one of my courses like the Fearless in 5 Day Challenge!

But, don't try to negotiate when it isn't appropriate or 'spring into violent action' when you could've talked your way out of it.

Most conflicts you are likely to run into are ones that involve verbal communication and although have a chance to escalate to a physical assault it is avoidable.

Others are 'violence on contact' type situations... but those are much more rare (thank goodness!).

Have tools to deal with BOTH!


Know how to discern one from the other!


#1 - Some one approaches you, pulls out a gun and threatens you to give them money.

Trying to physically take the gun away probably isn't the best option for surviving this circumstance here...

Rather, under most circumstances, calmly and quickly give them what they want, conclude the 'transaction' and get the heck out of there!

#2 - Same situation as above, but after you give them your money they demand you get in the car or try to take you somewhere...

The transaction just CHANGED! It is no longer only about money. You need to rethink your strategy here...

(A bit more of a sophisticated response... one that requires a email/blog itself... we also discuss this situation at length in some of our training's.)

#3 - You hear gunshots, than see someone walking toward you after just shooting multiple people (Active Shooting Event).

Most likely for your own survival, IMMEDIATE PHYSICAL ACTION is required... (Run, Hide, Fight).

#4 - Physical Example:

Keep Going,

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

A Protector That Does Krav Maga

I was thinking about one of the stories Jack Hoban told this past weekend when he was here teaching a seminar at our Grand Rapids Krav academy...

If you were there you might remember him telling the story where 20 or so years ago he and his teacher Dr. Hatsumi, were eating w/Jack's wife and (then) young son talking and Hatsumi yells at Jack...

 "Idiot! You don't know who you are... You must choose..."

"...Who Are You?!"

He went on to say, 

"You do a lot of things, you're a..."

Martial artist

"Are you a Businessman doing martial arts?"

"A martial artist who works a day job?"

"A musician who practices martial arts?"

"A martial artist who plays music?!"


What's Your Deepest Identity?!?

Let's Clarify...

I don't know for sure, but I believe the root of the conversation could be translated about being a "Warrior" and thus embracing the identity of that path...

...In our language we'd say...


If you replace the word Protector w/"Martial Artist" in the story it will make more sense...

I could just be projecting though...

Maybe Hatsumi DID mean 'just' Martial Artist!?!

I doubt it, but who knows!?

I do know that even though Hatsumi was an exceptional martial artist, his teacher Takamatsu chose him to carry on as "Soke" (one who is the leader of the lineage of that particular ryu [a school, or in this case 9] that he represented), more on his merit of his being a good human being and having the ability to share the heart of true Budo (the art of warriorship) than his abilities as a martial artist.

So, I can only surmise that this was the underlying sentiment of Jack's story as well.

"I'm a PROTECTOR Who Does Martial Arts..."

After the seminar I had correspondence w/a number of people who attended...

One of the people, Joe, who is a great guy and has a tremendous amount of experience in his own right, said...

"Craig I was thinking about it and...

"...I'm a PROTECTOR Who Does Martial Arts..."

"Joe," I said, "I couldn't agree more with you!!"

Being a protector is a deeper identity than that of being a martial artist...

AND as we both know, we don't need to be a martial artist (or anything else for that matter) in order to be a Protector!

We talk about that all the time at the academy!

We are Already Protector's...

We just have to Protect the Right Things!

We may never be the 'best' martial artists, shooters, or whatever...

We don't have to, to be a protector!

Nor do we have to be a police officer, special ops, counter terrorist, Krav Maga expert, cage fighter or Jason Borne, to stand up for yourself or someone else!

Yes, it helps to have some skill...

But it'll help more to be CLEAR and have a bit of COURAGE...

Keep Going,

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

EVERYONE'S Welcome Around the Campfire!

I got home Saturday afternoon, and I had the chance to catch up w/an old friend of mine...

We ended up sitting around the camp fire, had a few adult beverages and shot the sh*t for a few hours...

It was just what the doctor ordered!

We talked about everything! No Political Correctness here! Nothing was off the table.

And it got me to thinking...

Take a Seat...

Yes, we have our differences and NO we may not always agree or accept some of the things each other does or says...

I don't really care about your gender, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political views, profession, how much money you make (or don't), where you live, what you drive or wear, your background or affiliations...

Just don't be an A$$ Hole!

...And leave your drama at home!

We don't insult one another with being 'Politically Correct'...

