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10 Rules For Being Human


Fill Your Cup

A MadCap Coffee & my favorite hat given to me by an IDF soldier 
during one of my travels to Israel

In my last post First You Must Be Able to Swim I talked about having something to give. Meaning that if you have abundance you have the ability to give more. Today I wanted to talk about that idea.

Filling your cup is an analogy for having abundance in your life. Not running on empty so to speak. I am not so much talking about financial abundance (not that it can't be that too). It's more about feeling centered, grounded and connected. Each of us have different ways of filling our cup so to speak.

Here are some of the ways that I fill my cup:

Alone timeTravelHelping othersReadingWritingTraining Connecting with friendsA train track walk JournalingTaking care of my financesSpending time with my mom & dad CampingWorking outRaking leavesHearing a thought provoking speaker MeditatingSchuler's, a good book, comfy chair & a chai A good nights sleepA good mealYogaSwimming …

First You Must Be Able to Swim

You may have heard me talk about the analogy between the lifeguard and being able to swim. Meaning that you first have to be able to swim before you can jump out into the water to help someone else. Good intentions without the skill of knowing how to swim results in both people drowning.

*You can read that post here:

Well, you can expand that idea into many areas of your life. Just today I was reminded of this concept while I was practicing yoga Behnje Masson (my yoga teacher) was talking about this approach from different angles, ranging from your emotional state to finances. Basically the idea that you have to have before you can truly give. The discussion really rang true with me.

We talk a lot about  this when I teach Krav Maga as well. This idea that if you are confident and feel as if you can defend yourself, than you can be a better protector for everyone. But b…

One Person

Her name was Mrs. Allen, I had her as a teacher in both the 3rd & 5th grade. She was one woman who changed my life. When she walked in the room you felt safe. She made you believe that you had value and that you could do anything you set your mind to. You wanted to be a better person around her, it wasn't something she demanded of you, she INSPIRED it from within you.
I can still remember how I felt, I was falling behind in both math and reading. No one really knew why I was struggling so much. I was becoming more depressed and anxious about school and myself. I was afraid that the other kids would tease me, calling me stupid, that I wouldn't be able to keep up. Not only did I not want to look bad in front of my classmates, I was worried that I was stupid. Why when I sat down to read would be so difficult figuring out what was in front of my eyes? The page often looked like a jumbled mess. It gave me a headache trying to decipher even simple words. I couldn't figure …