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The ethical warrior: Developing a cop's combat mindset by Jack Hoban & Bruce Gourlie

Here is another great article by my colleague, friend and RGI President, Jack Hoban. In this article Jack and Bruce clairify and add depth to the concept of the Combat Mindset. They go into depth regarding the three dislipines that make up this path. The discussion includes how and why these dynamics are so important no matter if you are a soldier, police officer or a civilian PeaceWalker (something I will elaborate on later). I hope you enjoy the article and find it beneficial along your journey. If you would like to find out more about this perspective please join us at our Resolution Group International Conflict Resolution Workshop coming up in May. Click here for details . In the meantime enjoy the article and as Jack says, "Keep Going!" Best, ~Craig The ethical warrior: Developing a cop's combat mindset by Jack Hoban & Bruce Gourlie One popular phrase says: “Be polite and professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.” It may sound sen

Woosha! by James Morganelli

Craig Gray - Dr. George Thompson - Gary Klugiewicz - James Morganelli I recently received my Instructors Certification in Dr. George Thompson's Tactical Communication course he calls Verbal Judo  It is an impressive course on how to de-escalate and negotiate with a person to gain voluntary compliance, cooperation and collaboration. It was created and  run by Dr. Thompson and his right hand man Gary Klugiewicz. As I was putting my thoughts down in a manner that would be enjoyable and beneficial to read, I saw that RGI Associate and friend James Moganelli wrote a nice piece on the experience, so being one to leverage talent, I asked James if I could re-post his article. As for James, he is a very talented martial artist, instructor and writer. I met him a couple of years ago through Jack Hoban and I am glad that we are getting a chance to know each other better. I would recommend that you check out James's blog site http://sgtidojo.blogspot.c