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"To This Day..." TedTalks on Bullying

Poet Shane Koyczan talks about bullying at the TedTalks Jack Hoban often says that Ethics are from the inside out, while Laws are from the outside in. He goes on to say that if we don't exercise our ethics from the inside out our neighbors may try to exert laws to keep people in check from the outside in. My spin on this idea regarding Protection, Empowerment, choosing to be a bully or a Protector: Being protected can be done for you or by you. However, being Empowered and an Ethical Protector can only be done from the Inside Out. Finding your voice is important. Because without it you may never know what to stand up for or that you can even stand up at all.Your protection can be compromised or taken away, however you can only Choose to Give your Empowerment Away. (That paragraph sounded like a little Craig Gray poetry right there mother trucker! I'm a poet and I d id n 't even know it. Just i nsert the beat! ...I'm cracking myself up this morning!) It

Krav Maga Coffee Memories

Krav Maga Coffee Memories By Moshe Katz Starbucks, Brussels Airport, Belgium . March 21, 2013 As is my custom I arrived at the airport hours before the El Al counter even opened.Thankfully there is a Starbucks directly across from the El Al counter, Row 7, Gate B.  Nice reggae music playing in the background. Relaxing. Coffee memories; a long cup of coffee. You cannot drink it fast, makes you slow down, relax, think, take a pause in our hectic lives. Perhaps that is why I write best with coffee. Drink it fast and you get burned inside, slow down, let nature take its time, take your lead from nature. Friends formed over coffee, deals concluded, thoughts crystallized. People walking by, coming, going, everyone is going somewhere; going home, following a dream, meeting an obligation, real or imagined, closing a circle or opening a new one. Here new ideas are born and old ones laid to rest. Coffee, it changes everything, take it slow. Do not respond quick

Elementary My Dear Watson

Robert Downey Jr. & Jude Law Star in the 2009 Movie Sherlock Holmes Due to a couple recent movies starring Robert Downey and Jude Law, Sherlock Holmes has once again come into fashion.Watching how this quirky detective figures out seemingly complex crimes using only his logic and perception is absolutely fascinating. Sherlock's power of observation seems almost supernatural. His ability to notice subtle clues and then extrapolate them to their logical conclusion is nothing short of amazing. It always intrigues me to find out how he does it.. how did he know? I can't speak for the rest of you, but I am always on the edge of my seat wondering how he figured it out. And when the details are finally revealed I often think to myself: Of course, how could I have missed that!? ...Or I knew that! It was right in front of our nose.  When dealing with internal or external conflict we also have to be perceptive. The more aware we are; the better our p