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Connection Builds Success

Wow! This week's gotten away from me! Just like you... There's a lot going on! Cool stuff, but it's rapid fire... sometimes its difficult staying on top of it all and it gets easy to feel overwhelmed. ...then I tell myself... Pleeease... I got this #&%!  =) When hasn't it worked out?!? I mean REALLY not worked out?! NEVER! It ALWAYS works out in the end! So stop worrying! How Do You Stay Motivated? Those who know me know that I'm a pretty 'solo' kind of guy. A Ronin... However, I do appreciate connecting. As a matter of fact sometimes being connected helps keep me motivated... One of the reasons that I developed  is not only educate, but to develop a community to keep us connected! (For me and you!) That's one of the reasons that I started Ronin Martial Arts Academy over 25 years ago! Yes I like my solidarity, but I like connection too. Connection to othe

Changing Someones State of Mind

No sun today, but I'm all bright and sunny on the inside! Why!?! After seeing everyone at our Krav Maga Academy doing so well, it's hard not to feel a sense of appreciation and pride. Appreciation for each of the 60 or so people who train w/me down at the academy (and the hundreds more who I have to privileged of working with globally)!  Pride in watching people from all walks of life, all ages, all backgrounds come together to learn how to be better protectors. To learn how to more effectively deal with the conflict inside and around of us. To learn how to become PeaceWalkers . I see them working to be better. Working for themselves, but also working for the betterment of everyone as well! It's not an either / or proposition, it's Both / And! Remember those young ladies from West MI Academy of Environmental Science that I told you I was working with last week? Well, yesterday their teacher Rob B. dropped off a nice card and gift

I Know What You're Thinking...

I'm basking in the glow of this beautiful sunny winter day, while I sip on my latte' at one of my favorite Coffee Houses! A pretty chill day today. Getting some things in order, writing to you, and  preparing for 'Big Reveal' Next Week! ...And remembering my day yesterday at West MI Academy of Environmental Science (Thanks Again Rob for bringing me out!). Working with those young ladies, sharing what it means to live a good Life. A Powerful Life. A life of a Protector. The Life of a PeaceWalker! Was very fulfilling to me (I hope for them too!). WELL... If you remember, yesterday I shared how the PeaceWalker's Focus differs from the Victim 's mentality. I want to expand on that a bit today... BUT... In a very special way... ...In a way that you can use to get inside people's heads... A way where you can better understand their state of mind... ...A Way that You Can Communicate w/Them More Eff

The Dark Side of Being a Protector!

Today is off to a great start! Rolled out of bed just before 8am... Clicked on my fireplace (thanks again Chad!)... Checked financial stuff (paypal, stripe, credit union)...Paid some bills (That always feels good!). Followed up on some recent proposals for a few corporate conflict management programs. Reflected on last nights Krav Class and smiled to myself at how well everyone is doing on this testing ramp up! (Only 3 more weeks until your BIG DAY!!) Listening to a little Greta Van Fleet (Kick'n new band from Frankenmuth, MI - Sound a lot like Zeppelin... Talented young guys) as I write this to you and  get ready to teach a (mini) Assault Prevention Workshop at West MI Academy of Environmental Science. (Thanks Again Rob for bringing me out!). I'm looking forward to the chance to work with 20 or so young folks today. We get to talk about what it means to be a protector and why this PeaceWalker Lifestyle is so powerful. But also that there is also...