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Dealing w/Someone Who is Upset

Today I thought I'd share a story that one of our PeaceWalker Private InnerCircle Members wrote in to me the other day.  I have to admit two things: (1) I love hearing stories from you folks out there using this PeaseWalker Approach in real time.  (2) Never a bad thing when I have one of these emails written for me! =) Either way, it's a great story that you can learn from regardless if you are a teacher or not!  The way that Rob handled this student is indicative of the PeaceWalker Conflict Management Approach.  No, this one isn't a physical encounter...  Rather, it's one that many of us have to handle all to often at work and at home.  Some great take away's here from Saint Rob! Ok... Breathe... Just Breathe... Teaching teenagers turns out to be phenomenal training for constantly honing your conflict management skills. I wanted to write to you today to tell you about a current experience and how Peacewalker training helped me stay level headed - please feel free t

How Many Is Too Many?!

I hadn't seen him at the academy in a while. He trained for several years, but had been gone about as long.  Handsome guy, middle aged, probably late thirties, maybe mid forties... Possibly older, his face looked younger than his years would lead on to.  He had the typical dad bod, you know, he hadn't let himself go totally, but, like many folks he struggled to keep those love handles at bay.  If you don't know the 'secret,' stress, career, family,  and a real life seems to be the enemy of working out and staying in shape. It's harder than when you were younger.  So, (let's call him) Hank comes in like a hurricane, hard charging at the academy, not in a delta bravo (douche bag) kinda way, just not really understanding how to train sustainably.   No matter how many times I say,  "Go slow, take it easy....Smooth. Relax a bit..." The encouragement and advice seemingly falls on deaf ears. In his head, he's moving to the beat of a much younger, more

Don't Quit!

Here's a good story that I ran across from one of the marketing guys I know his name is Michael... His sons were kicking the ball playing some crazy game they dreamed up in their creative little minds. (In my mind it's something like 'Calvinball!' =) Michael was sitting watching them. His older son, Joe yells "I Quite" and he sits down. His arms are crossed and he said "I'm not playing because Alan cheated". (Alan is the younger one) And Moichael says to Joe "coooommoon". "It's just a game". "Let's just play". "I'll be on your team". And Joe says... No, I quit! And Michael started to chant . .. D O N ' T Q U I T . . . D O N ' T Q U I T . . . D O N ' T Q U I T . . . and then a little faster. DON'T QUIT, DON'T QUIT, DON'T QUIT . . . Michael had both his hands balled up into fists. His arms outreached and he was staring Joe directly in the eye.. DON'T QUIT, DON'T QUI

The Usual Suspects

  Yesterday got me to thinking about time and how little of it we have... It goes so quick, at first you can't wait to get older, you know,  when you were a kid you couldn't wait to go to school with the 'big' kids, then to be allowed to ride past the corner alone on your bike... Later, for many of us Michiganders, it was go hunting with a gun, or get your boaters permit, then your drivers license, graduate from high school, drink, get out of college, get your first 'real' job, etc.  We couldn't wait for time to go faster, so we could 'grow up.'  Later, you and I both know it becomes just the opposite!   You want time to slow down a bit. Sometimes we yearn to turn the hands of time backwards... As a matter of fact I hear people complain about both of those  'Usual Suspects'  when it comes to training self defense:  1) I wish I'd started when I was younger...   2) I just don't have enough time to train... It's True... Time is a fac