Because we see one another beyond our relative differences, so we can be REAL and have Respect for each other as human beings even if we don't always agree, understand, or even like each other...

So we can breathe a sigh of relief that neither of us has to force anyone (or everyone) to like us or be like like us!

This leaves room to be confident in our own individual uniqueness...

So, quit trying to convince everyone (Especially yourself) that your story is the best or only 'right' story. Just LIVE IT and Lead By Example! Let your actions set the pace for others to follow!

Quit all the bitching and pushing agendas.

Don't demonize everyone who isn't YOU!

Grow a pair! (Balls or Ovaries)

Get Over Yourself!

Find your sense of humor and quit taking everything so seriously! Life's short, it goes fast! We'll ALL be gone sooner than we think, so don't waste it on drama, over sensitivity, and negativity disguised as a righteous cause.

No this doesn't mean that there aren't things to fight for... Because you're RIGHT, we do have a long way to go in the face of fairness, inequality, and non-violence...

So, if you want to do something about something...


And then Move the fk on...

Do the best you can, then let it go...

Understand that everything in life can't be changed. (Yes, even the bad sh*t!)

Don't give up on what you're fighting for. Just learn to let go of all that internal (and external) drama that surrounds not getting your way (yet!).

Thicken your skin and lean in to your resiliency because around this fire of friends we are known for bust'n each others chops a bit... (we wouldn't do it if we didn't like you...) AND we expect the same in return!

We have a darker sense of humor, because we know life isn't always fair or easy. Not to mention, we all have our crosses to bare.


Leave your sh*t where you found it, grab a drink and sit your a$$ down around the fire with us!

Let's talk, laugh, disagree, argue, b*tch, love, share, appreciate, learn, grow and LIVE!


I got your back because even with our differences, we're not THAT different and... Somehow we are ALL on this crazy ride together!

Keep Going,

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Failure is an Investment

I see it all the time, people are excited to begin something new. They are all gung ho and enthusiastic...

Until they hit their first obstacle...

It seems that when people even get a whiff of a challenge or... Heaven forbid something that resembles FAILURE...

They take the path of least resistance faster than you can say "Shiny Object!"

No, this isn't something new...

AND it's not necessarily the end of the world as we know it either...

We just have to change our mindset, manage our expectation and (you got it...) KEEP GOING!

Failing Forward!?

If you want to get down to the 'brass tax' (whatever the hell that means!)...

If you're not failing, you're not progressing!

You see, we HAVE TO FAIL to succeed at the things that are out of our reach!

If you aren't willing to fail multiple times, you aren't really investing in your success!

But HERE'S the Catch...

(Yes, there's always a catch...)

You can only turn your failures into success IF you do these 2 things:

1) Learn from your mistakes.
2) Keep going.


A failure is only failing if you STOP!!

But if you Keep Going, those experiences are what will bring you to the successes you are looking for!

So Embrace the Suck!

Know that it's coming and get over it!

You can take it!

The adversity make us stronger and brings us together! It binds us!

For You Leaders Out There...

Here are some tips to deal w/this if you are in a leadership position (formally or otherwise).

If you're in a position to influence others, try to help people fail fast and fail forward, by balancing out performance, while allowing for failure.

Tell "War Stories" of how people turned Conflict Into Opportunity... How people got through bad times. How failures are the seeds of fantastic!

Encourage them to try new things and fall on their face.

Yes, yes, you want them to succeed, but help them see a bigger picture through the failures.

Help them to see the small successes. They may not have gotten everything right, but they may have gotten another PART of it closer to correct!

Some times you have to follow Nike's advice and...

Just Do It!

Keep Going,

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Monday, May 6, 2019

Breathe Easy

A great question came up last night after a student realized that she held her breath during one of the physical defense drills we were doing.

Afterward she asked.

"How do I remember to breathe?"

As usual, my answer was simple... Yet, not easy!

You just train and when you notice you're holding your breath... Breathe!

Keep doing this until you train yourself out of holding your breath during exertion and stress!

It can also help if your training partner (and coach) reminds you too, when they see you holding your breath.

How Important Is It Anyway!?

As you know, breathing is essential for our survival...


It makes a huge difference in your performance of everything from controlling stress, verbal communication, coordination, physical exertion, even cognitive functions.

Once you stop controlling your breath everything else suffers as well!

Breathing Basics...

