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This Is Frightening!

  Happy Halloween!! . I have to admit, Halloween is my favorite! . I love the time of year and the feel of all of the mysterious, scary stuff. The costumes, intrigue and festivities! . Did you know its the second highest retailing holiday next to Christmas!? . Trick or Treat!! Wondering which you'll get is Good for Halloween... . Bad for Protecting Yourself! . Remember Halloween night when you were a kid!? . You prepared for weeks: . What you'd dress up as? . We'd map out our route to the houses that we knew handed out the best candy. . We'd pick up our Halloween flashlights. . Remember those things?! . They were these really cheaply made flashlights that had a pumpkin, ghost, skull or witch face made of plastic on the front end of it.  , We got them at Meijers (our local grocery store). They never survived the night w/o breaking or just not working. . Then we'd pick a bag for our candy... . Not too small... (You want to make sure you have enough room for all that l

What's in the Bag?!

A man walked into a local business with an oddly shaped trash bag. Even though he's wasn't an employee, he slipped through the entrance and past the receptionist with ease.   No one really noticed or took the initiative to question him about the contents of that oddly shaped bag. No one even knew that concealed inside that thin black trash bag was a Glock 17 and an AR-15! What Happened Next Won't Shock You... But It Should! Who was the man?  Me. What about the guns in the bag?  Training weapons. Regardless...  They could very well have been real! No one ever stopped to question me. I would have been inside of this facility unchallenged with at least two weapons. No one would have been the wiser until the carnage, the tragedy.  The shocking part is that so few companies offer training, fewer yet have much of any effective parameter security.  Ounce of Prevention vs. a  Pound of Cure... This week and last I have been teaching several short workshops for Padnos Industries. Ass

What Kids Teach Us About Conflict Communication

  Masters of Indirect Pressure . Kids know how to use “indirect pressure.” Indirect pressure is a way to follow up with authority, instead of apologetically. Here’s an example of kids applying indirect pressure: . “Daddy, remember when you said the next time we go to the store, I can definitely get a toy? You said that right? You remember you said it, right?” . Before Daddy has time to remember if he actually said that, he’s in the car, on the way to the store. . In a sales environment, this looks a little different, but the concept is the same. In this example, notice the difference between the novice salesperson and the expert salesperson. . If a prospect says they’ll be more available to talk next week, when you call them back don’t say,  “I just wanted to call you back,” or “I’m just checking in.” An expert salesman may say something like,  “Hey, John. You told me to follow up with you this week, so I’m calling to follow up. I’m excited to share with you what I have.” . The novice’

What a Bozo!

This story goes back to 1974. I was 3 or 4 years old. My mom took me shopping with her. (As strange as it may seem...) A bozo the clown doll caught my attention...  For some reason my four year old self NEEDED IT! “Mom! Can I get this?” “Not today, sweetie. Let’s put it back.” “I’ve been good all week, and you told me if I’m good all week, I can get a prize.” “It’s Tuesday.” “Can I just keep it while we’re in the store?” “Sure.” I never once gave up on getting that toy. I just switch tactics.  Just goes to show that kids make excellent teachers on how to persuade. They show us that influence is the foundation of relationships, especially when it comes to conflict. In conflict communications, we heavily rely on our ability to influence to avoid the situation from ramping up to an argument or physical encounter. . It seems like we are always getting others to buy into something, share something, give something, or experience something with us. When you start to see how often you naturall

A Warrior's Destiny

  I'm always excited to work with new folks and help them with their evolution in being a better Protector! Speaking of that... I thought you'd like this (really) short story about leadership and fate... A Warrior's Destiny... A great Japanese warrior named Nobunaga was going to war with a fierce enemy with only one-tenth the number of men the opposition commanded. He knew that he could win the fight with a well planned strategy, but his soldiers were in doubt. . On the way the leader stopped at a Shinto shrine and told his men:  “After my visit to the shrine I will toss a coin. If the head comes, we will win; if tails, we will lose. Destiny holds us in her hand.” . Nobunaga entered the shrine and offered his prayers. Then he came forth and tossed a coin in front of his men. Heads appeared. The soldiers were filled with confident and were eager to win the battle. . “No one can change the hand of destiny,”  one of his attendants told him after the battle. . “Indeed not,”  sa