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Playing with Fire!

I hesitated to post this because of the dangerous nature of the subject matter, however I often get questions regarding Krav Maga firearm disarms when it pertains to directly grabbing the weapon. I was forwarded these videos by Nick Gutschow (Thanks man!) . One video shows what happens when you grab the slide of an automatic pistol the other video shows what happens when you grab the cylinder of a revolver.  Now before you watch the video let's talk about a few things: 1) If you are in a conflict with a person who has a weapon (in this case a pistol), THEY have the advantage. It is best to do whatever you can to not get into a physical confrontation with them. If you can talk or walk your way out of the situation that would be the best and safest way out. If you do have to go physical remember the 3C's: CLEAR your body from the danger (this includes innocent bystanders) CONTROL the weapon (through space, finding cover or by physical manipulation) CONQUER the threat or