There are many many ways to breath, Compression Breath, Tactical Breathing, Ujjayi Breath, Buteyko Breathing, Restorative Breathing, etc.

But lets just begin w/natural breathing...

Just like the comment made last night in our Krav Class...

When you notice you have stopped breathing or are holding your breath, just tell yourself to resume breathing.

Here is a quick 3 step method:

1) Relax.
2) Straighten up your posture.
3) Breathe from your belly, then chest. In through your nose / Out though your mouth at a measured slow(ish) pace.

Keep going!


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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

I'd Never Do THAT!?!

What I want to share today has to do with limits of perspective when it comes to having an open mind about different ways of doing things...

When I'm training people to deal with conflict or violence, I sometime hear them say...

"I'd never do THAT!"


"We/I do it THIS way..."

When the hard chargers see a way of dealing w/conflict or violence that is a bit of a 'softer' approach they often think, "I'd never do THAT!" and then proceed to create a worse case, no win scenario that is typically void of any of the aftermath ethically, emotionally or legally.


When the gun shy crew (who aren't so much into the physical nature of protecting) are introduced to a physically 'assertive' tactic, they believe "I'd never do THAT!" and then shut down or white wash the situation, trying to keep it in the area that they are comfortable with... Which may be anything but physical.

They often site legalities, ethics or...

Create a 'one and done' solution by calling on the 'proper' organization, department or policy to deal with the situation in attempt to isolate themselves from having to deal with the situation at the level that it actually is at, rather than the level they are comfortable with.

(It's not to say that calling for someone's help is inherently bad, because it's not... However, if you are learning a new skill or approach you have to entertain activities and ways of thinking that you may not be comfortable with!)

So, with that said...

Here's a different way of approaching learning something new...

Rather than saying,

"I'd never do THAT!"


"We/I do it THIS way..."


When Would I Do That?!

As someone once said...

"Minds are like parachutes, they only work when they're OPEN!"

When you are introduced to a new method of doing something...

Think to yourself...

"Under What Circumstance Might that work or be appropriate?"

Don't Limit Yourself...

When you start saying...

"I'd never do THAT..."

You start closing off your mind and tactical options!

Yes, you may still CHOOSE not to do something, or to do things differently...

But, if you start closing off your thoughts off to other options, you often begin to discount other ways of doing things as an option at all, which will limit your tactical perspective as a whole.

This will also stunt your growth to learning new ways of thinking and/or doing things...

When you start limiting your options and shortening your view, you begin setting yourself up for failure in your approach to self defense, conflict management, your relationships, career, and Life!

Like Communication Skills...

Remember that Verbal Communication Skills should also be a part of your Self Defense Training.

Believe it or not, I get a lot of push back on this...

I get it!

Training the verbal stuff just isn't that easy or fun to train (unless you train w/a good instructor and program...)


You'll find that when you open your mind (and training) up, you'll start to see really BIG things begin to happen for you in not only your training, but in your Life!

...You just have to get started!

Keep going,

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Monday, April 22, 2019

I'm No Superhero!

Every superhero has an Origin Story. Their 'Why'...

Although I'm no superhero, I DO have my own Origin story as to why I started this journey, why I teach Krav Maga and why I created the PeaceWalker approach.

For me, it started as a kid with my older brother....

Like many siblings, I loved my brother, but let's just say that because of his largely un-diagnosed psychological conditions, alcohol and drug abuse problem and uncontrollable anger issues, they made him an 'Overachiever' in the physical and emotional violence department.

(He was probably bipolar and had impulse control issues w/fits of rage... both of which went largely undiagnosed at the time in the 70's.)

This resulted in more than one visit to the hospital for me and a distrust in people that I managed with what I'll call 'creative independence'... others might say that although I was social, I was emotionally distant.

No, I don't cry myself to sleep over it, nor do I need a puppy or 'safe space'; That was then and it was what it was. I had parents that loved me and overall a great childhood that taught me many life lessons that I still benefit from today.

Nice Childhood Story Craig... So What?!


Getting my a$$ handed to me by my brother for so long resulted in me wanting to learn how to protect and stand up for myself...

So, my dad did what most fathers who grew up in the Marine Corps would do... He taught me how to fight... That lead me to formally take up martial arts. One day I got big enough and good enough to stand up to my brother...

So when that fateful day arrived when I was to finally face my fears and stand up for myself...

It looked liked that scene from the now classic 'A Christmas Story' movie where little Ralphie beat up the school bully while yelling profanities he didn't even know he was capable of saying...

What happened on the OUTSIDE was I finally learned how to Physically Defend myself and stop my brother from physically abusing me ever again!

However, what happened to me on the INSIDE was Even MORE Profound:

I had to make two decisions:

#1 Who Was I going to Choose to BE?

I was done being the victim. Tired of feeling like $hit. Worrying and living in fear. I was sick of feeling humiliated. I wanted my dignity back. I wanted to feel good about myself again... I wanted to be treated with respectfully. And that began with respecting myself!

I had to decide... Was I going to live my life like a victim or a PROTECTOR?

Was I going to embrace my Protector Identity and Start Living a Protector's Life, or was I going to fully fall into this victim mentality?

Seize the day or continue to be a doormat!?

Even though I doubted myself... and was terrified...

Far from fearless, I called on all of the Courage I had...

Then took a breath and a leap of faith...

That decision to embrace my Protector Identity Forever Changed the Course of My Life.

But that's NOT ALL!!

I had another less obvious decision to make...

#2 What Was I Going to Choose to SEE in Others?

The other decision I made on that day was equally, if not more important than the first...

I can't account for the reason why I came to this unspoken conclusion other than my upbringing and that he was my brother and although he was abusive, I still loved him...

Although I hated what my brother did, I didn't hate him! I actually loved him, but just didn't want to be treated badly, bullied or hurt any more...

Yes, I needed to learn how to protect myself...

But not be fueled or consumed with hate and anger to do it...

Somehow was able to separate his Life Value from his Behavior...

Dealing appropriately with his actions while still respecting his value as a human being...


It Didn't Stop There...

I didn't even realize it, but I was able to do that with everyone...

Which made all the difference when dealing with conflict and violence...

Later, after more training, I began teaching martial arts, because I figured since I didn't like being victimized, other people didn't either. I felt good teaching others to be empowered and defend themselves.


I Found Something Else Amazing...

Early on I went to work in what I'll call 'Protective Services,' which included...

Process serving, surveillance, evictions, security at nightclubs and executive protection (bodyguard), etc.

I also started getting hired to train people from police, teachers and medical professionals, to the general public. Mainly for assault prevention.

I started to do ride alongs with cops and EMT's, shadowing teachers, managers and healthcare professionals...

What I experienced was profound...

There was a WALL!


Over and over I saw people who were tough and/or only trained in martial arts (including Krav Maga) and defensive tactics respond HORRIBLY in real conditions...

Many of them made the situation worse or even created the violent encounter by the way they were trained!

BUT they didn't even realize that they had a problem...

They blamed it on everything else except their incomplete training or disposition.

And That's When I Had This Epiphany!

To really be good at protecting yourself and being a leader you need the Right Recipe!

That recipe is made up MORE than just physical defense (or lack there of!).

It's made up of these 5 elements:

I.  Attitude
II.  Identity
III. Awareness
IV. Influence
V.  Action

Clarity of who you are and what you are really protecting...

Being able to separate someones 'Life Value' from their behavior...

Knowing how to keep a cool head...

The ability to see the Red Flags of risk & opportunity...

Skills of Influence including:

a. Presence
b. Conflict Communications
c. Leadership (Social Engineering)

Of course, our favorite...

Physical tactics:

Where to stand, what to say, how to move. How to gain an advantage. How to disengage. How to engage.

All of these things are necessary to really be good at protecting yourself and others.

But There Was a Problem...

The problem was although those who needed that "Secret Recipe" to managing real world conflict the most didn't see the whole picture and they certainly didn't know how to replicate success predictably, and/or teach others how to do it too!

As a matter of fact...

The hard chargers were typically only interested in the physical tactics and the professionals or academics thought learning physical techniques were either uncomfortable, barbaric or worse, that learning them put them at greater risk physically and for a lawsuit.

Both parties failed to see that their own colleagues who did the best at handling the full spectrum of conflict ranging from verbal disagreement to full blown violent encounters were the same ones who had unconsciously balanced the full recipe of being what I call a PeaceWalker.

Those people who were unconsciously using that recipe, were more effective and successful when dealing with conflict. Whereas those who didn't stick to that formula weren't nearly as effective.

And to add even more confusion to an already complex subject...

They sometimes won the battle only to lose the war, by creating more conflict later.

They also experienced more indecision, second thoughts, regret, burn out and PTSD, which, of course, dramatically affected other areas of their life and career...

What You Can Achieve?!

When someone has all of these 5 elements they gain the most amount of effectiveness and success when dealing with conflict and violence.

And let face it, the one thing we ALL have in common is that we all have to deal with people everyday...

The safest, most successful people are those who can deal with difficult, disrespectful and dangerous people effectively...


In their personal, professional and public lives.


That's why I do what I do...

I want to see more people Transformed...

I want to see people stop living small and realize that each one of us has more potential than we think, but  in order to capitalize on it, we have to not just feel safe and powerful...

We Have to BE Safe and Powerful!

But in the right way...

Not at someone else's expense.

Feeling big by trying to make someone else feel small isn't working...

It creates more conflict.


When we have the right balance, we become confident enough to protect the right things. To learn how to protect ourselves and have each others back as well!

That's Why I Am on this Journey

That's why I have spent my entire Life creating and teaching this...

So You Can Have Better Tools to Deal with the Difficult and Dangerous People in Your World... 
At Home, at Work and in Public...

The transformation is not only being able to defend yourself physically, but it is the ability to deal with the full spectrum of conflict, so you will be able to confidently walk in Peace.

That only comes from having the right identity and skills.

Living the right lifestyle.




As Imi Lichtenfeld said,

'One trains so you can walk in peace...'


What I call, become a PeaceWalker.

Keep Going,

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Stories We Tell

The other day I was reading yet another post of someone who was telling a story about their 'people'.
Before you think I'm some bigoted racist, let me explain what I mean when I say 'Their People?' When I say that, I mean any group that someone sees themselves as being a part of.

It could be:

Man - Woman - Black - White - Hispanic - Asian - American - Conservative
Liberal - Republican - Democrat - LGBT - Straight - Jewish - Christian - Buddhist - Atheist - Old - Young - Millennial - Non-Millennial - Gen X - Baby Boomers - Rich - Poor - Middle Class - Pro-Life - Pro-Choice - For Guns - Against Guns -Geek - Gamer - Kravist -  Martial Artist - Survivalist - Environmentalist - Vegan - Capitalist - Cop - Teacher - Mother - Father - Single...

We have no shortage of groups to identify with, but that's NOT the problem. It's when we begin to disrespect others value as human beings outside of our group...or when we judge, devalue and disrespect someone's value as a human being because they belong to a group that we don't agree with or dislike.
Don't Get Me Wrong...

You DON'T have to agree, like or condone what the other group believes or does. You may even have / choose to confront a person in the other group to the point of violence (hopefully as a last resort). However, it has nothing to do with the VALUE of that person as a HUMAN BEING!

It may have to do with the values & behavior of the group and/or identity that those folks hang on to, but it's not because your Life Value is somehow worth more. That's not to say that someone may have Clearer Beliefs and BETTER BEHAVIOR... that's saying something entirely different...

Remember My $20 Bill Analogy?

You and I both have a $20 bill.

You give yours to charity.

I buy some crack cocaine.

Most would agree that your money was more wisely spent.

However, no one would question the value of the $20...

Only HOW each of us spent it!

What we're talking about with separating someone's Life Value from their beliefs and behavior is the same. Why is This Such an Important Distinction?

Consider these points...

#1 - If you start treating people as if you are a better human being than they are, do you think that will increase or decrease the amount of conflict and violence that will result in the moment & future between you?

#2 - What stories will you begin/continue to tell yourself (and others) to keep believing that you and your group are worth more (as human beings) than others?

#3 - How would you handle things differently by believing that someone's value as a human is valueless vs. of equal value as your own? How would the level of dignity and respect change your actions toward that person even if you became locked in a confrontation that may result in violence?
How Do You Train For THAT!?

I get it!

Believe it or not, these ideas aren't about hugging the thug, believing that everyone is a good person or that all ideas and behavior are equal...

It's about being able to separate value from beliefs and behavior.

You may still end up in the same place, but it's how you get there.

That's why you have to train so that you have the proper:


CLARITY - So that you protect the right things. So you can consistently separate the Value from the Beliefs and Behavior.

COURAGE - It often takes courage to protect the right things. Especially when others don't clearly see the difference between Value, Belief & Behavior.

SKILL - Because human conflict has a broad spectrum. Protecting the Value of Life and working toward Most Good / Least Harm is often messy!

Keep going,

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Friday, April 5, 2019

Ferriss Reveals How to Make It Look Easy

I came across this good article by Tim Ferriss (Author of 4 Hour Work Week). He said that he changed his life by asking himself this 9 word question...

What was this transformative sentence?!

"What would it look like if it were easy?"

When I read that I immediately thought of another one of my favorite Ferris'

Ferris Bueller!

He too had a knack for making things look easy!


Not to detract from the wisdom of the Ferriss', but I think the bigger, more impactful question to ask yourself is...

How do I have to TRAIN to make it look easy?

When you compare people who make things look easy ranging from Navy SEALS to soccer Mom's, Special Ops to sales people, Counter terrorism experts to IT professionals... Krav Maga baddies to every day Daddy's...

The ones who make things look REALLY EASY are the ones who TRAIN to make it look easy...

They Train their...

and LIfestyle

...So when the time comes to perform they have their sh*t together!

Rather than not preparing, not training, not practicing and hoping that things come together in the moment of need!

Hope is NOT a strategy...

At least not a good one!

So What Are You Doing?!

To make it look easy in your...

~ Relationships
~ Profession
~ Self Image
~ Krav Training
~ Shooting Skills
~ Ability to Communicate


Keep going,

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Saturday, March 30, 2019

The Perfect Retirement Plan?!

How Much Is Enough?!
An American investment banker was at the pier of a small coastal village in Mexico when a small boat with a lone fisherman docked. Inside the small boat were several large fin tuna. The American complimented the man on the quality of his fish and asked how long it took him to catch them?
The man Replied, "Only a little while."
The banker then asked why didn't he stay out longer and catch more fish?
The fisherman replied that he had enough to support his family's immediate needs.
The banker went on to say, "But what do you do with the rest of your time:"
The fisherman replied, "I sleep late, fish a little, play with my children, take a siesta with my wife, Maria, stroll into the village each evening where I sip wine and play guitar with my amigos. I have a full and busy life."
The American scoffed, "I am a Harvard MBA and could help you. You should spend more time fishing and with the proceed, buy a bigger boat to catch more fish, then with those profits you could buy several boats. Eventually, you could have a fleet. Instead of selling your catch to a middleman you would sell directly to the processor, eventually opening your own cannery. You would control the product, processing and distribution. You would need to leave this small coastal village and move to Mexico City, then LA and eventually NYC where you will run your expanding enterprise.
The fisherman asked, "But how long will this all take?"
"Maybe 20 or 25 years," retorted the banker.
"But what then?" Exclaimed the Mexican?
The American laughed and said, "That's the best part! When the time is right you would sell your company stock to the public and become very rich, you would make millions!"
"And then what?" Said the fisherman.
"Then you would retire. Move to a small coastal fishing village where you could sleep in late, fish a little, play with your kids, take siesta with your wife, stroll to the village in the evening, sip wine and play guitar with your amigos!"
~ Author Unknown
Three Lessons There...
1) Remember there are many ways to achieve the same goal.
2) Keep it simple
3) Be sure to enjoy the journey! That way, no matter how things work out, it was worth it!

Keep going,

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Do People Feel Safer When You're There?

This might sound like a weird question... but it is an important one!

Think about it...

Do they?

If they do Why? Or if they don't, than Why Not? I don't mean just physically safer. I'm talking emotionally safer too. Like if they needed you, you'd have their back in whatever capacity.

What do you think is necessary to have someone FEEL Safer in your presence? 

Is it how you look? What you say (or don't say)? What you do (or don't)? How you hold yourself?

A Challenge...

Here's a challenge for you...

Try observing yourself today and see if you can pick up on things that you can do to help communicate (without directly saying it) to people around you that you have their back if they need it.

It could be something as subtle as you being more alert, straightening your posture and paying attention.

It could be something like you looking approachable enough to talk to.

It could be about you listening more attentively.

It could be you stepping in and asserting yourself even when you weren't asked.

It could be not butting in when you could!

It could be seeing things that are typically ignored or ignoring things that are seen!

It could be helping someone save face, or calling someone out who is out of line. 

The Protector's #1 Tool

The #1 Tool that ANY protector has is Themselves!

That's right, its not a technique, or a weapon...

It's our...

  1. Identity
  2. Attitude
  3. Awareness
  4. Influence &
  5. Action

That's right it's US! It's YOU!!

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